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When we put together this issue, we were not sure what would be the common thread that binds the stories together. From Imbak Canyon in Sabah (page 44) to Switzerland (page 82), the destinations covered in this issue are varied and wide. However, we finally managed to come to one conclusion: that all of the destinations covered in this issue are just downright exotic.

In Malaysia, besides the primeval Imbak Canyon, our team members also wrote up on the unique Selangor craft-makers (page 50); age-old legacies of Perak (page 55); the mystifying Kenyir Lake and surroundings (page 60); legendary Tioman island in conjunction with the annual Start-in-Tioman 2017 event (page 66); and the edutourism programme called UM Tropical Camp conducted on the grounds of Malaysia’s foremost tertiary institution, Universiti Malaya, in Gombak (page 108). Though being Malaysians ourselves, Gaya Travel Magazine team members were awestruck to find new surprises at those destinations, indicating that there is still so much to discover and learn about the country.

Outside Malaysia, our team members have also travelled to four destinations in neighbouring Indonesia: mesmerising Medan and surroundings (page 90); sobering Banda Aceh and Pulau Weh (page 100); remote but increasingly popular Wae Rebo village on Flores (page 94); and far-flung Ambon (page 70). On top of that, other than the efficient and MICE-centric Switzerland, we also feature exuberant Taiwan (page 34) and dreamy Istanbul (page 76), both rich in heritage, culinary, shopping and stunning panoramas.

Hope you will find this issue inspiring and enriching, as well as beneficial in helping you to find your own exotic escapade that you can cherish with your family, friends and loved ones.

See you in the next issue, safe travels…

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Cover Illustration by Emila Yusof

Issue 12.5

Front Cover Issue 12.5 – Exploring Exotic Locations

Page 14. Editorial Jottings
Page 16. Bulletin

Page 25. #SayangMalaysia
Page 112. Cooking Demonstration by Ibu Dhian: Of Togetherness, Unity and over 300 years Legacy

Page 27. Taiwan take Three

Page 36. Dining 40 Floors Above the Ground at TRACE Restaurant and Bar
Page 38. Seafood Chow Down Fest in Little Paris, JB

Page 40. Four Brands that will Step Up Your Travel #OOTD Game

Page 42. Beating the Soreness Away, Literally

Page 44. Imbak Canyon Conservation Area: Sabah’s Primeval Jewel
Page 50. Selangor’s Passion Expressed through Crafts from the Heart
Page 55. Loving the Age-Old Legacies
Page 60. Tasik Kenyir: Terengganu’s Ultimate Hinterland Getaway
Page 66. Start-in-Tioman 2017
Page 70. Savouring Indonesia’s Spices Islands
Page 76. Shop, Dine and Jaunt where the East meets West
Page 82. Doing MICE in Switzerland Part I: Lugano, Ticino
Page 90. Lost Under the Clouds of North Sumatra
Page 94. A Night Above the Clouds in Wae Rebo
Page 100. Up-and-Coming Non-Hedonistic Escapade: Banda Aceh & Pulau Weh
Page 108. In Brief: Universiti Malaya Tropical Camp

Page 114. One World Hotel: Accessible Top-Notch Staycation Destination
Page 118. Aloft KL Sentral: Cracking the Millenial Code
Page 124. Village Hotels: Mirrors of Tradition and Pride
Page 128. Bhainsrorgarh Fort: A Magnificent Heritage Stay in the Heart of Rajasthan

Page 132. Fahmi Esmail


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