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JAPAN DESIGN WEEK will be held for the first time in Shikoku, “MATSUYAMA DESIGN WEEK” on February 9th (Fri) to 12th (Mon), 2018.

MATSUYAMA DESIGN WEEK is a part of JAPAN DESIGN WEEK. This regional creation project will be held for the first time in Shikoku. The aims are for the residents to revitalize the community with love for their hometown, develop human resources, as well as creativity.  A logo with the theme of “flower”, taken from “Yabu Tsubaki” (Matsuyama City Flower) is used. The festival will be started from Hanazono-machi shopping street, Okaido, Gintengai and centered at Ropeway Shopping District, where there will be music festival and picture book exhibition by Akihiro Nishino. Besides that, we use J-LOP system to promote this event efficiently and spread the charm of Matsuyama City locally and internationally.

Developed as a town of Matsuyama castle, it has an old history such as traditional hot spring resort of Dogo Onsen, the city of literature―Japanese poet Shiki Masaoka, great writer Soseki Natsume and others. With various resources from a long time ago, the city has been developed into a compact city and has built the new image of Matsuyama. We will continue to promote and spread the charm of Matsuyama city in Japan and internationally using the source of creativity.


Onwasai Music Festival

The local charm of Matsuyama City will disseminate through attractive live music “Onwasai Music Festival”, from the stage set at Okaido shopping street. Among the artists who will be performing are Charan-Po-Rantan, Kohei Dojima and Rina Katahira.

Schedule: Feb 10, 2018 (Sat), 1pm-3pm
Venue: Okaido (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
Admission: Free


Onwasai Live Music Creation by Local Idol

The live music performance “Onwasai” is carried out in two parts. The live music by singers in the first part and the local idols energetic performance in the second part. The idols will make a live performance, the members of AKB48 Team 8 will be representing the charm of each prefecture in Japan, including Kaoru Takaoka, the representative of Ehime Prefecture and the local idol Hime Kyun Fruit Can.

Schedule: Feb 10, 2018 (Sat), 3:30pm-4:30pm Venue: Okaido (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
Admission: Free



Matsuyama Pihyara

The artists and the local people of Matsuyama city gather, play music and sing together while walking along the shopping districts.

Schedule: Feb 10, 2018 (Sat), 4:30pm-5pm
Venue: Okaido stage →Gintengai→ Botchan Hiroba
Admission: Free (open for public)
Cooperation: Ehime Lieto Brass Band


Poupelle of Chimney Town Exhibition

Poupelle of Chimney Town

Poupelle of Chimney Town

The popular “Poupelle of Chimney Town Exhibition ” by Akihiro Nishino will be exhibit around Hanazono-machi, central shopping street, Ropeway Shopping District in Matsuyama.

“Poupelle of Chimney Town ” is the best seller book by an artist/entertainer Akihiro Nishino. He completed his work after four and a half years using the crowdfunding.

The book has been printed more than 330,000 copies since its release in October 2016. 41 illumination pictures will be exhibited. Using a particular film and LED, creating pictures with unique illumination. You can enjoy the fantastic world as if you were inside the picture book.

Schedule: Feb 10, 2018 (Sat) – Feb 12, 2018 (Mon) 
Venue: Hanazono-machi shopping street, Okaido, Gintengai and centered at Ropeway Shopping District, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Admission: Free
Sponsorship: Able Inc.


Poupelle of Chimney Town  Workshop

Akihiro Nishino

Akihiro Nishino

Akihiro Nishino also will hold a workshop along with his exhibition “Poupelle of Chimney Town Exhibition”. Together with the students, who’s learning design at Kawahara Gakuen, they will decorate and design the easels to support the illumination exhibition based on the theme of Matsuyama DW, “flower”.

The works of this talented local future designers will be displayed at Hanazono-machi Shopping Street, Okaido, Gintengai and centered at Ropeway Shopping District.

Schedule: February 9 (Friday), 2018
Venue: Matsuyama Mitsukoshi Atrium

※ The workshop is open to the public, but it may be changed to restrict admission under some circumstances.


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