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Negeri Sembilan is one of the states that is rich with natural resources and tourism products. In 2010 alone, Negeri Sembilan managed to attract 2 million tourists to this state and in 2012, the Menteri Besar has set the target of attracting 4 million tourists. Though highly accessible, Negeri Sembilan tends to be overlooked by travellers from north heading southwards and vice versa of Peninsular Malaysia using the North South Highway (PLUS).

In order to increase awareness towards Negeri Sembilan, Gaya Travel Magazine collaborated with Tourism Malaysia Negeri Sembilan and Tourism Negeri Sembilan in organising Kembara Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia Jejak Perpatih V, which is the combination of KCC1M and Jejak Perpatih programmes – the latter is the brainchild of Tourism Negeri Sembilan.


The KCC1M programme participants began with the approximately one-hour KTM Komuter train ride from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Seremban. Our adventure in Negeri Sembilan commenced immediately soon as we arrived in Seremban.


Negeri Sembilan State Museum

Lying just outside Seremban city centre, Negeri Sembilan State Museum is recommended for those who are interested to know about the history of Negeri Sembilan. This museum exhibits a lot relics and artefacts related to the formation of the state.

Glory Beach Resort

One of the many things that is interesting about Glory Beach Resort is the fact that the resort has a certified turtle hatchery, with permit by the Fishery Department. This permit allows Glory Bach Resort to have its own hatchery for turtles. Once the eggs hatched, the newly born turtles are released into the sea.

The Glory Beach Resort and the team consisting Mr. Ramis, Mr. Arumugam and Ms. Yati work voluntarily to take care of the turtle hatchery, including the research centre. This resort also carries out its own research with the team to ensure the well-being of the turtles hatched here. Representative from the Turtle and Marine Ecosystem Centre pays a scheduled visit and supervise the progress of the research centre, apart from giving new input about the latest effective methods to provide the best care for the turtles. Visitors are allowed to visit the research centre and the hatchery to find out more about this species.

Website Glory Beach Resort :

Rantau Agro Park (RAP)

Modestly covering 8.98 acres of land, RAP is suitable place for activities like family day, team-building, motivation camp or even small gatherings. There are lots of thrilling activities to choose from such as night walk, orienteering, treasure hunt, river-trekking, river sand castle, tubing and more. The landscape around RAP is mainly covered with lush greenery, including rubber and palm oil plantations.

RAP also offers facilities such as dormitories that can accommodate up to 200 persons at a time. The male and female dormitories are separated. There are also 12 units of lacquered bamboo chalets with queen beds that each can accommodate two persons, other than the campsite that can fit up to 300 people at one time with camping facilities included. RAP is truly the ideal place where organisations can organise effective team-building activities for their people.

Website Rantau Agro Park :!about01

Extreme PD Buggy Track in Port Dickson

For those who seek more extreme activities will find the Extreme PD Buggy Track remarkably exhilarating. Offering adrenaline-punmping activities like the Sky Runner, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), Dirt Scooter, Buggy, Go Kart, Crazy Kart, Mini Jeep and Zorbing, visitors are sure to have an enthralling experience when being at this extreme park. Extreme Park PD Buddy also organises events such as family day or company’s day out alongside the thrilling and adventurous activities.Extreme PD Buggy Track.

Website Extreme PD Buggy Track :

Rembau Crystal

The Rembau Crystal is set up in 2007 under “One District One Industry” initiative, a state government project via Yayasan Negeri Sembilan. Having been in existence for almost four years, Rembau Crystal is now operating on full capacity by producing crystal products and providing training for individuals who are interested in producing crystal crafts. Rembau Crystal is working very closely with Negeri Sembilan State Government in training the individuals in order to produce trained human capital that can be developed into skilful workers in the production of crystal products.

The training facilities in Rembau Crystal at the moment are able to accommodate up to 25 trainees and most of the equipment are imported from Korea while the palettes of crystal are imported from Ireland and Germany.

Website Rembau Crystal :

Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Once known as Legend International Water Homes, the property has undergone a rebranding exercise by its owner, Metro Group, to further enhance the property’s reputation. With 323 water villas with private swimming pools, the rooms here are equipped with facilities like wifi, plasma TV, living space, two king beds, kitchenette with microwave oven, patio and of course the wonderful view of the Malacca Strait.

The property offers numerous activities for instance beach volleyball, crabbing, fishing, Segway-riding, bicycling and KMX-ing, swimming and archery, among others. Games room located on the second floor is dedicated for families to spend quality time by playing Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Playstation, Sumo wrestling, air football and even playhouse. Guests have the choice of going to Duyung Restaurant for casual dining or Genn Japanese Restaurant for fine dining session that will tantalise your taste buds. Guests can also head to the Pool Cafe and Lanun Bar for refreshing drinks and light snacks.

Website Grand Lexis Port Dickson :

Restoran Wadi Ar-Raudah

For visitors who crave the authentic traditional Malay cuisines, they can head to Wadi Ar-Raudah Restaurant, which houses more than 100 delectable traditional dishes to savour your taste buds. This restaurant has been in operation since 1998 and located on Jalan Seri Rahang, Seremban, close to public transportation options like KTM Komuter, taxi and bus. The KCC1M Jejak Perpatih V participants were feted with delicious buffet spread and banana pancake preparation demonstration by the in-house chef, which the restaurant claims as its specialty. Wadi Ar-Raudah also caters to weddings and special events.Restaurant Wadi Ar-Raudah.

Website Restaurant Wadi Ar-Raudah :

AS Equestrian Centre

AS Equestrian Centre, located in Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan (about half an hour from Seremban and about an hour from Kuala Lumpur), has established itself as the place of choice for public to learn horse-riding while being surrounded by lush greenery. Covering an area of two acres, this equestrian centre offers visitors to ride on its horses, which were former race horses from Australia. These horses are all well-trained, making the horse-riding experience – especially for first-timers – pleasant. The trainers here are also able to educate the public on managing horses, conducting horse shows and providing livery. AS Equestrian Centre has received visitors from Kuala Lumpur, China, Turkey Embassy, including the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, who is well-known for his passion in horse-riding.

Website AS Equestrian Centre :

Homestay Mudin Hassan

Being in Kampung Mudin Hassan (located in the district of Kuala Pilah) makes one feel like being in an authentically laidback and rustic traditional Malay village, which is far from development. The kampung’s name is taken from the name of a well-respected devout man who conducted circumcision on boys of school-going age in the district. The homestay programme in this kampong offers interesting activities such as rafting, rewang (cooking together for a feast), producing palm sugar, cooking traditional food, berandoi (celebrating newborns), fishing and playing traditional instruments.

Kem D’Agroloka

KCC1M Jejak Perpatih V participants were impressed with Kem D’Agroloka, the training camp owned by Datuk Shamsul Bahari that is set in 20 acres of land filled with rambutan, durian, dokong, pulasan, mangosteen and cempedak (Artocarpus champeden) trees.

Kem D’Agroloka is equipped with team-building facilities such as dormitories that together can fit up to 150 persons at one time, a praying hall and lecture hall. The camp also organises activities like rafting, water confidence, thematic movie show, jungle- and night-trekking, fishing and mores.

Website Kem D’Agroloka :

Titi Eco Farm

As a proponent of healthy lifestyle and sustainable living, Titi Eco Farm is a farm that produces organic products to promote long term health among the public. This piece of land covers 30 acres and grows numerous herbs, plants and fruits like lavender, dragon fruit, aloe vera, durian, papaya, passion fruit, roselle, pineapple, and lime, among others. The founders of Titi Eco Farm, Mr. and Mrs. Lee, cultivate the plants on their own with the help of their team of researchers in developing the products.

Titi Eco Farm also offers accommodation that can fit up to 110 persons at one time. Here, guests will be able to savour healthy food while enjoying amazingly green surroundings.

Website Titi Eco Farm :

Ancasa Allsuites Resort & Spa

Located at Teluk Kemang beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Port Dickson, Ancasa Allsuites Resort & Spa offers a home-like stay with the breeze of the beach. Ancasa is the only resort that offers 202 accommodation suites that come in the form of one-, two- or three-room apartment units.

Apart from enjoying the beach, guests can enjoy using other facilities such as the swimming pool, six karaoke rooms, barbeque facilities, team-building facilities, flying fox and spa.

Website Ancasa Allsuites Resort & Spa :

Sungai Menyala Forest Reserve

Sungai Menyala Forest Reserve is located 29 kilometres away from Seremban. Covering the total area of 1,305 hectares with the highest point reaching 40 metres above sea level, this forest reserve is the largest lowland dipterocarp forest in the tropical region, with 15% of its total area covered in swamp and rich with the biodiversity.

Negeri Sembilan Forestry Department – the body that manages the forest reserve – also sets up the Eco Edutourism Centre, which offers hostel-type lodging that can accommodate up to 32 persons at one time, including a dining area, exhibition space, library, interpretation path, stalls and multi-purpose hall. In this forest reserve, visitors will get the chance to witness biggest Jelutong tree in Malaysia, as well as tualang tree (Koompassia excelsa), natural pond and eagles’ habitat.

Website Sungai Menyala Forest Reserve :

Avillion Port Dickson

Avillion Port Dickson is the most established resort in Port Dickson. Located just five minutes drive away from the Port Dickson town centre, this tropical resort’s interior emphasises on details by using a great deal of wood in its architecture. The resort offers facilities such as separate swimming pools for adults, family and children; tennis court; mini zoo; bird sanctuary; beach activities and more, making it the perfect getaway for guests travelling individually or in groups.

The resort’s most recent offering is the Avi Spa, housed in a standalone structure constructed above water. Using its own brand of products, Avi Spa offers treatments head to toe treatments for both men and women. The rooms in this spa open to the waters of Malacca Strait.

Website Avillion Port Dickson :

Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson and Baitul Hilal Complex

Facing the sea overlooking directly towards the Malacca Strait, Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson is located on a cape at the popular Teluk Kemang beach. With 85 rooms categorised into three types (superior, deluxe and apartment), this efficient resort offers full access to facilities such as prayer rooms, swimming pool and function rooms, making it suitable for guests to hold events like weddings, meetings, seminars and conferences.

One thing that makes Klana Beach Resort incredibly unique compared to the other properties in Port Dickson is the presence of the Baitul Hilal Complex, an observatory built by the Department of Awqaf, Tithes and Hajj together with the Islamic Religious Council of Negeri Sembilan for the purpose of observing lunar positioning to establish the exact dates of occasions in accordance to the Islamic calendar, especially in determining the Eid ul Fitri (the festive day after Islamic fasting month called Ramadhan) and Eid ul Adha (the three-day celebration in conjunction with the congregation of all Muslim pilgrims who perform the Hajj in Arafah). This RM30 million complex is considered the most advanced in Malaysia and even in Asia.

Website Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson

Homestay Batang Nyamor

In the district of Rembau lies a remote community called Kampung Seberang Paya where Homestay Batang Nyamor, a laidback village situated at the base of Mount Datuk, is located. Here, guests will be exposed to various aspects of Negeri Sembilan kampung life such as traditional dances and music, cuisines and culture. It is worth noting that the customs and traditions and in this village are different from the other Malay communities in Malaysia since it practices Adat Perpatih, a set of customs and traditions originated from Sumatera and practiced by the Malay tribe called Minangkabau.

KCC1M Negeri Sembilan Jejak Perpatih V Dinner at Permaisuri Beach Resort

The highlight of KCC1M Negeri Sembilan Jejak Perpatih V programme was the celebratory dinner held at the Grand Ballroom of Permaisuri Beach Resort. With Malay Sultanate as the theme for the night, all participants dressed up accordingly, making the event more momentous and vibrant. The purpose of the dinner was to give due recognition to the KCC1M Negeri Sembilan Jejak Perpatih V participants, the participating products owner and all contributing parties. Tourism Malaysia Negeri Sembilan Office, Tourism Negeri Sembilan and Gaya Travel Magazine extend our sincerest appreciation to all who have made this program a success.


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