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Chaweng Beach on Samui Island, Surat Thani

Chaweng Beach on Samui Island, Surat Thani

Known for its untouched and pristine white sandy beaches, Koh Samui also holds the title of a food paradise that offers a wide variety of unique gastronomical offerings.

Ask anyone who has been to Koh Samui, what was their first impression of the island, and their eyes would light up as if they are in love. With a faraway gaze and a dreamy voice, they would happily sigh and whisper, “It is one of the most beautiful islands…”

Famous for its captivating clear turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, there is much more to Koh Samui than meets the eye. The word Samui itself means mysterious.

And what would be more fun for adventure and thrill seekers, then to unveil the mysteries of the island by exploring its full possibilities or for gastronomic lovers to seek a fountain of culinary experiences.

With Bangkok Airways, now offering two direct flights from KLIA to Koh Samui a day, food enthusiasts can now visit this island of culinary offerings.

From cheap street food by the beach in Maenam Beach, to luxury dining in Bophut Beach and institutions offering first-hand, Thai cooking experiences in Chaweng Beach-it would be total waste if self-proclaimed food connoisseurs, wasted this wonderful opportunity of uncovering the culinary secrets of Koh Samui.


Street foods are found a plenty in Maenam beach, Koh Samui. Maenam is mostly famous among budget tourists and backpackers because of wide selection of cheap hotels. When you reach Koh Samui, you will notice many Thai’s eating in street food noodle stalls, roadside bamboo huts and small restaurants with open kitchens in true authentic Thai style.

Some of these designs may extend to just a few tables set up on the side of the road beside a mobile food cart, or a small restaurant, that is an extension of a house. However do not be put off by the décor. These restaurants usually serve the best Thai food; or they will lose a lot of their businesses to their competitors.

One street restaurant that definitely stands out from the others, is a quaint restaurant known as Kanom Jeen Pa MaitreeKanom Jeen means Chinese Thai noodles. Kanom Jeen Pa Maitree, offers four types of savory noodles-such as curry, Green curry with Chicken, Namya (Fish & Coconut Curry), Gang Tai Pla (Fish Curry with Southern Style) and Nam Prik Sauce (Sweet Chili Paste).

The restaurant also offers a variety of desserts like Tub Tim Krob (Water Chestnut with Syrup & Coconut Milk in shaved ice). This dessert is a local Thai favorite, and it is known to be a tasty and refreshing drink during the hot season.

Kanom Jeen Pa Maitree is recommended for tourists who enjoy spicy dishes or budget tourists and backpackers looking for authentic cheap local food.

Kanom Jeen Pa Maitree
217/2, Maenam Beach Soi 4, Koh Samui, Suratthani, 84320, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (0) 77247075
Maenam Beach at Samui Island, Surat Thani

Maenam Beach at Samui Island, Surat Thani

Kanom Jeen  with Namya (Fish & Coconut Curry)

Kanom Jeen with Namya (Fish & Coconut Curry)

Cooking Class Preperation Phase

Cooking Class Preperation Phase



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