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11 Tips on How to Have a Meaningful Aidilfitri during Lockdown

Even though Malaysians have to go through another round of MCO this year, you can still raise up the Raya spirits with these 11 tips to make a meaningful and fun Aidilfitri!

Even though Malaysians have to go through another round of MCO this year, you can still raise up the Raya spirits with these 11 tips to make a meaningful and fun Aidilfitri!


Since the Malaysian government just declared another round of the Movement Control Order (MCO) – also known as lockdown –  for selected territories within the country due to the sudden jump in the number of daily COVID-19 cases, Malaysians have no choice but to stay put wherever they currently are when celebrating Aidilfitri to signify the end of Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) rather than returning to their hometowns or places of origin.

However, Aidilfitri should not be any less joyous because it is actually up to us to make it meaningful, irrespective of the circumstances! Below are some tips that we hope could raise your spirits up and make this year’s Aidilfitri a memorable one, even during lockdown…

1. Recite the takbir

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Nothing is more heartfelt than reciting the melodious takbir on the eve of raya and the morning after – it sets the mood right away! Besides, takbir is a way for Muslims to express gratitude to Allah and celebrate our victory after a month of fasting.  


2. Wake up early

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Wake up early, perform prayer at dawn to say thank you for the chance to live another day, then undergo a self-pampering session. Indulge in at-home facial, put on the body scrub, cut your nails – in fact, do anything that makes you feel fabulous. After all, it’s sunnah (prophet Muhammad’s tradition)!

3. Wear your best outfit

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Wear your best outfit, be it a fresh piece or even an old treasure. Remember, looking good today is a sunnah, and why not complement the look by putting on your favourite perfume too. Dress up for the occasion to uplift your mood, even though you are not actively visiting house-to-house due to the lockdown.

4. Breathe in the cool early morning air

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While waiting for the time to perform the Eid Ul Fitr prayer, breathe in the cool early morning air and take it easy by savouring every tranquil moment at the start of Eid, knowing that you deserve to celebrate this auspicious day after fasting from dawn to dusk for a whole month.  

5. Perform the Eid prayer

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We only get the chance to perform this prayer once a year, so why not take this chance for that extra boost of merit in the hereafter! It’s also a good opportunity to strengthen bond with the community. However, due to the Movement Conditional Order (MCO) announced by the Malaysian government, please check in advance with your local mosques regarding procedures that need to be followed to attend the prayer. Alternatively, you may perform the prayer at the comfort of your home.

6. Video call your loved ones

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Some are blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by family on this joyous day, but for those who are not as lucky, do not let it dampen your spirit. Get in touch with your loved ones through technology and ask for forgiveness on any wrong or pain you have caused them. Warning: it might be handy to keep some tissues within reach. Patch up relations with those whom you have not spoken to for a long time too, even though it might just be a short Eid al Fitri message. 


And since your mobile communication device is already in your hands and as you start browsing the social media…

7. Avoid reading negative posts

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Avoid reading negative posts and get worked up unnecessarily on people’s rants and gripes on social media! We must understand that the imposition of lockdowns does get the best of people at times, so be sure to neither encourage nor validate them, for your own peace of mind. On top of that, be sure to also stop spreading negativity online and offline – this should continue well beyond Eid Ul Fitr!

8. Be charitable, kind and generous

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash
Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

Aim to do something nice to your family members or loved ones and try to make their day, irrespective of how small and trivial the gesture might be. Also, why not spread cheer to those who are stuck in the same city or area where you are undergoing lockdown, especially those whose family and loved ones aren’t currently with them?  

9. Enjoy mouthwatering delicacies served during Eid ul Fitr

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Enjoy mouthwatering delicacies served during Eid ul Fitr but remember to avoid gluttony! It wouldn’t hurt if you could share your own delicacies with your neighbours too.

10. Put on timeless Raya songs on the stereo

‘MS Raya Lofi Mix’ playlist by Mothership.Sg

Put on timeless Raya songs on the stereo because music never fails to brighten up the mood. For recommendation, we’re currently obsessed with the ‘MS Raya Lofi Mix’ playlist by Mothership.Sg on Spotify. 

11. Tune in to the special Eid Ul Fitr programme called Senandung Aidilfitri

Senandung Aidilfitri #KitaSelangor 2021
Senandung Aidilfitri #KitaSelangor 2021

Tune in to the special Eid Ul Fitr programme called Senandung Aidilfitri on website on 14 May 2021 at 9:00 p.m., specially brought to you by the Selangor State Government and the Selangor Malay Customs and Heritage Corporation to further enliven your Eid Ul Fitr celebration!

Have a meaningful and joyous Eid Ul Fitr everybody!!!


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