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For all we know, almost half of the year is already gone. The past two months have been unpredictable at worst and hectic at best, particularly before the start of the Muslim fasting month, Ramadhan, which would reduce the amount of our travel. It in interesting to see that despite the economic slowdown and evident cost-cutting measures in place, the public’s appetite in travelling, as well as delicious food, remains resilient.

Hence the title for this issue: Eat Well, Travel Often.

In this issue, besides the second part of Ed Junaidi’s story on Mexico (Page 94), we bring to you Okinawa (Page 110), one of Japan’s southernmost destination that brims with a remarkable culture that is different from the rest of Japan. We are also featuring two Indonesian destinations – Palembang (Page 104) and Lombok (Page 98) – that are ripe to be experienced by travellers who love raw nature.

As for destinations within Malaysia, this issue offers ideas on what travellers can discover and savour when they explore Perak’s eco-tourism wonders (Page 60), Pahang’s historical attractions (Page 68), Selangor’s culinary spots and Langkawi luxurious offerings, including what they can expect when climbing up Mount Stong in Kelantan (Page 88) and bird-watching in Tanjung Tuan (Page 90), which is technically a smallish territory belonging to Melaka but detached from the rest of the state and instead sits right next to Negeri Sembilan’s Port Dickson. This goes to show that Malaysia – alongside neighbours that are also strong in tourism like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia – is still able to surprise travellers, even those who are experienced.

On that note, we do hope that our readers continue to eat well and travel often, because in doing so, life is so much joyful, richer and rewarding, helping to lift up the spirit.

May you have an enriching read. See you in the next issue!

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Cover Photoshoot by Iqmal Fauzee.

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