By Gaya Travel on August 27, 2018


Just over one month after the launch of the new ‘Kawaii Kabuki’ play, Hello Kitty Land Tokyo has recorded an increasing number of visitors, confirming that the new show has become one of the highlights of any visit to the theme park.

The play, which is held at the Märchen Theatre, has quickly found its way to the hearts of both long-term Hello Kitty fans and curious first-time visitors. It features a high quality performance and beautiful costumes, which perfectly combine traditional kabuki dresses with cute Hello Kitty motifs.

‘Kawaii Kabuki’ play tells the story of the popular Japanese folktale, “Momotarō” (‘The Peach Boy’), which is about a boy who was born from a peach and lives through great adventures in his journey to fight evil demons. However, instead of having the common characters to tell the story, the play is performed by unique Sanrio characters. This has managed to captivate both children and adults alike.

Hello Kitty fans have been leaving raving reviews about it on social media sites, with comments such as “spectacular”, “amazing” and “heartwarming”.

“We are simply delighted with the warm and encouraging reception of the new Märchen Theatre show”, conveys Ms. Aya Komaki, Director of Sanrio Entertainment Co. Ltd., the Puroland operator.

“Our aim at all times is to give our visitors a unique experience that uplifts the spirit through the warmth and kindness that our Puroland characters embody in their very own “kawaii” ways. We feel that that the new Kawaii Kabuki is helping much to achieve that.”


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