Gridlock Horrors? Turn the Experience into an Adventure on the Road this Coming Hari Raya with OYO Hotels and Homes!

Affordable and easy-to-access OYO Hotels accommodations in the backwater and serene towns of Malaysia will make the entire journey worthwhile

Affordable and easy-to-access OYO Hotels accommodations in the backwater and serene towns of Malaysia will make the entire journey worthwhile

Affordable and easy-to-access OYO Hotels accommodations in the backwater and serene towns of Malaysia will make the entire journey worthwhile

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Perhaps no other month in the year punctuates the lifestyles of Muslims around the world more than the holy month of Ramadan. With Ramadan upon us this May, the Muslim community in Malaysia is now busy with preparations to celebrate the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri/Eid festivities in June. This includes making plans for the ‘balik kampung’ trips – the hometown exodus – that most will make at the beginning of this holiday period. The beauty of being Malaysian is how the communities are very diverse and join hands to celebrate different festivals with enthusiasm. The same can be said about Hari Raya and festivities around Eid. Malaysians from all walks of life will be taking time off to travel, with many planning to head back to their hometowns. OYO Hotels & Homes, South Asia’s largest, China’s 2nd largest, and the world’s 6th largest and fastest-growing chain of leased and franchised hotels, homes & living spaces ensure guests have the perfect space in every place whenever they chose to stay with us.  With the right scheduling and back-up plans for highway gridlocks, the entire journey can be a fun experience for all.

For a lot of people, the joy of travel stems simply from the chance to test an unknown culture.  While the concept is not foreign to all Malaysians, most will not consider taking a long haul or even a night’s layover. Every thought of making the journey as beautiful as the destination? It is as tempting as it sounds: exploring the city outliers, checking out the local dives and haunts. Now that is a good way to amp up the journey. In fact, there are plenty of things to do and see for all travellers – that is, if one stops hurrying around so much.


Turn the road trip to an Adventure!

Undoubtedly, most would consider a shortstop in a popular small town or close to a famous hotspot that is very popular with tourists. It’s very much a quick break that offers more than just a moment to refresh; why not include some time to check out the local sights and sounds? It could even be a detour, somewhere off the beaten track. After all, how often would such ideas be considered in the hustle and bustle of work and daily commutes?

For those travelling during the Hari Raya break, especially on the highways, there will be extremely congested sections. Rather than face the prospect of being in that massive gridlock, this is the perfect opportunity to fulfil that taste for adventure.

Take a Break Sightsee and Recharge

For those who are northbound, do stop by the sleepy towns and outliers like Taiping, Kampar, Slim River, or Teluk Intan, or maybe somewhere busier off the highway like Ipoh. While many of these recommended spots would come to a halt owing to heavier traffic, it’s worthwhile just to get a taste of the local foods and sights there. With OYO Hotels and Homes you can safely stay at different at our hotels to give your tiring day a break. With OYO 277 Hotel Shangg that sits right in the middle of Ipoh’s Old Town or Teluk Intan’s OYO 772 Lux Hotel Standard these central locations have easy access to popular tourist spots like Teluk Intan’s very own Leaning Tower and awesome local dives like pre-World War 2 kopitiam shops. Think Ipoh stops to breakfast like Restoran Haji Sharin Low Grand or Nasi Ganja Kedai Kopi Yong Suan, or Damak, where nature enthusiasts can check into OYO 635 Seven Days Hotel and check out the natural attractions that Malaysia’s National Park has to offer.


For people who travel with family groups premium resorts like OYO 771 Ivory Hotel & Resort Suite in Rawang cater to groups as well as couples who are in search of premium accommodations. Resorts like such offer a welcoming night’s stop, just to take one’s mind off the traffic snarl snaking all the way up north.

Surround yourself with Flora and Fruits!

For the southbound, take a breather and enjoy a night at the rustic OYO 756 Muar City Hotel Standard in Muar. Activities like a durian plantation excursion around Bukit Mor and Parit Jawa are easy to access with a base close by. This is all thanks to OYO Hotels and Homes easy and fast reservation capabilities. Resting in comfort can now be part of the plan if only to escape the traffic gridlock for a few hours. Since families travelling especially with kids have different needs they generally prefer larger and spacious rooms with a variety of activities easily accessible. This ensures that families embarking on their balik kampung journey are fully occupied during these planned layovers. Here’s an awesome pro-tip: choose smaller, but equally famous towns or suburban communities, as they tend to be less crowded.

Musings on a Lazy Sunday

For those who want peace and quiet that is way out of the rush, here are two options to consider.

In the east-coast area of Johor, there is OYO 702 D View Suite which is located in the suburbs of Mersing, next to the river. From relaxing moments close to the sea, quick shopping adventures and trying out local delicacies, there are plenty of things to see and do here for the entire family.

Those travelling south can also consider taking the longer yet quieter drive through the Sepang Gold Coast. OYO 696 Bata Merah Boutique Hotel, located in Banting, is a short drive from this quaint rocky beachfront. Fresh seafood and the feel of the sea breeze – perfect for a few hours of fun in the sun with the family.

Plan It Right Plan it Well

Take note, the important strategy here is to always plan ahead. There is no limit as to what can be planned, as long as the breaks at popular townships are charted out efficiently.

In visiting these spots, older folks and the younger generation shall both gain easy access to several necessities. Beyond clean and safe facilities, these recommended layovers are more likely to have convenient features in place. These include ramps and guide paths for the specially abled, ample parking spots, and proper banking and utility services. Being close to sundry retailers and supermarkets is also necessary since larger families have bigger appetites and/or prefer taking in the sights together.

These considerations also apply to extended family units that are travelling together – perhaps in a convoy. Reserving the entire restaurant or multiple rooms is the norm for such family-focused travellers.

If planned well, these dreaded balik kampung journeys can be turned into fun-filled adventures for all sorts of travellers. Even the massively terrible highway snarls will not diminish the exciting anticipation of checking out the sights and sounds — familiar or all-new — of Malaysia.


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