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The more you are asked to stay put in one place the more the feelings of wanderlust seem to intensify.

The more you are asked to stay put in one place the more the feelings of wanderlust seem to intensify.

Escape reality with stunningly illustrated photo books and why not try a hand at learning a new language?

The more you are asked to stay put in one place (in this case, till 12 May, at least) the more the feelings of wanderlust seem to intensify. You may also be experiencing a feeling of uncertainty from having to navigate the unchartered waters of working from home and the possibility of a downturn in the economy. Sure, you can scroll through ‘throwback’ photos on your own Instagram feed or watch a movie set in New York, but nothing will quite give you the feeling thumbing through the pages of a physical book. With travel restrictions set in place globally, why not sit back, relax and pick up a good book to read to transport you to another place or to plan your next trip? All you need is an adventurous spirit and a curiosity of the world.

BookXcess Online - Make My Day Tokyo
Make My Day Tokyo

If you are dreaming of the cherry blossom-strewn streets of Tokyo, pick up a travel guide that will help to plan a future trip in advance. Make My Day: Tokyo is a handy guide separated into three sections for the morning, afternoon and evening that recommends the best time of the day to visit a specific location. Start off the day at Tokyo’s grandest Shinto shrine, feast your eyes on Harajuku’s legendary cosplayers and finish off by experiencing the spectacle and ritual of sumo wrestlers. It even includes the estimated time required for different modes of transportation, the time taken to travel to the next stop and of course, basic information on getting around. This guide by the Lonely Planet is also available for other cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Paris.


BookXcess Online - Don_t Be A Tourist in Paris
Don_t Be A Tourist in Paris

If you are bored with typical travel books, why not go for an offbeat guide? Take some notes as famed blogger Vanessa Grall who was raised in London but now resides in Paris shows the ropes on having a trip in the City of Lights, the unconventional way. Don’t Be A Tourist in Paris by Vanessa Grall, also the creator of shows you how to walk Paris’s cobblestoned streets like a local: get lost in its eccentric architecture, explore hidden cafes and sample the city’s most authentic dishes in a hole in the wall establishments. Those avoiding generic tourist spots will especially appreciate the chapter ‘Anywhere but the Louvre’. As Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.”

BookXcess Online - Places To Visit Before They Disappear
Places To Visit Before They Disappear

Not sure where to go next? If quintessential cities on the world map to visit are not quite your cup of tea, why not discover the best Places to Visit Before They Disappear by Jasmina Trifoni? This hardcover may seem like a coffee table book but it actually pays tribute to some of the world’s most valuable heritages. Readers will appreciate the splendour of monuments, historical sites and natural habitats in this beautifully illustrated volume that includes Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley, the Kiribati Archipelago in Oceania and the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. Those of you who are missing the outdoors can feast your eyes on these pages. Trifoni also captures the troubling presence of the world’s environmental state induced by conflicts, climate change and uncontrolled urban development.

BookXcess Online - The Wonders of the World
The Wonders of the World

If you need a reminder of how exquisite the world is, this hardcover book is the answer: The Wonders of the World by Irena Trevisan.  It is also a worthy pickup for ideas of where to travel to next through the spectacular photography featured. Besides the seven new Wonders of the World such as the Macchu Pichu in Peru and the Chichen Itza in Mexico, the book covers other man-made wonders like the Parthenon and other incredible natural sites such as the Iguazu Falls. Also trace the history of unique places and sights that are testaments to an impressive past including the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Rhodes Colossus and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

BookXcess Online - Berlitz Language Arabic For Your Trip
Berlitz Language Arabic For Your Trip

Learning a new language may have been on your to-do list and what better time than the present? There is no better way to experience a city like a local and to break down barriers than to pick up the native language. Berlitz Language: Arabic For Your Trip, a beginner-level audio course will prepare you for your sojourn with all the key phrases that you will need to communicate. The set includes a booklet of phrases that you can use to refer to easily. Familiarise yourself with how to meet and greet people, learn how to count, the time and days of the week, and how to make your way around transport, shops, and restaurants, and make new friends. Instead of bingeing on your favourite tv series, go through this guide that will come in handy time and time again in countries like Egypt, Algeria and Morocco where Arabic is spoken.

The importance of books in our lives are endless and the benefits that we reap from reading is something that we will take with us for life. Books play a vital role, now more than ever to keep our minds from being locked up and it is something you can access while staying home. For a range of affordable books, visit for books at 50% – 80% off recommended retail price. Here, you will find a wide variety of genres available including romance, science-fiction, thriller, literature, young adult, business, baking, architecture & design, children’s books and many more.  Free shipping is offered within Malaysia with a minimum purchase of RM60. Terms and conditions apply.


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