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In recent times, Putrajaya has seen its share of unique international events taking place within its confines. These include, among others hot air balloon carnivals, fireworks competitions, floral showcases, motorsports events, film festivals, watersport competitions and marathons, just to name a few. Now, Putrajaya has new attraction in its calendar, Slide The City! Here are facts to know about this splash-tecular event.


First debuted in the United States since 2013


Since then it has become a cult following world-wide in major cities like Japan and Hong Kong.

The First in Malaysia!

Putrajaya has been the selected destination for this first time unique experience for Malaysians to have fun!

1000 ft Slide


The water slide brought much joy and fun to approximately over 10,000 visitors over those two-days!

How Much Water Was Used?

Roughly 9,000 gallons were used each day during the event.


The giant, three-lane waterslide was designed to use recycled water safely and efficiently throughout the duration of the event with minimal water loss.

Not Just About Sliding

Slide The City was set with a carnival like set up which makes it even fun to spend time with friends and family. There were games and good food all day around!

Sliding With A Cause

Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also championed a more serious and benevolent cause. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of passes were channelled towards National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) in support of patients suffering from kidney disease. Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also aimed to raise awareness of obesity, targeting a healthy lifestyle in a fun and engaging event in which the whole family could participate. Receiving a mock cheque amounting to RM25,000.00 at the event was Chief Executive Officer of NKF, Mr. Chua Hong Wee.

SOLD OUT Tickets!

Did you know the tickets got sold out just after when it was announced for ticket sales in August!

Young Entrepreneur’s

The idea to bring Slide the City to Malaysia was initiated by Monkey Theory Sdn. Bhd., consisting of a group of eight aspiring young minds led by the able guidance of entrepreneur Leong Delon. Although young, Monkey Theory is not without experience, having successfully organised and implemented other notable events in the country.

Leong also emphasized that the event will be repeated in 9 other locations across Malaysia in 2016! Members of the public can currently pre-register their interest to participate in these future installments of Slide the City in Malaysia by logging on to So don’t miss out on Slide The City in Malaysia!

We would like to say huge thank you to Monkey Theory for inviting Gaya Travel Magazine in this wonderful event and we cant wait for the next installment!


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