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Johor Bahru, 23 July 2012 – With Ramadan being a time of sharing and giving, Silka Johor Bahru played host to about 24 underprivileged children from Sekolah Kebangsaan Senibong in Permas Jaya and families from Kampung Senibong.

As part of Silka Johor Bahru’s continuing corporate social responsibility initiatives, hotel associates along with several corporate sponsors came together to spend time and Berbuka Puasa” with the children and disadvantaged families at Checkers Café and Kapitan Corner.


“In recent years, Silka Johor Bahru has consistently kept to the tradition of doing our part for the communities around us. As we have previously supported numerous old folks homes and orphanages from other parts of Johor, this year we decided to help out underprivileged children and families in the Senibong area,” explained Silka Johor Bahru’s General Manager Ramanesh Keith Nair.

Leading up to this evening’s event, the hotel had has organised a garage sale and collected donations from its staffs, which went towards providing stationaries, groceries and Hari Raya cookies to the children and families.

Throughout the Ramadan month, the hotel is also collaborating with Malaysian AIDS Foundation to raise funds as part of the foundation’s nationwide Nur Ramadan programme. Proceeds raised from the programme will be channelled towards treatment, care and support programmes for women and children living with the virus in Malaysia.

“Beside contributions from our staffs, hotel guests and diners at Silka Johor Bahru will also be able to contribute via specially marked boxes placed at Checkers Café from 21 July to 15 August,” said Ramanesh.

He added: “It means a great deal for every one of us at Silka Johor Bahru to be able to give back to society what we sometimes take for granted. A simple smile on the face of a child when he or she receives a gift is priceless!”



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