By Shahida Sakeri on December 29, 2015


Gaya Travel team were deeply fascinated by one of the latest and boldest accommodations in Ipoh, the M Boutique Hotel, which is a confection based on Malaysia’s colonial past infused with modern and whimsical contemporary décor.

There are times in life when you visited interesting places that left a prominent mark in your heart, making you inspired upon leaving. These places might be the exotic countries that travellers often go for an adventurous journey, or even hotels and resorts that instantly sweep us off our feet. And the M Boutique Hotel did just that.


Standing outside the hotel’s impressive brick-cladded façade, we immediately sensed the special experience that awaited us. M Boutique Hotel’s lobby somehow made us feel like stepping into a home of a person who has travelled extensively. The area is bedecked with modern British-inspired décor that is furnished with a long wooden reception counter, high stools, huge apothecary cabinets and Broadway-style lighting, looking almost like a hip and cosy London bar. Guests will also be able to notice towering gasoline containers, stacks of rustic suitcases and vintage wall mirrors, all adding further charm to this space.


M Boutique Hotel strives to be one of a kind accommodation in Ipoh. The hotel received the golden touch by Lifeshop Atelier, a lifestyle boutique renowned for its quirky influence, which explains the whimsical panache behind M Boutique’s interesting decor. The hotel’s playful yet friendly employees informed us that the property’s concept is called Urban Straits Eclectic, which we find truly apt.

The 93 rooms in this property are divided into three different themes: Adventure, Majestic and Excelsior. At the Adventure Floor, which is located on the first level, is inspired by the idea of Malaysian Safari, using animal motifs that meet with industrial chic. Here and there, guests are drawn towards the mysterious headshots of tiger, giraffe and zebra that adorn the walls along the hallway. The Majestic Floor, on the other hand, is graced with numbers on almost every part, including little accessories inside the rooms. The highest level, The Excelsior Floor, is where alphabets, bold colours, abstract pictures, and black and white photographs are ingeniously mixed together, giving the floor a zesty feel.

Each of the room is equipped with 12-inch thick mattress, free Wi-Fi, minibar, LCD TV, in-room safety deposit box, tea/coffee making facilities, i-Phone/i-Pod dock and M Boutique custom-made personal care items. The standard rooms, however, come with doorless bathrooms, thus guests travelling with friends need to consider this type of room carefully.


To feed the hungry tummy, guests can head to M Boutique Hotel’s restaurant partners, Old Town White Coffee Grand or the Myth & Eatery Bar. Both food and beverage outlets offer good comforting food in the midst of inspiring and intimate setting. For instance, Myth& Eatery Bar stands out through its à la mode homey décor and thoughtfully simple dishes made from freshly sourced ingredients. Old Town White Coffee Grand, on the other hand, is the upscale version of the Old Town White Coffee café, serving the best and more exclusive Malaysian menus based on fresh ingredients and home-tested recipes. Do try its Sardine Prata as light snack with freshly brewed aromatic white coffee when dining here.

M Boutique Hotel’s first floor is where guests can find a cosy lounge called the Living Room (Gaya Travel team’s favourite area in the hotel), which comes with a handsome steel bookshelf, Union Jack wooden coffee tables and rattan recliners with quirky cushions. This is also the same level where guests can access the 24-hour self-service gym, an industrially smart business centre called M Space and a self-service laundry. Should guests feel the need to rejuvenate and pamper themselves, they can always go to the neighbouring spa called Thai Samai that offers full body massage packages. Speaking of wellness, do take note that the hotel is a strictly 100% non-smoking property.

What we like the most about this property is how bravely and cleverly it blends various elements into its design, making it extraordinarily fascinating. Guests are bound to be pleasantly surprised by the amount of little touches being put into M Boutique Hotel’s interiors. Those who are interested in bringing back M Boutique Hotel’s trendy style are welcome to head to the M Shop, where they can procure well curated and unique items similar to the ones used throughout the hotel.

With such bold, trendy and charming character, how can we not fall in love with the M Boutique Hotel? That said, Gaya Travel highly recommends M Boutique Hotel to sophisticated travellers seeking for stylish accommodation whenever they are in Ipoh.

M Boutique Hotel

2 Hala Datuk 5

31650 Ipoh, Perak

Tel: +605 255 5566


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