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Malaysia is famously known to the world as a melting pot of beautiful cultures, where travelers come to immerse themselves in experiences that are rich with customs and heritages. However, beyond these inviting traditions, there is also a myriad of fun activities in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital of Malaysia, that you can try including challenging your fear of heights at the Skytrex Adventure, checking out the amazing Farm in the City, enjoying thrill rides at iCity, exploring allegedly haunted high schools, or simply having a delicious drink next to the panoramic view of KLCC (the tallest twin towers in the world).

1. iCity

iCity is an incredible information technology and communications based urban development which is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism. It can operate 24/7 daily, hence, it is truly a city that never sleeps. Spanning a whopping 24 acres, this crazy city has four main attractions: The City of Digital Lights, the Snowalk, the Water World and the Fun World.


On a hot, humid day, the Water World is the perfect place to have some fun on the most thrilling rides like the famous Tornado vortex ride, which is a 48-meter high water tunnel that tilts at a 45-degree angle and in fact, a first of its kind in Asia! It involves an oscillating raft that can hold up to four people sliding wildly back and forth inside this tunnel, before it splashes into a plunge pool.

The Fun World, on the other hand, compliments the Water World by offering a dry theme park that is ideal for kids. There are activities for them like the 5D cinema, the Jungle Adventure, the Fitness Junior and the Itsy Bitsy. But the fun doesn’t end there! There are other worthy attractions including the House of Horror, the Space Mansion and the Trick Art Museum.

Towards the evening, visit the Snowalk, which is the Southeast Asia’s first indoor winter wonderland. It’s about 50,000 square feet in size and features over 100 tons of ice sculptures by more than 30 artists from Harbin, China. You’ll find igloos, slides, snowmen and ice penguins here. It’s an awesome experience for us tropical climate inhabitants to experience snow without having to travel abroad.

Then, conclude your exciting day here admiring the dazzling City of Digital Lights with over a million of environmental-friendly LEDs. Also, keep in mind that all transactions at iCity are cashless as they apply a cashless card system in view of being an innovative city.



2. Skytrex Adventure

Skytrex Adventure is an amazing forest adventure park and the first of its kind in Malaysia. It aims to provide a unique jungle-like trekking experience and other fun activities where you will get a chance to climb, crawl, glide and swing through the lush tropical Malaysian rainforest and feel at one with the nature. The obstacle courses are suspended on trees and are of various levels of difficulty and height, making it ideal for adventure seekers of all ages.

The easiest course is called the Little Adventure for children, which has 23 challenges that are three to five meters above the ground, guaranteeing 2 hours of fun. On the other hand, The Big Thrill is an exhilarating experience that encourages you to take on your fears with 26 challenges at heights reaching up to 17 meters off the ground. But if you are an adrenaline junkie, then the Extreme Challenge may be the right choice for you. It’s 22 meters off the ground and takes about 3 hours to complete.

All courses will end with a flying fox activity, which will take you across two lakes in the compound. You do not have to worry about safety as Skytrex Adventure is managed in compliance with European Safety Standards for high rope obstacle courses because they are certified by APAVE, the main body of control for high rope course in France. Participants must be at least 110cm tall for the Little Adventure and 140cm tall for the other courses to meet the safety regulation. Kuala Lumpur has perfect places to stay if you love sports and are planning on watching the SEA games too.


3. Victoria Institution

If you love the quiver that comes with horror houses and haunted places, then you might want to check out the Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur. The school was opened officially in Bukit Nanas during the British Occupation in July 1894. It was named after United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria to commemorate her golden jubilee. It was taken over during the Japanese Occupation as their base and here is where the dark side of history begins. A number of British soldiers and locals were alleged to have been brutally tortured to death at the basement and some other older buildings on the campus. Not only apparitions are common in the day and night, but also it’s believed that there had been many cases of spirits possessing students. One known case was a band member who had been practicing at the school till late one night “disappeared” only to be found on top of the water tank later. He seemingly saw a girl alone by herself, and out of politeness, he had asked her where she was going. He has no recollection of anything afterwards.


4. Farm in The City

This conservation park combines aspects of wildlife and nature within city living. Just as the name suggests, the Farm in The City is located in the city and adopts the design and lifestyle of a traditional Malaysian village with a goal to provide educational and recreational values to its visitors. It has uniquely designed enclosures that mimic the animals’ natural habitats that allow them to roam freely. It is arguably one of the most interactive animal farms in Malaysia. You will get to experience firsthand encounters with the animals when you get up close to pet, feed and take photos with them.

The farm has 11 various habitats, ranging for the Turtle and Tortoise Farm, the Reptile Cavern, and the Vegetable and Fruit farm among many others. It is home to over a hundred species of animals that include the world’s smallest horse, the world’s smallest kangaroo and the world’s rarest white crow. A lovely, nostalgic addition is the Longkang Fishing area, a feature that is an old time activity from back in the kampong days when young children used to try to catch fishes in a drain. The farm keepers at Farm in The City are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and are eager to share interesting information about the animals. If you want to be among nature while you stay in Kuala Lumpur, there are many amazing glamping (glamorous camping) sites that offer fun things to do.


5. Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8

Marini’s on 57. Source:

If you want to indulge in the lap of luxury, then head to your choice of Marini’s on 57 or Marble 8, which is just a floor below, or both. These establishments, led by Modesto Marini are designed to captivate your senses and leave you with the most unforgettable night here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This restaurant in kl is Malaysia’s highest rooftop bar, restaurant and lounge that is located exceptionally and intimately close to the PETRONAS Twin Towers, offering breathtaking 360° panoramic views of the Kuala Lumpur city skyline. Nestled on the 57th floor of PETRONAS Tower 3, Marini’s three distinct spaces capture different moods designed to enchant all five senses. Indulge in Italian fine dining cuisine before moving into the cocktail bar where their in-house DJs spin music magic; or onwards to the lounge, which houses the most extensive single malt whiskey, and cigar collection in the country.

If you want to taste the most exclusive succulent cuts of steak in kl, head to the 56th floor where you find Marble 8. This premium steakhouse, modern chic bar and elegant lounge oozes elegance and sophistication. Marble 8 has reimagined the dining and drinking experience in Malaysia, infusing exquisite flavors with authentic creations, accented with luxurious charm. Here, you will redefine your understanding and appreciation of dry-aged beef in all its unctuous glory. At the bar, enjoy tantalizing timeless elixirs to expert selection of music to accentuate your evening. Take a moment to truly relish in perfectly crafted offerings, best in class service and alluring ambience.



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