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School holiday is just around the corner and I hope you are not thinking of letting your children stay at home accompanied by their fancy gadgets. A trip outside Malaysia may be a little too much but that doesn’t mean your school-going children couldn’t have any adventure! All of us understand that being in school is exhausting and school holiday is a big deal for children, so why not you bring them to these accessible places in Selangor that will definitely make you the coolest parents!

1. Ostrich Wonderlands Farm

Perfect for family gathering, this spacious farm is a great place to have a parent-child bonding session. Nothing brings joy to the children than meeting animals and just like any other petting zoo, there are many farm animals that the visitors are allowed to feed and touch with care such as ponies, rabbits, guinea fowls and more! The main attraction is obviously the ostriches where visitors can watch them roam freely in a large and well-taken care pen. Visitors that are keen to learn about ostriches may take a mini tour to the egg incubators as there will be a simple briefing on how incubator works and how these exotic birds are reared. Don’t forget to let your children experience stepping on an ostrich’s egg as it is known to have the strongest shell!

Photo © OstrichWonderlands Facebook

2. Chocolate Museum

Museum is not the place where children would generally enjoy, but upon hearing the word ‘chocolate’ museum, they might beg you continuously to bring them here! Let’s be real: no matter how old we are, a museum dedicated to sweets will always sound interesting. Plus, eating chocolates will boost your mood, so why not? As one-of-a kind chocolate museum in South East Asia, it is not merely about fulfilling your sweet tooth, but to also educate the public about the history of chocolates, its health benefits, how it’s made and more! The museum also features in-house chocolates that are crafted and made daily by its own chocolatiers. A trip to this museum is not complete without visiting Chocolate Galleria where they have over 100 chocolate brands with the best price in town!

3. PieRose Swiftwater

Parent mostly restrain the choices made by their teenagers in the interest of safety and responsibility and this usually leads to conflict. One way to strengthen the bond with your teenage kids is by spending some time together. You may feel reluctant to drag your family for a white water rafting, but fret not, this activity helps in strengthening family bond as it builds teamwork and reduces stress. Started in 2006, PieRose Swiftwater was formed by Mr. Pie and his wife who specialize in white water rafting. With the thrill of rapids and waves, your family can finally have time to engage in conversation while overcoming the challenge of not knowing what’s coming around the corner! For any special request and for larger groups, you may contact Mr. Pie himself as he will make sure that everyone leaves with a big smile at the end of the day!

4. Hulu Langat Fishing Park and Resort

Although we’re not as great as Jeremy Wade from the TV show ‘River Monsters’, fishing is still a great way to teach your children about patience and Hulu Langat Fishing Park and Resort is the perfect place for your family to have a family bonding session! Located only 45 minutes from the centre of Kuala Lumpur, this is the place where fishing devotees gather and share their knowledge with one another, so don’t worry too much if you’re not an expert in it. It is also not necessary for you to buy a fishing rod as the place provides in-house fishing rods, baits, and fishing gears at additional charge. Surrounded by nature, fresh air and away from the city, your family will learn how to improve their concentration and it might turn into a lifelong hobby enjoyed by the whole family!

Photo © hululangatfishing Facebook

5. First Traxx Ski and Snowboard Centre

Skiing and snowboarding for the first time without a proper class can get pretty tough and you might end up not having fun at all. While waiting for the chance to go on an overseas trip with your family to dive into the snow, you may first want to bring them for a skiing or snowboarding class. With excellent facilities and qualified instructors, best believe that you and your family are in good hands! Depending on the sessions and packages that you choose, this is an ideal place for your family to see if they’re fit for the sport. Make an early reservation if you’re interested as they limit their sessions to avoid crashes. They also cater to your needs in hosting a private function or office team building if you ever wish for an extraordinary party for your kids!

Photo © firsttraxxmalaysia Facebook

6. Batang Kali Town

We bet that your children never heard of Batang Kali, a small sleepy town in Hulu Selangor District that has many interesting spots to discover. Populated mostly by Hokkien Chinese community, it brims with authentic Hokkien culture, tradition and food. Did you know that the roads in this town are named by the villagers themselves in Hokkien? Make use of your time by visiting a guava farm where the owner is more than happy to show how guavas are cultivated. Don’t miss the chance to visit the town’s orchid farm too, considered as the second largest orchid farm in Malaysia! There are other interesting activities that you can do together with your family in Batang Kali such as dipping into the Hulu Tamu Hot Springs, watch how rice crackers are made and more.

Photo © worldofphalaenopsis Facebook

7. Pulau Ketam

If you once felt like letting your children (especially the millennials) experience living on a typical Malaysian fishing village, Pulau Ketam might be a great day trip. Located off-coast Port Klang, this island is easily accessible by ferry from the Port Klang Jetty. Unlike your typical hometown, the village here is built on stilts and wood surrounded by mangrove trees. Furthermore, the village is accessible by walking and cycling! Known mostly for fresh crabs, any seafood restaurant here is recommended because seafood is fresh! If you’re a fan of street photography, this is a great place to unleash your creativity as they have many narrow alleys, old quaint shops and colourful buildings!

Photo © AlibabaPulauKetamCruises Facebook


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