5 Places to Go to De-Stress with Your Friends After a Long Week

This listicle offers something for everyone, whether you’re passionate about art, cooking, or team-building games.

Bomb Battle Elite Kuala Lumpur

This listicle offers something for everyone, whether you’re passionate about art, cooking, or team-building games.

In a world where schedules seem to be constantly overflowing, finding moments to reconnect with friends can feel next to impossible. The hustle and bustle of everyday life often leaves us craving for quality time with loved ones. Hence, when the opportunity arises, the time spent should be properly planned so that it’ll be enjoyable for everyone. 

From nature-filled destinations to heart-pounding theme park adventures, foster a closer-knit relationship with your loved ones by creating lasting memories despite little pockets of time in your everyday life. In this listicle, we have handpicked five fantastic destinations perfect for reconnecting with friends.  Whether you’re into art, cooking, or team-building games, there’s something here for everyone. Enough said, let’s dive in and rediscover the joy of spending quality time with those who matter most, that will last a lifetime! 

1. Bomb Battle Elite Kuala Lumpur, Atria Mall

Bomb Battle Elite Kuala Lumpur
Bomb Battle Elite Kuala Lumpur

For a thrillingly fun time with friends that’ll surely break a sweat and have you test your skills, head over to Bomb Battle Elite! Located at Atria Mall in Petaling Jaya, it is a perfect getaway without leaving the city for a taste of explosive fun with a hint of nostalgia. Experience intellectually stimulating puzzles and overcome creative obstacles in four different game offerings at Bomb Battle Elite, where the punishment for losing is really part of the fun! 

At Bomb Battle Elite, they offer two main missions, namely the Paint Bomb Mission, where you can experience getting splashed by paint if you fail to beat the bomb, and the Powder Bomb mission where a total of 5kg of colourful powder blast awaits you at the end of a series of engaging brainteasers. Afraid you’ll stain your clothes? Not to worry, as the game comes with a set of protective gear for every player of varying sizes. On top of that, take your childhood imaginary game, The Floor Is Lava, to the next level by playing The Greatest Lava. Beat the lava tiles in any way you physically can, including by hanging from the ceiling!

Didn’t get enough footage of all the fun you had? Bomb Battle Elite will also include GoPro footage for every team so you’ll be sure to leave the games with a little memorabilia of your exhilarating time with your friends! This is why it’s the perfect place to bond with your friends especially after being stressed out from your nine-to-five. Book your slots on Klook and head over to Bomb Battle Elite now for an unforgettable experience.

2. Tuftme, Puchong

Tuftme, Puchong
Tuftme, Puchong

Tuftme offers a one-of-a-kind experience where you and your friends can tuft some rugs of your own choice of designs. It is the perfect place to wind down and let your creativity take the wheel. Here, you’ll be able to express yourself and craft the most perfect rugs you’ve ever seen. With a wide variety of materials, colours, and textures to choose from, spend some quality time to wind down and create something you love with the guidance of the instructors. With a projector present to help you sketch any design you can find or think of, your design process will surely be seamless regardless of your artistic abilities. 

Let your imagination take the wheel and the Tuftme team will take care of the rest, including the hard work of adding the finishing touches to the rugs, such as trimming and shaving your design to elevate the look as well as adding a final backing to your rug. Once you and your friends are done, leave it to the team to complete your masterpiece and all that’s left is for you to collect your designs in 2 to 3 weeks! 

3. Genting Skyworld

Genting SkyWorlds
Genting Skyworld

It’s about time you and your friends visit the cooling mountain air of Genting Highlands and try out their adrenaline-fueled rides! Besides the cable car rides which are part of the adventure, take on the thrilling rides of Genting SkyWorlds that twist and turn through the sky. Popular rides at the theme park include the Alpha Fighter Pilots, known for its high-speed adrenaline-pumping experience, and the Terraform Tower Challenge for its drops. Prepare for a day filled with screams, excitement and endless laughter.

If your heart can’t take the exhilarating rides, you can also visit the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park where you can participate in arcade games, carnival booths, a round of bowling or even the VR experience that Genting has to offer. The indoor rides, including the Balloon Race and Royal Carousel, are more mildly thrilling, perfect for those who are less inclined to seek exhilarating experiences. You can also find a live performance to wrap up your long and tiring day where you can sit back and relax with beautiful performances with your friends. 

4. Weekend getaway in Langkawi


If you’re looking for peace and serenity, why don’t plan out for a short weekend getaway trip with your pals? Although this might take you and your friends a longer time to plan, but best believe that it is all worth it. Opt for an island hopping adventure, where you can visit the best beaches and islands surrounding Langkawi. Their famous Tasik Dayang Bunting will leave you with a memory that you can’t forget, especially after knowing the myth and legendary stories of the magical place. 

On top of that, head to Mat Cincang Mountain, where the Langkawi Skybridge is an art for its engineering and architecture. Standing high above the rainforest, the bridge curves along the mountain at a length of 125M which provides a panoramic view of nearby islands. The view you’ll be witnessing truly calms the mind and heart, letting you realise the importance of living. 

Psst! If your friends are daredevils, the Sky Bridge offers a section where it’s clear below you. It allows you and your friends to look below into the rainforest, we wouldn’t recommend it if you have a fear of heights, from personal experience. The Langkawi Sky Bridge offers a place to create lifetime memories with your friends with the beautiful scenery that comes along with it. 

5. Sunway Lagoon, Subang Jaya

Sunway Lagoon
Sunway Lagoon

If you haven’t been here, are you really a Malaysian? Drag your friends to Sunway Lagoon Malaysia, one of the largest theme parks in Malaysia located in Sunway City offering family entertainment from water theme parks to a wildlife park and other amusement rides. Some of their most coveted rides include Monsoon 360, where you can experience vertical free fall, and the Vuvuzela, a waterslide tower that launches you from 11 feet high through turbulent waters. For the animal lovers in your life, take a stroll through their Wildlife Park to visit their majestic white tigers and other wild animals in their habitat.

Sunway Lagoon is more on the premium side, but it allows you to experience everything, with the exception of the pay-per-ride attractions. MyKad holders can purchase an all-access admissions pass for adults online at RM160 per person, so plan ahead! For our international friends, while the all-day tickets go for RM225 per adult, you can also get a two-day pass for RM383 per person for more fun with further savings. To escape the heat of the day, you can also opt for the night pass, which goes for RM65 for adults.  See the wildlife park animals in a different light, and join their ongoing themed attractions and selected rides even after the sun sets!


In conclusion, Malaysia has so many exciting destinations to go to with your friends that can guarantee a fun trip. Whether you decide to sightsee or look for the thrill Malaysia has to offer, from the diverse and delicious food to its beautiful tropical islands, you will never run out of ways to create lasting memories with your friends and other loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to book a trip with your friends now and start making some unforgettable memories with your friends!

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