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Club Med Cherating, Club Med’s first resort in Asia, offers a splendid hideaway on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. This Malaysian-inspired property recently received an extensive refurbishment to comprehensively upgrade its facilities, services and overall guest experience. The resort’s energetic and youthful Gentil Organisateurs (G.O.) are also on hand to make guests’ stay memorable.

With so much to see and do at the resort, guests might find themselves overwhelmed. Thus, to make it easy for you to know what you should do when being at Club Med Cherating and not missing out on anything, we’ve laid out a series of activities that guests may enjoy for a fun-filled experience with your loved ones…



1. Sunrise/Sunset Yoga

yoga retreat!

An invigorating sunrise yoga would start your day on the right note. However, if waking up extra early during vacation sounds unappealing, guests can just opt for the evening session instead. Either way, yoga with the G.O. Gabby will surely help to hone your mental focus, obtain flexibility and tone your body.



2. Chill at the Zen Pool

Zen Pool, its truly an oasis of bliss

The resort’s adult-only pool, aptly named the Zen Pool, is truly an oasis of bliss. It is beautiful and quiet, with the most commanding views of the ocean. Take a splash in the water, or just read your favourite novel in the cabana – it is totally your choice on what you would like to do in that tranquil space.


3. Jungle walk

The view is breathtaking

Being surrounded by 85 hectares of lush and pristine tropical rainforest allows guests of Club Med Cherating to be close to nature by partaking in hikes along an easy trail through it overlooking a scenic South China Sea. “This is incredible,” said an Australian elderly who walked along with me – I couldn’t agree more.


4. Rock-climbing

Nobody said it was easy,but hey-i did it!

Rock climbing sounds challenging, but believe me: nothing beats the satisfaction when reaching the summit. It also helped to have a supportive G.O. like Nusrath who kept on encouraging me to push my own limits a little further each time.


5. Sailing

sailing is a must do activity at Club Med Cherating

My first sailing experience was actually at Club Med Cherating! Having dreamt it for years but never got around to actually doing it, I finally got a taste of it when I was at the resort. Sailing with the laidback G.O. Gox while enjoying the gentle breeze that brushed gently across my face under the warm sun was an unforgettable experience.


6. Flying trapeze

Seek adrenaline rush through flying trapeze!

Flying trapeze is a great way to build strength and get into a shape. But most importantly, it leads you to the edge and prompts you to take the plunge. I didn’t really know what to expect at the beginning of my session; however, the moment I jumped from the platform and flew through the air, I felt weightless and free, which was one of the greatest feelings a person can ever feel!


7. Archery

Katnis Everdeen is in action! 😛

This activity, which is my personal favourite, is designed for people of all ages with little or no archery experience. Trained G.O.s are on hand at all times to assist with archery skills; in my case, I was taught by an expert, whose name, aptly, was Archer.


8. Batik Painting

Keep calm and batik painting

Batik painting, or art in general, is therapeutic. One can learn a lot about oneself through this creative expression while providing a mental rest that lowers stress and generates relaxation at the same time. And it is fun too!
*Extra charge applies: RM50 per session.


9. Balinese Massage

Treat yourself with Balinese massage

Aaahh…. Nothing beats the heavenly feeling that you get from a massage after a full day of fun activities. The Mandara Spa in Club Med Cherating dispenses treatments that combine stretching, long strokes, skin rolling and palm and thumb pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow, ease stress and calm the mind – definitely a must-experience when being on vacation.
*Extra charge applies: RM320 per session.


10. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Dance like nobody’s watching

Club Med prides itself for having unmatched experience in ensuring that all of its guests have fun. Like the other Club Med properties throughout the globe, Club Med Cherating throws the best parties and set the best props to create the most fun atmosphere. Guests are bound to enjoy the endless set of night performances including circus and burlesque shows, including dancing the night away like there is no tomorrow!


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