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Subliminally Exquisite Bulgari Resort Bali

Designed by the internationally renowned architectural practice ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, this world class property is undeniably clever in harmonising the natural and man-made elements into one subliminal and unsurpassed whole.

Pool at Bulgari Resort Bali

Designed by the internationally renowned architectural practice ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, this world class property is undeniably clever in harmonising the natural and man-made elements into one subliminal and unsurpassed whole.

Bulgari Resort Bali has 59 villas and five mansions to ensure guests’ ultimate exclusivity and privacy. Secluded and magical, it literally has the best view of the sea from a wind-swept cliff plateau in Pecatu within the Uluwatu area, an up-and-coming destination that still emanates the sense of tropical exoticism that Bali is known for prior to overdevelopment.

As you arrive, you will be greeted by the property’s staff members who are amazingly welcoming and never fail to make you feel at ease. During each encounter with them, the Gaya Travel team finds that they are polished, affable, articulate, knowledgeable, and skilful to personify Bulgari Resort Bali’s best-in-class stature. Of course, since we are talking about one of the best properties in the world, the kind of adjectives applied in describing Bulgari Resort Bali come in superlatives. 

Upon close inspection, guests can easily notice that the property curates each item or component in the highest degree of discernment, spares no expense in being assiduous, and pays incredible attention to detail. ‘Subliminally exquisite’ and ‘elegant’ are the exact words that come to my mind because the property manifests stealth luxury due to the astronomical degree of artisanship found throughout the property, minus the conspicuous splash or gild.


Architecture and Landscape

The entire property incorporates delicate Balinese vernacular that meets high Italian sophistication, producing architectural features that are minimalistic yet solid, effortlessly natural, unforced, blends in with the surroundings, evocative, and calm. I am also taken in by the brutalist-looking chapel where nuptials take place right at the heart of the property, a counterpoint to the pitched roofs of the other adjacent structures. This chapel, which can fit up to 90 persons, is one of the world’s most sought-after dream wedding venues.

At the same time, the textures found throughout the Bulgari Resort Bali are fascinating and emit a strong sense of place: volcanic stone gracing the walls that become more distinguished with age, especially when they are covered in moss; meandering stony staircases and pathways that remind guests of the kind of materials used in the construction of Balinese ancient temples; solid Indonesian wood used for the sleek flooring, doors and window frames that induce Southeast Asian warmth; and thatched roofs made from alang-alang (local reeds) that give the property a distinctively Balinese identity.

Bulgari Resort Bali’s landscape is immensely lush and eden-like, full of plants that suit the tropical climate and Bali’s endemic soil. Stunning perspectives and views await wherever you stand within the property – this is when you realise that all of the structures are beautifully proportionate and built in harmony with the environment. It is a true haven for flaneurs like me because simply strolling the grounds and analysing every inch of the property brings so much pleasure that I often lose track of time. On the same note, the natural geological features and hues that define the property’s cliffside location never cease to amaze those who are particularly observant. 

Everywhere in the property is accessible on foot, except when heading down to the stunning private beach, which requires you to use the inclinator (manned funicular elevator cab). It is during my walks around the property that I realise Bulgari Resort Bali is a penultimate sanctuary for those who need an inspirational and rewarding getaway that is hardly flashy or garish, but instead tastefully understated and concentrates primarily on substance instead of superficiality or trends. This is also evident in the objects and items used throughout the property, which are not just for aesthetics’ sake, but purposeful and functional. 


  • Simply find that one spot at any obliging nook and cranny within Bulgari Resort Bali to call your own so that you can marvel at the refined objects and the beautifully landscaped surroundings for a more rewarding and almost spiritual experience.
  • The best spot to catch and admire the spectacular sunset on a clear day is from the lobby, the property’s most vantage point. 
  • The best place to chill is by the chic pool, on top of the private pool at your villa.


Each villa in Bulgari Resort Bali offers indulgent cradling. From the outside, the villa is not entirely visible except for its roof considering it is protected by high perimeter walls. When staying at any of the one-bedroom villas (the lead-in category accommodation), as you pass through the villa’s oversized entrance doors, you are led through a short passage that is linked to an expansive open-air living area next to the enclosed bedroom. 

The living area is actually my favourite spot because this is where I can enjoy sitting and taking in the breeze in the morning while viewing the magnificent turquoise sea all the way to the horizon where it meets the sky; listening to the sounds of rustling leaves alongside the chirping and cooing of the birds; witnessing the fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees; and admiring the villa’s external cladding comprising handcut natural stone and varnished wood, including the villa’s first-rate workmanship on its structure and thatched roof. 

This sensual magic continues throughout the day and carries on into the night, further made extra special by the aromatic homemade Lunak Bali Tea made from tamarind, ginger, and honey, accompanied by sweet bites, left on the dining table by the turndown service staff to induce restful slumber. This experience affirms my belief that Bulgari Resort Bali is an unrivalled expert in converting simple pleasures into the most precious things in the world, earning it the rating as among the world’s best. The property turns me into a strong believer that God exists even in the smallest of actions or deeds when they are done sincerely, thoughtfully and with utmost care.   

Though this might come across as an exaggeration, I do feel like my troubles melt away and my anxiety reduced simply by being at the villa’s open-air living room. As I reminisce the space when writing this article, I am hard-pressed to remember the last time when I felt as peaceful, fulfilled and contented. The living room’s inspiring ambience enables me to deeply reflect on what I have achieved thus far in life, reassess my life’s priorities, and make plans on where I should be heading. It allows me to find myself and return to my centre without the need to undergo rigorous exercise or activity. 

Perks of staying at the Bulgari Resort Bali’s villas:

  • All villas have oceanfront views.
  • Checking in and out are done at the villa.
  • One butler is assigned to each villa as the contact person to meet any of the guests’ requests, as long as they are legal and within reason.
  • Each villa comes with a complimentary mini-bar except for alcoholic beverages.
  • Each villa is even kitted with a deep and lengthy bathtub for that invigorating soaking ritual, including the high-tech Toto Washlet that has an efficient flushing system using far less water than a conventional one. It also comes with buttons not only for flushing but also cleansing, drying, and adjusting the sitting position. Though trivial, the toilet is indeed an extraordinary experience for those who do not have the chance to use such technology in their daily lives.
  • Each villa even has an outdoor shower for that rejuvenating spray bath under the open skies.
  • Housekeeping service is done twice daily: the first one is conducted during the day and the second one in the evening as turndown service, which is done as meticulously as during the day.
  • Though urbanity feels thousands of kilometres away, you can still get fast internet access throughout the property to connect you to the rest of the world.
  • The toiletries, particularly the disposable shaver, are ingenious and pleasing to use, which goes to show that the property gives attention right down to the minutiae. 


The property’s all-day dining outlet called Sangkar offers 24-hour breakfast, including a selection of fantastic menus. Its spread is a finely curated and salubrious affair, ranging from local fruits and salads to an assortment of yoghurts, mueslis and pastries. The food and drink portions are generous, as they are delicious. For lunch and dinner, Sangkar whips up flavourful and nourishing Indonesian cuisine prepared using current culinary methods, for instance, Balinese dishes like tamarind chicken breast and bamboo shoots alongside vegetable curry with turmeric-scented rice, including international specialities.

Nice to know:
The utensils, crockery, flatware, and ceramics used at all of Bulgari Resort Bali’s food and beverage outlets are sourced locally, quintessentially bespoke and highly artisanal.

To take the dining experience up another level, guests should savour the five- or seven-course dinner at Il Ristorante Luca Fantin, the property’s fine dining establishment that creates marvellous Italian classics blended with Japanese and local ingredients and techniques served in a relaxed environment. This is a truly memorable fine dining minus the stuffiness and snobbery. Instead, the dining experience here is easy-going, convivial, heartwarming, and uplifting. 

Since the focus is mainly on flavours that are meant to pleasantly surprise diners, the restaurant’s fusion dishes are innovative, refreshing and almost experimental. The course-by-course dinner is similar to a journey of explosive and satiating flavours combining influences from Italy, Japan and local, for instance, the delightful hibiscus-infused tomato water with tuna; followed by an intriguing plate containing the combination of sourness, umami and piscine; including the squid ink spaghetti topped with caviar that unexpectedly tastes like Japanese cold soba, but with a dash of exhilarating saltiness.

Take note: 
Diners should observe Il Ristorante Luca Fantin’s smart casual dress code that discourages slippers, sandals and shorts. Additionally, it is recommended that the ladies wear less revealing clothing while the gentlemen wear jackets.   

Guests should also not miss having lunch at La Spaggia, a comfortably rustic and dreamy restaurant and bar that nestles under the cliff that requires you to access it via the inclinator. It turns out that La Spaggia itself is an enigmatic hidden gem because it affords diners with the view of unspoiled tropical nature and the majestic Indian Ocean while relishing succulent grilled seafood and Herbijito cocktail. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that La Spaggia is open only between 12:00 noon and 4:30 p.m., as well as the inclinator running only up until 5:00 p.m., this would have been my favourite spot on the property. It looks like this restaurant has to settle as my second favourite space after my villa’s open-air living room.


A hideaway that is indeed a paradise on earth, Bulgari Resort Bali is a property that exists in its own universe. Possibly one of the most sublime properties in Asia if not the world, this property feels remarkably intimate and endearingly bijou, supported by excellent staff and brilliant gastronomy. Embodying the hallmarks of the Bulgari brand, every inch of the property resonates with timelessness, elegance, and refinement that turns your stay into a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rapture. At the risk of sounding cliché, I am going to say it anyway: Bulgari Resort Bali is definitely THE kind of property that you never want to leave and need to stay at least once in your life before you die…

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