Unveiling The Other Side of Kuala Selangor

Instead of spending every weekend at home or at a cafe or shopping centre, why not take a break and experience Kuala Selangor?

Laman Seni Kuala Selangor

Instead of spending every weekend at home or at a cafe or shopping centre, why not take a break and experience Kuala Selangor?

Kuala Selangor is exceptionally close to me because whenever I go back to my hometown from Kuala Lumpur or somewhere south of Peninsula Malaysia, I will take the Kuala Selangor Road. As a matter of fact, I covered Kuala Selangor before (read You can’t talk about Kuala Selangor without mentioning Bukit Melawati with its rich history, including mouthwatering seafood. 

But who knew that Kuala Selangor had so much more to offer? There are more sights that travellers might not be aware of. I’ve just visited many parts of Kuala Selangor, and I was pleasantly surprised to find so many things to do there.

Instead of spending every weekend at home or at a cafe or shopping centre, why not take a break and experience Kuala Selangor? Read on to find out the places where you can have visit and eat delicious food, making you wonder, “For real, this is in Kuala Selangor?”


MARDI Tanjung Karang Agrotechnology Park Hosts a Variety of Village-style Activities

When we occasionally undertake village activities, they tend to remind us of our childhood days frolicking with siblings and cousins. You may “heal your inner child” by reliving your childhood at MARDI Tanjung Karang Agrotechnology; or if you never grew up in a village, at least you will gain a new experience.

MARDI Tanjung Karang Agrotechnology offers activities like boating, paddy farming, fishing, and more. You can also learn about the evolution of rice cultivation from its more primitive beginnings to modern techniques of production at the Paddy Gallery.

Be sure to bring an extra set of clothes since you are bound to soil yourself when enjoying the activities. I attempted boating, fishing (which requires a lot of patience), planting paddy, and catching fish in the mud, all of which were great fun and reminds me of my carefree childhood days when I would go out and catch wild fish in the paddy fields. Among all of the activities, playing in the mud is by far the most enjoyable.

Riding ATV Across Paddy Plots 

A few of us may be familiar with riding on all-terrain vehicle (ATV), but have you ever ridden an ATV across a paddy field? I had the chance to do so in Kuala Selangor, and traversing the paddy field on ATV is tricky due to the narrow and limited track, but not impossible. One could argue that I’m unlucky because this track is still unbeaten hence challenging, but at the same time exciting. For a more scenic ATV ride, be sure to wait until the paddy sown in the paddy has significantly grown to the point of nearing harvest season.


Best OOTD Spot: Laman Seni Pekan Lama Kuala Selangor

When was the last time you captured a lovely image and shared it on social media? Why don’t you take the opportunity to don your impressive outfit for OOTD shots at the newly completed and extremely lovely Kuala Selangor Old Town Mural Street Art? These mural paintings are done by local painters and depict Kuala Selangor’s elements as inspiration. Additionally, use your ingenuity by selecting you favourite murals as backdrops for your OOTD.

Masjid Raja Lumu Kuala Selangor

One of the newest must-visit attractions in Kuala Selangor, it is conveniently located next to the Kuala Selangor Old Town Mural Street Art. The mosque’s stunning Islamic architecture will certainly take your breath away. It’s the ninth royal mosque in the state of Selangor, and I find its simplicity and elegance appealing. The intricately carved chandeliers, which include sacred words from the Quran, and the intricately designed wall patterns, capture my attention.

Sri Shakhti Devasthanam

Along the highway between Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Besar, you’ll chance upon a large temple that gives a rose-gold appearance. The name of this stunning structure is Sri Shakti Devasthanam Temple, which reminds me of the magnificent temples of Tamil Nadu in India but in monochrome. Once inside, the interior’s architecture and carvings once again took my breath away. This is a house of worship, so please respect the rules and refrain from taking photographs or films inside.


Warung Kak Long Ceri

Spicy cuisine enthusiasts will find their true paradise by heading to Warung Kak Long Ceri , which serves uniquely delicious and fiery Malay Nasi Kandar dish consisting steamed rice combined with a choice of curry gravies and side dishes. The combo of ABC and Cendol alongside nasi kandar will further elevate your meal to a divine status.

Satay Hut Tanjung Karang

This is a must-visit for Satay fans. The satays served by Satay Hut are far more substantial than the satays we normally eat. Satay Hut is one of my go-to spots for delicious satay, and I’ve eaten there many times. The medium satay costs MYR1.50, while the kayangan (big) satay costs MYR2.90. Delicious alternatives to satay include the flood shrimp noodles and meatballs, among others. 

Warung Ketupat Kak Yan Kampung Permatang 

Kuala Selangor is THE place to go for breakfast because it is different from the other places! If you couldn’t wait until Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Adha celebration to indulge in ketupat, this is the place for you to enjoy it. The finest part is to see the local aunties weaving ketupat; the festive atmosphere is similar to Eid. Besides ketupat, there is also satay, roti canai, and kuih muih (local sweetmeats).

Kari Sembilang Kampung Pinang 

Sour and spicy dishes are great for lunch, right? If you were a fan of sour and spicy ikan sembilang (catfish) dish, this is the best place to go in Kuala Selangor. You should also try ikan sembilang curry. This restaurant also serves coconut smoothies and coconut water. Considering the food is already spicy, drinking coconut water or a coconut shake is the refreshing remedy.

Ketam Merah Cabin

Kuala Selangor is well-known for seafood, and if you were looking for a great seafood restaurant, I suggest you drop by Kabin Merah Seafood. This restaurant is one of a kind because it is housed in a two-storey structure made from shipping containers. You can choose from a wide variety of seafood dishes, including chilli crab, lobster buttercream, three-flavoured fish, and more. The vibe is light-hearted and pleasant, perfect for families.

Warung Kak Ton Roti Tempayan 

This is the best place near Kuala Selangor to get Roti Tempayan. Warung Kak Ton Roti Tempayan offers a variety of roti tempayan cheese for you to select. If you preferred something that tastes almost exactly like pizza minus the crust, you should try Roti Salami cheese. Additional options that will get your hunger going in the morning are nasi dagang, pulut kuning, and roti canai


  1. Tony Volkas

    August 13, 2023 at 5:19 AM

    I have never heard of this place! My summer has been so lazy and boring this year. Maybe I should really consider visiting it…. Because all I do lately is just sitting at the TV or going for a short walks with friends of mine.

    But combining riding an ATV as an active sport with undertaking village activities seems to be really attractive as a way of spending a weekend tho.

    Never heard ab’ a meal that’s called ketupat, but women in Kuala Selangor cooking it right in front of you!? Niceeee and sound like a good way of immersion to the local culture. And the local food looks so delicious!

    • Gaya Travel

      August 16, 2023 at 12:55 PM

      Yes, Tony! You should visit Kuala Selangor as it is a great introduction to an immersive kampung life. Amazing food and activities for you to experience too!


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