Itinerary for the Adventurous: Lenggong, Gerik, & Royal Belum

Spend an unforgettable adventurous journey into the rainforest in Lenggong, Gerik, and Royal Belum in Hulu Perak district of Perak.

Sungai Kooi Waterfall at Royal Belum State Park.

Spend an unforgettable adventurous journey into the rainforest in Lenggong, Gerik, and Royal Belum in Hulu Perak district of Perak.

Let’s be honest. Perak is one of Malaysia’s most exciting states that can easily meet the preference of any type of traveller for instance foodie, history and art aficionado, or nature enthusiasts; you name it, chances are Perak might have it. For adventure seekers, the following pages outline an itinerary that Gaya Travel Magazine has prepared just for you!

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10.30 AM – Depart from Kuala Lumpur
2.30 PM – Pak Syed Café

This humble roadside restaurant is well known for its nasi talam, which actually refers to a set of local traditional dishes, including rice, all placed in one circular tray. The set consists of ikan bakar sepuh (grilled tilapia fish coated with gravy), gulai kawah (beef curry with banana stem), pekasam goreng (pickled fish), gulai tempoyak ikan patin (silver catfish in tempoyak curry), kerabu (salad made up of banana flower, bean sprouts and yellow sawah lettuce), daun nasin rebus (boiled sauropus androgynus), ulam mantah (traditional raw salad comprising barringtonia racemosa, cucumber, and the stem from a type of caladium plant called lambuk). Simply put, the lunch that day was splendid!


The restaurant opens daily except Sunday.
Location: Kampung Batu Berdinding, 33400 Lenggong, Perak

3.30 PM – Aki’s Gallery

After 15 years of dedicating his life in collecting antiques, Lukhman Mahmud (fondly known as Tok Aki) decided to turn his house into a gallery where he keeps around 500 artefacts for records that can now be viewed by the general public.

Aki’s Gallery – located in Kampung Chepor, Lenggong – is a unique Malay traditional house because last November 2019, it was wholly transferred to a plot 100 feet from where it was originally situated November 2019 using manual labour (a group of men together carrying the house in one piece using their own collective strength), a tradition that is fast disappearing.

Among the items on display are 20 cent notes, antique irons, telephone sets, wedding accessories, metal potteries, fishing and carpentry apparatus.


4.30 PM – Kampung Luat Deer Farm
Some of the deers at Kampung Luat Deer Farm.

There are around 200 deer farms in Lenggong that is home to approximately one thousand deer in total. Kampung Luat is one of them. Interestingly, these Java timorensis deers are not fed with pallet food but instead fresh grass, making their meat healthier as they are low in fats.

5.30 PM – Kuak Hill Resort
Titiwangsa Range and Tasik Raban can be seen clearly from the highest point of Kuak Hill Resort.

After a thorough renovation, Kuak Hill Resort is a highly anticipated resort that has now officially opened since January 2021. It offers different types of accommodations such as dome tents and villas for travellers to choose.

Since it is located on a hillside, the view from the resort is simply breathtaking, especially during sunrise and sunset. Expect to see a stunning landscape of Tasik Raban as the backdrop, including some parts of the mountains that make up the Titiwangsa Range.

Facilities include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), cafe, prayer room, swimming pool (using fresh water from the river), mini zoo and more!

To get here, travellers are advised to take a four-wheel drive (4WD), which can be arranged by the resort.

You can find the way to the resort by looking up Kampung Kuak on your GPS.


9.30 AM – Check-out from Kuak Hill Resort
11.00 AM – Kayak at Beruk River
Beruk River is one of the two rivers offered by Kayak Gerik in their kayak activities.

For a fresh, exhilarating kickoff in Gerik, try kayaking along Beruk River. After firstly convening at Castella Cafe, travellers will be brought to the kayak departure point on 4WD. The whole activity takes around an hour, depending on the river’s current. In our case, it was rather rapid. But the view along the riverbanks such as rainforest and rubber plantations including the stopping, as well as resting at designated stops along the way, make the entire experience uplifting. The kayaking culminates back at Castella Café.

This activity is provided by Kayak Gerik team with its base at Castella Cafe in Kampung Padang Stang, Gerik.

12.30 PM – Castella Cafe
The foods served at Castella Cafe.

As soon as we arrived, the food had already been prepared on the table! With the concept of dining in the river with diners’ legs literally submerged underwater, Castella Cafe brings back menu from the old days that fit for Pattani Malay nobles like ikan baung masak lemak rebung (catfish in green-coloured curry with bamboo shoots), nasi bemban (traditional rice cooked in bamboo), grilled fish, and the staple of Perak, ikan terubuk pekasam (pickled fish).

The set is not for walk-ins. To book, call +6 011 2050 3454.

3.00 PM – Denai Kabus Agro Farm & Adventure Resort
There are many fish ponds available to try and small fee applies.

Travellers should make it a point of staying at Denai Kabus Agro Farm & Adventure Resort for at least one night since this place is covered in mist during the early morning, hence the name. But if time is a concern, travellers can come to this place for activities like fishing (there are several fish ponds), ATV-riding, kayaking, barbeque, jungle-trekking, flying fox, and more.

It is worth mentioning that the view of the K2 Mountains (Kenderong and Kerunai mountains) from this resort is simply stunning.

Denai Kabus Agro Farm and Adventure Resort is located in Kampung Pahat, Gerik.

5.00 PM – Laksa Telur Bersarang

Known as Kak Cah Cafe, this eatery’s specialty is laksa telur bersarang, a fat rice noodle in fish-based gravy made from tamarind juice, chillies, shallots, and shrimp paste, served with deep-fried egg floss. Other dishes worth trying is mee bandung udang, noodles bathed in spicy gravy containing prawns in generous portions.

Kak Cah Cafe is located along the main road of Jalan Baling-Kuala Kangsar in Kampung Tanjung Kekabu, Gerik.

6.30 PM – Houseboat Check-in at Hentian Royal Belum
Arus Belum Houseboat.

We recommend travellers to book a houseboat with Arus Belum Houseboat . It can accommodate up to 40 persons at any one time. The rooms are clean with shared bathrooms, generous living space with karaoke set, and two separate prayer rooms for Muslims’ convenience. The food served onboard complements the Royal Belum experience. Not forgetting, the guide and boatmen are all accommodating and helpful.

Contact +6 019 526 0067 or +6 019 466 8244 for more information.

Boarding the houseboat can be done at the Public Jetty at Hentian Royal Belum.


6.30 AM – Enjoy sunrise
The sunrise view of Royal Belum State Park. Photo by Hasif Hamsyari.

Royal Belum State Park offers one of the most epic sunrise and sunset views in the country that we think would be a huge waste if travellers do not take time admiring it!

9.30 AM – Visit Rafflesia site
R.azlanii Rafflesia found at Royal Belum State Park.

There are three types of Rafflesia (the largest flower on Earth) that can be found within Royal Belum namely R.cantleyi, R.kerrii, and R.azlanii. We were lucky to encounter the R.azlanii in full bloom, which is indigenous to Peninsular Malaysia and named after the late Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah.

Did you know?
R.azlanii Rafflesia is so significant that its image is emblazoned on the MYR10 note!

2.00 PM – Sungai Kooi Waterfall
Sungai Kooi Waterfall is majestic due to its tall cascades resulting the water falls like misty rain drops rather than streaming.

Being the largest waterfall within Royal Belum, Sungai Kooi Waterfall reaches the height of approximately 50 metres. To get there, it requires an easy 30-minute hike. But upon arriving, travellers must take note of the slippery rocks resulting from the waterfall’s misty spray. Nevertheless, this waterfall is undeniably stunning.

Along the way, fascinate over the inhabitants of the tropical rainforest such as small insects and humongous trees like medang.

5.30 PM – Water activities near the houseboat

Arus Belum Houseboat provides kayaks as well should travellers feel like kayaking nearby. Kayaking in Royal Belum feels different as its waters are calm and the surrounding view is nothing but green and blue. We recommend swimming too!

One of the travellers experiencing kayaking near the houseboat.


9.30 AM – Salt Lick at Sungai Papan

Naturally produced amidst rocks, salt lick is where animals, mostly herbivores, obtain nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. There are two salt licks around this area and travellers can spot marks left by animals like tapir, elephant, and sun bear in the form of footprints and faeces.

Good to know:

  • Although the probability of encountering predators are low, travellers should not take it lightly and need to trust the guide and follow the instructions at all times.
  • Leeches are abundant here, probably because of animals frequently passing by the area; just in case travellers feel reluctant to ‘donate’ their blood to these creatures, remember to cover yourself with insect repellent!
1.30 PM – Check-out from Royal Belum
2.00 PM – Kampung Hayek Rakit Orang Asli
The view Kampung Hayek Rakit Orang Asli from afar.

Besides fauna, Royal Belum State Park also has human residents, who are from the aboriginal, nomadic Jahai tribe. There are several settlements where these people are still living in their primitive way of life and refuse modernity. However, there are some who are open to sharing a glimpse of their daily life to travellers like in Kampung Hayek Rakit Orang Asli.

We took a 20-minute boat ride from Hentian Royal Belum to this place and a Jahai family greeted us warmly as we arrived. Besides buying handmade merchandises from them, travellers can even make a donation through a collection box at the entrance of the settlement.

4.00 PM – Late lunch at Restoran Tasik Raban
A mouth-watering menus available at Restoran Tasik Raban.

If possible, try to arrive early at this restaurant. It is located along with the main Lenggong-Gerik highway near Tasik Raban. Though Restoran Tasik Raban will be jam-packed, it is worth dropping by because this is where fresh food can be relished, especially the restaurant’s popular grilled fish and mouth-watering local dishes served in a buffet style. The restaurant has two more branches, one in Simpang Pulau and another at Pengkalan (ST18).

The restaurant opens daily from 10.30 a.m. until 4.30 p.m.

5.00 PM – Depart back to Kuala Lumpur

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