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Chef Adu, one of Malaysia’s celebrity chefs, just opened his latest culinary venture in Bangsar called Adu Sugar, which emphasises on classic Johor cuisine and creative Malaysian cooking. The award-winning chef also displays textiles from his personal collections or souvenirs from his travels in the restaurant, including artworks and paintings, especially the amazing big chinoiserie-inspired mural adorning one of the walls, which he created himself! Stepping inside Adu Sugar restaurant will surely give diners an exotic kampong-like ambiance embellished with adornments that match his flavourful dishes.

1. Laksa Johor

I have always heard about this wonderful type of laksa from my Johorean friends. But living in Selangor all my life, I never stumbled across this authentic Johor dish. I am glad that the first laksa Johor I had tried is Chef Adu’s. The thick gravy completely blew my mind and it lingers even after a week! Laksa Johor uses spaghetti noodles and it tastes absolutely divine! The laksa is so lip-smacking that I had two bowls of them (four if you count the ones I took home with me) – and I was not the only diner who did so. All of the diners love the laksa as much as I do, if not more. It is safe to say that to me, Chef Adu’s laksa is incomparable.


Adu Sugar – Chef Adu’s Latest Restaurant in BangsarAdu Sugar – Chef Adu’s Latest Restaurant in Bangsar

Laksa Johor

2.Mee Bandung Muar

One of the popular dishes here is Mee Bandung Muar. Contrary to popular belief, mee bandung is not named after a city in Indonesia. Bandung actually means mixed in Malay, a well-suited name for the dish since the gravy is a mixture of spices, chili, shrimp paste, and onion. Unlike laksa Johor, you can find mee bandung typically everywhere in Malaysia. But any Johorean will argue that their version of mee bandung is the best. After my very first time tasting it, I am now on their side! Chef Adu’s original recipe is served with thick gravy and probably the best mee bandung outside of Johor.

Adu Sugar – Chef Adu’s Latest Restaurant in BangsarAdu Sugar – Chef Adu’s Latest Restaurant in Bangsar

Mee Bandung Muar

3.Rendang Mak Moon

Rendang Mak Moon is actually beef rendang. Chef Adu’s creation is incredibly depth in flavour. The beef is deliciously tender and coated with thick gravy. It is not spicy but still possesses an explosive taste similar to a mother’s cooking. Even though I was quite full at the time, I still stuffed my face because I know I am going to regret it if I don’t. The Chef let me in on a little secret about his rendang: he uses kerisik (grated and pan-toasted coconut) to give that extra oomph!

Adu Sugar – Chef Adu’s Latest Restaurant in Bangsar

Rendang Mak Moon

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