By Faridah Dahalan on April 18, 2019


In conjunction with the upcoming Ramadhan, Hotel Sri Petaling (HSP) unveiled its Iftar Ramadhan Buffet with the theme #throwback Ramadhan, befitting what diners will experience when they savour the hotel’s array of delicacies to break their fast (iftar). The following are some of the dishes that evoke fond memories of traditional local cuisine and authentic hawker stall fare.

1.Gear Box Soup

Since I haven’t had a proper meal in the morning, I thought I should start simple to avoid stomach ache. After checking out the buffet spread, I decided to start with the warm and comforting ‘Gear Box Soup’. Gear box refers to the bones of the lamb that look like the gear of an automobile. The soup is sourish, hot and laden with spices like cinnamon, star anise and other herbs. Chef Nizam’s signature Gear Box Soup is lip-smacking with thick flavor! Diners can eat this bowl of soup with plain rice or by itself, which is equally delicious!


#Throwback Ramadhan Iftar @ Hotel Sri Petaling

Gear Box Soup

2.Minang Chicken Rendang

No one could resist a good rendang and I immediately fall in love with the Minang Chicken Rendang at first bite. The slow-cooked stew yields intense aroma of exotic spices and tender chicken. I should warn diners that the rendang is quite spicy but being a spicy food lover, I enjoyed like it! Some modifications were done onto the rendang recipe but Chef Nizam definitely did an excellent job on this dish, which is all goodness in one pot!

#Throwback Ramadhan Iftar @ Hotel Sri Petaling

Minang Chicken Rendang


 3.Live Hawker Stalls

Live hawker stalls are set up for diners to enjoy and experience a la minute cooking consisting of traditional Malay cuisine. For the sweet-toothed, do give the apam balik (turnover pancake) and aiskrim goyang (shaken ice cream) a shot. Apam balik is turnover Malaysian pancake usually sold at roadside stalls. The chefs cooked the crispy pancake within minutes with sweet corn and chocolate rice fillings. For dessert, diners may opt for aiskrim goyang that is commonly found in night markets. Aiskrim goyang got its name because the ice cream is shaken quickly in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to freeze it using a specific contraption that contains saltwater and ice cubes at the bottom.


Iftar Ramadhan Buffet at HSP is priced at MYR79 nett (per person) for adults and MYR39 nett for children from 8 May until 3 June 2019. Beside the affordable price tag, HSP offers special rate of MYR50 nett on the first week of fasting (from 8 May until 12 May). Get the early bird price of MYR60 nett if purchased before 30 April.

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