By Ed Junaidi on May 17, 2018


It is easy to find an accommodation in Bali through the internet – just use Google and you will end up scrolling from one page to another for you to just pick and choose. However, due to the abundance of choices, trying to find the exact one that meets all your needs and requirements proves challenging – it happened to me when I was searching for a suitable place to stay on the island. Eventually, I landed upon, the webpage for Peppers Seminyak, which is full of arresting still images regarding the property.

True to the idiom ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, the dozens of pictures on the website speaks volumes about what I would expect if I were to stay there, leaving me breathless. The images got me smitten and after checking out the rates and the property’s location, I decided to stay there. It was like winning a jackpot because after checking in, I discovered that Peppers Seminyak is such a fine and luxurious resort that is part of the Australia-headquartered Mantra Group, an accommodation operator that manages luxury retreats and resorts across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.


Though the villa resort is located within the hip neighbourhood of Seminyak that is constantly jam-packed with tourists and traffic, Peppers Seminyak is sheltered from such cacophony and manages to stay hidden despite being on the bustling Petitenget Road. The resort’s expansive grounds consists of 49 units of one-, two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom luxurious tropical villas that could span up to 900 square metres at most.

Peppers Seminyak’s thoughtfully-designed villas are all equipped with air-conditioning units and ceiling fans. Each villa is self-contained, elegant and spacious with own private swimming pool, full set living room sofa, study desk, flat screen television, integrated DVD-system and individual internet connection. The flooring for the rooms are mostly wood and marble, while teak wooden decks surround the swimming pool to create an upscale feeling amidst lush tropical garden. The design of the bedrooms within each villa integrates Balinese opulence with contemporary finishing. The en suite bathrooms are romantic, characterised by oversized tubs, some placed within the bathrooms while others open to the sky. Two units of shower – one sheltered while the other exposed to the elements – are also installed in each bathroom. On the same note, each villa’s dining space comes with a gourmet kitchen, including full-sized refrigerator and in-room bar.


I stayed at the Three Bedroom Presidential Suite Villa, where each room is well appointed, promising an indulgent accommodation experience. Though the villa is not located anywhere near a beach, remaining sequestered within the walls of this premier villa more than makes it up since its lawn – which is connected to every bedroom, living room and kitchen – doubles as the place for guests to sun on fashionable reclining loungers, and then swim in privacy.

Keeping to its promise as a provider of wellness, Peppers Seminyak further pampers their guests through the dispensation of holistic revitalising treatments by the resort’s day spa aptly called The Spa at Peppers Seminyak, bound to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the body. Every treatment is well-crafted to provide personal touch through natural and pure therapy. Guests are also invited to join The Spa’s Wellness Retreats Package, which incorporates effective health and wellness regime during their stay. The package includes cleansing and rebalancing, spa treatments, yoga, outdoor walks, breathing and meditation, cooking classes and healthy lifestyle workshops. This package is also open for those who are not staying at the resort.

Understanding that Bali, especially Seminyak area, is famous for gastronomy, Peppers Seminyak further adds colour to the destination’s culinary offerings through its chic The Laneway Restaurant and Bar, offering menu ranging from traditional Indonesian food to western fare. At night, the place morphs into a sensational bar serving uplifting drinks and music.

Besides The Spa and The Laneway Restaurant, guests are spoilt for choice when it comes to keeping themselves occupied with myriad of activities at the resort such as undergoing excursions, exploring food- and wine-tasting trails and joining cooking classes – guests will never be short of ways in living up the exclusive villa life when staying at this piece of oasis called Peppers Seminyak, designed for smart and sophisticated travellers seeking casual yet upmarket, refined hospitality.


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