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Clearly, Japan is the perfect destination for anime lovers. Due to its popularity, it’s not surprising to see anime convention being held every year in various countries, including those in Southeast Asia. So, below are the seven places that excite anime lovers in the region that you should check out!

  1. Comic Fiesta

Comic Fiesta is Malaysia’s largest and longest running animation, comics and games (AGC) event. It is usually held at the end of the year and is famous for its extensive line-up of activities such as comic book releases, competitions, exhibitions and more, but most of all, it is known for cosplaying.

Although cosplaying can get a little expensive, you can create your own personal costume! Do not feel embarrass because no one is judging! Always remember that this convention is mainly to celebrate art and creativity in many forms. For another similar event, check out Animangaki:


Comic Fiesta

Cosplayers at Comic Fiesta. Photo credit:@ComicFiesta

Zoe Café and library

Being in the library is comforting but have you ever dreamed of sitting in a library full of comics? Located in Bandung Indonesia, Zoe Café and Library is no ordinary café as it has a wide collection of manga, comics and novels. Now this is the chance for you to brag that you’ve been reading all day in the library!

Not only the cafe lets you dive in a selection of genres, it serves delicacies as well. Furthermore, with Wi-Fi connection provided, you are allowed to bring your work there and enjoy reading as long as you want. If that is not enough, you can even sign up as a member and rent the books! For a place to stay in Bandung, read this:


Zoe Cafe and library

The library at Zoe Cafe. Photo credit: @zoereborndepok

  1. Seimon-Cho

A true anime lovers will at least own one action figure and if you’re thinking of adding more to your collection, Seimon-Cho is the right place to go. Seimon-Cho is an official san-x shop, a Japanese stationery company known for creating cute characters.

Located in Singapore, the store sells authentic Japanese character goods such as Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Gudetama, Sumikko Gurashi, Doraemon and more. They also have limited edition characters that you may not want to miss! Make sure to check their website since they regularly update their new arrivals. For a place to stay in Singapore, read this:


Photo credit:@Seimon.Cho

  1. Anime Festival Asia (AFA)

If you think concert is too mainstream, wait till you come to Anime Festival Asia. Born in Singapore, it is the largest year-end Japanese Pop Culture Event in Southeast Asia and well known for bringing in popular Japanese artists! If you’re into anime songs for example Silhouette by Kana Boon, this event is surely for you because it showcases Japanese songs at their finest! This festival has also expanded to several other countries in Southeast Asia. Another place to stay in Singapore is this:

Anime Festival Asia

Concert at Anime Festival Asia. Photo credit: @animefestivalasia

  1. May’s Garden House Restaurant

If Studio Ghibli plays a huge part in your childhood, you have a new reason to visit Bangkok. May’s Garden House Restaurant or known as Totoro Café, is world’s first licensed restaurant based on the 1988 anime classic, My Neighbour Totoro. They even have halls that display the scenes taken from all anime produced by Studio Ghibli.

Despite the menu featuring traditional Thai food, several desserts are shaped in the form of Totoro and presented in the most Instagram-worthy way. While you’re here, don’t forget to take a picture with the restaurant’s iconic Totoro statue and browse through their merchandise! For a place to stay in Thailand, check out:

 May’s Garden House Restaurant

Totoro’s shaped dessert. Photo credit: @MaysBangkok

  1. Masaru Japan Store

For those seeking to collect more affordable action figures, this store provides second-hand products that you may not want to miss! Based in Thailand, the action figures in this store are shipped directly from Japan and the products selected are in good condition. Although you may not find what you want in a snap, you might instead find items that couldn’t be found elsewhere. For another Thai destination outside Bangkok, consider this:

Masaru Japan Store

Action figures at Masaru Japan Store. Photo credit: @masarujapanstore

  1. BBcosplay

Situated in Vietnam, BBcosplay is another place for anime lovers looking for various costumes worth trying on because the shop has over hundreds of ready-made costumes and accessories. If you’re not interested in buying, they provide other services such as renting costumes and taking photos. So get yourself into different costumes and let them take striking pictures of you! For more things to shop at Ho Chi Minh, check this out:


One of the costumes at BBcosplay. Photo credit:


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