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Figuring out what to gift to your families and friends during special occasions can be stressful, hectic, and tiring. Adding to the fact that the CMCO period is limiting travelling back to home towns, getting the right gift for family can be a tension-filled affair.

Having this in mind, look no further as Starbucks has got you covered with interesting and memorable gift ideas that will surely put a smile on the faces of your friends and family.

Show your loved ones how that you care about them with these unique Raya gift ideas from Starbucks below:


  1. Aidilfitri 2020 Starbucks Card

Starbucks Malaysia

This year Raya calls for practicality and sustainability as a cashless alternative of the classic Raya Green Packet. Aspire for a sustainable way for gifting as the card can be kept as a part of a collection and the credit can be spent at any Starbucks store. Added benefit? Collect rewards with every purchase!

  1. Support Local – Handmade Merchandise

Starbucks is committed to empowering local Malaysian communities, in addition to building a better tomorrow for the people in these communities. These products form part of Starbucks Connecting Communities project that contributes to small villages in support of sourcing local agriculture. Inspiring locally crafted Mengkuang-based products in a variety of designs: coasters, cup sleeves, name card holders, mini pouches and shopper bags are available at selected stores only.

  1. Whole Bean Coffee – Single Origin Sumatra
Starbucks® Kati Kati Blend

Starbucks® Kati Kati Blend

As you indulge in your Raya delicacies, pair it with the Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra. With herbal, earthy notes and subtle buttery taste, a cup (or two) goes perfectly with your rendang, kuah lodeh and even your kuih semprit this festive season.

The Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee can be gifted with the Starbucks Coffee Press or Hand Grinder.

  1. Gift Pack of Starbucks Teavana series

A heartwarming gift to complement your Raya meals. Pamper your family and friends with the best tea selection to suit everyone’s taste.

  • Starbucks Teavana
  • Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Green Tea
  • English Breakfast
  • Earl Grey
  • Mint Citrus
  • Chai
  • Chamomile
  • Mint Blend
  1. Joybean Soymilk

A healthy beverage option packed with soy goodness, perfect and nutritious for children and elderly alike. Joybean Soymilk is available to grab at Starbucks stores nationwide. Soymilk is touted as a good non-dairy option and can be used as an alternative to milk for the famous ‘Dalgona Coffee’. For those interested to try their hand at making their own Dalgona Coffee Starbucks style, just replace the coffee powder with Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew coffee, and use Joybean Soymilk as your milk substitute. We guarantee you will love it so much the time spent making it won’t matter!

Starbucks Merchandise

  1. Starbucks Ice Pop Cold Cups

From left: Starbucks® Fruit with Whip Cold Cup, Starbucks® Popsicle with Lid Mug, and Starbucks® Lemons Cold Cup.

An essential gift to inspire friends and family towards adopting a sustainable lifestyle.  Each purchase comes with a complimentary Iced Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee (5 sachets) with any purchase of any Ice Pop Cold Cups.

  • Selections of Cold Cup:

1) Zesty Lemon Sherbet (20oz)

2) Dreamy Cloud Punch (16oz)

3) Freezy Funfetti (16oz)

4) Peach Perfect Yogurt (16oz)

  1. Coffee Press

The perfect gift for a coffee connoisseur who prefers to brew their own coffee. Pair this gift with the Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee, and your loved one will thank you to the moon and back this Raya. The Starbucks Coffee Press comes in both classic and sleek black designs for you to choose from.

  1. Hand Coffee Grinder

Make it a gift set, accompanying the Starbucks Coffee Press and any of Starbucks Whole Beans line up. The Starbucks Hand Grinder comes in minimalistic and sleek design with a sturdy stainless-steel housing. Travel-sized and ergonomically designed, this is perfect for coffee lovers who want the best brewed cuppa on-the-go!

Delivering gifts can be less hectic now with the convenience of courier services. Just pop into any nearby Starbucks stores for gift purchasing, then go ahead and book your delivery service via Grab and Foodpanda to share the happiness with your loved ones hassle-free. You can also consider other delivery services to help you get those gifts to your loved ones this Raya.

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