By Labuan Corporation on February 13, 2020


Labuan Corporation and Tourism Malaysia launch the 5th publication of ‘BEST OF LABUAN HOLIDAY PACKAGES 2020’ in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020. The aim is to hit the target of getting 30 million tourists/visitors into the island.

Since its first release in 2013, the idea of publishing ‘BEST OF LABUAN HOLIDAY PACKAGES’ is to help the industry improves existing services, introduce new sustainable products and serve as an alternative source of income for the public and business communities. Labuan Corporation is responsible for ensuring that the industry continues to grow and prosper in line with other states in Malaysia.

‘BEST OF LABUAN HOLIDAY PACKAGES 2020’ are a compilation of exciting packages for visitors especially those who have never set foot in Labuan. Labuan is equipped with good infrastructure, living in harmony with diverse cultures, rich in historical background, breath taking scenery, clean beaches and surroundings and friendly locals that will surely make any visitors feel welcome.


The packages listed in the series will take visitors on a fun and relaxing tour around Labuan Island. Whether it’s sports, art, music, gastronomy or just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the beautiful sunset, Labuan is the perfect destination to pamper oneself and relax the mind.


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