By Ahmad Furqaan Hod on January 12, 2017


It is estimated that almost 25% of gadget users own more than one device, and this number includes travellers. Don’t you agree?


It is common to see travellers lugging around multiple devices during trips such as smartphones, tablets, power banks, cameras, and personal laptops, which can be troublesome as they take up luggage space. Just imagine how many cables that travellers need to bring along in order to charge these devices while on the go!



Fortunately, Innergie – a global leader in power and thermal management – comes up with innovative solutions that allow users to redefine seamless charging between devices. Innergie provides charging solutions that are not just light in weight, but also big in power for remarkably fast charging of multiple devices done simultaneously.


Below are three useful charging devices for travellers


1. PowerGear ICE 65

PowerGear ICE 65

PowerGear ICE 65


This re-designed and innovative universal adapter is effortlessly suitable for travellers as it is small in size and compact (130 grams), making it easy to carry during trips. Moreover, it is equipped with interchangeable plugs enabling it to work with the electrical power specifications in over 150 countries worldwide, besides being compatible with the most popular laptop brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS and Toshiba. A free tip programme is available on Innergie official website if any other brands are not included.

The product retails at RM249.00.


2. WizardTip



Ideal to be used together with the PowerGear ICE 65, WizardTip gives you instant USB port to connect to a smart device. It is a detachable USB charging connector that is compacted with advanced chip that enables automatic detection of connected device, providing the optimum power output for the fastest possible charging.

The product retails at RM49.90.


3. LifeHub Plus

LifeHub Plus

LifeHub Plus

Charging multiple devices simultaneously without the extraneous bulk can now be done easily with LifeHub Plus. It provides three-port high speed charging hub on-the-go and can be used along with the PowerGear ICE 65 as an alternative adapter. Like the WizardTip, it is also built with smart chips, which automatically detect the type of devices attached and adjust power from its three USB ports accordingly for optimal voltage. The smart LED indicator, on the other hand, helps to check the charging status by only taking a glance at the adaptor.

The product retails at RM199.00.


Fun facts on Innergie Products:-

1. GreenSense Technology – Reduces electricity consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Innershield Protection System – Protects devices from over-current, over-voltage, over-power, heating up and circuit damage.

3. Three-year original manufacturer warranty for universal adapters, three-year for USB adapter and one-year for rechargeable batteries.

4. Product insurance – covers up to USD1 million.


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