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Kuala Lumpur, 13 Feb 2017 – Tune Protect Travel Trend Survey reveals Malaysians fear travel mishaps but fail to protect themselves. While avid travellers peruse their calendars to maximise long weekends and public holidays, current world affairs are throwing a damper on many holiday plans.

The Tune Protect Travel Trend Survey reported that health epidemics and natural disasters are the two most-feared issues while travelling, followed by terrorist threats and political unrest. The second major concern is the economic outlook and depreciation of the Ringgit, with 9 out of 10 Malaysians seeking value-for-money holidays.


Most will Still Travel but Modify Travel Plans

However, most of those who voiced concerns over the unrests said that this does not impact their travel plans. They remain committed to travelling but over 70% are taking shorter trips to destinations where the Ringgit value is perceived to be higher. These shorter trips could indicate more intent for travel towards destinations in the ASEAN region.

Prepare for Well-Protected Travel Experiences

Turbulent world affairs underscore the need for safety and security, making travel protection an essential part of travel preparations.

“A smooth trip needs three Ps – Planning, Packing and Protection. Most people forget about protection – our survey found that it’s ranked as the least important element when planning a trip,” said Razman Hafidz Abu Zarim, Group Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect.


“With the current environment, both safety and cost weigh heavily on most travellers hence travel insurance is more relevant than ever. More Malaysians need to consider the true cost of remaining unprotected,” he added.


Most Agreed Travel Insurance is Important but Remain Uninsured

While most (94%) agreed that insurance can give them peace of mind, in reality, a significant number still fail to make travel insurance a priority, believing they can avoid mishaps simply by being careful. This is in addition to having personally experienced (7 out of 10 Malaysian travellers) situations like costly travel delays, last-minute cancellations, medical assistance and even emergency evacuation.


Safety Concerns Do Not Propel Research on Protection

“As a leading digital insurance provider, we hope to bridge the gap between the positive perception of travel insurance among travellers and their actions,” said Razman. “As it stands, 9 out of 10 Malaysians already believe that travel insurance is easy to buy and accessible.”

A comprehensive plan includes benefits such as reimbursement for damaged, lost or stolen belongings and non-refundable expenses like hotel, cruise and tour bookings, 24-hour medical assistance, as well as lesser known benefits such as pre-flight coverage and follow-up medical treatment. According to the survey, 60% of Malaysians are unaware that travel insurance includes benefits that start before the trip begins and extends after they return.

Pre-flight coverage includes Trip Cancellation in the event of the policy holder or a family member being hospitalized for an illness or accident, and for Missed Departure if the confirmed and scheduled flight is missed due to disruption in the public transport service.

Post-flight coverage includes reimbursement for loss or damage of luggage or personal effects, including baggage damage by common carrier upon arrival or return, and follow-up medical treatment for up to 30 days after the incident, in the policy holder’s home country. These and many more benefits help to prectot travellers against unexpected expenses.



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