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19 Mac 2018, OSAKA – Tourism Selangor (TSSB) – together with the support from Tourism Malaysia Osaka & Tokyo Office and participation from Sky Mirror Kuala Selangor, Cyberview Resort & Spa and Kuala Selangor District Council – connects businesses from Selangor and Japan by staging seminar sessions that will take place from 18 until 24 March 2018, firstly at Osaka City Central Public Hall in Osaka, Japan, and then followed by Wink Aichi in Nagoya, and Asian Japan Centre in Tokyo.

This is the first road show seminar about Selangor in Japan and AirAsiaX will be the Official Partner for the entire road show. The event provides local participants from Japan that come from various travel agencies, government agencies, hoteliers, health and wellness operators, and education sections to connect with travel industry associates through seminar and presentation from the respective delegates.

Tourism Selangor will organise a business-to-business (B2B) meeting with Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA), and Tabikobo Co. Ltd. in Osaka during the first phase of the road show. The next phase will see Tourism Selangor travelling to Japan’s fourth most populated city, Nagoya, where Tourism Selangor will have official visit to Aichi Prefecture Tourism Bureau and hold B2B meetings with World Air Sea Services Co. Ltd and Meitetsu World Travel Inc. The last phase of this road show is in Japan’s busy capital; besides seminar and product update, Tourism Selangor will also pay official visit to JATA Head Office, International Cross Cultural Committee and Japan Association of Overseas Studies.


For the Japanese market, Tourism Selangor will promote Eco-Tourism, Heritage and Education Tourism based on Japanese tourists’ travel patterns. According to Tourism Selangor market study, Japanese tourists in general enjoy adventure and experience-based holidays, as well as culture.  As such, Tourism Selangor collaborates with Japan Tourism Bureau in Osaka and Tokyo for government-to-government (G2G) meeting to further discuss and collaborate on future promotional campaigns.

Social Media Campaign will be launched exclusively for the Japanese market, leveraging on Facebook as the main platform to promote Selangor.  Additionally, the representatives of the tourism industry focal points and Japan Education Board’s media representatives will also get to register their interest in joining the Selangor familiarisation trip that will be held in August 2018.


Selangor has many hidden gems that are off the tourist trail – tourists will be surprised by how close these places are to the city.  Even local Malaysians have yet to discover these places.

One such place is the Sky Mirror in Kuala Selangor, which has a sand bank in the middle of the sea and gives an optical illusion where the water seems to meet the sky and clearly reflect it, hence looking like a mirror of the sky.  Many travel there to see this phenomenon and take creative photos of the place.

Selangor also has a large botanical park that has many tropical plants endemic to the region.  For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are bicycles for rent and high rope course.  Another favourite attraction is Cyberview Hotel Resort & Spa, known for its beautiful landscape.  The state also boasts a number of established meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions (MICE) venues.

“The road show is directly focused on Japan’s local agent and media. We are confident that Selangor’s tourism products will receive an encouraging response from the Japanese tourists as they always like anything new and different. Selangor’s tourism industry still has a lot of potential for development and can be explored even further, particularly with our counterparts over in Japan,” said Madam Noorul Ashikin Mohd Din, General Manager of Tourism Selangor.

Selangor has received a total of 212,000 Japanese tourists in 2017, with the highest arrivals in August at 28,000.  There has been a steady increase in the number of international arrivals into Selangor and this year we hope to achieve a further increase in numbers that translates to the total tourism receipts worth RM5.49 billion.  To achieve this, Tourism Selangor has several programmes planned with a brand new campaign called ‘#takemeanywhere’ to promote Selangor’s main areas of tourism focus.

Today, Selangor continues to be a charming state bustling with vibrant population, always welcoming to visitors who are attracted to the rustic charm of old colonial buildings that are now preserved and repurposed to fit modern lifestyle. Besides that, the accompanying slogan ‘Take Me Anywhere’ is used to strengthen the current promotional campaign, specifically indicating Selangor as a hub for transportation, development, investment, business, education, medicine and more.


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