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We’re in the Endgame now.

After 22 films and 11 years, we finally arrived at the long-awaited epic conclusion. Throughout the years, no one can deny that Marvel films featured the most breathtaking spots. For those who do not want to move on from Marvel Phase Three, visit these places to cap off the greatest superhero movie of all time! No worries, this is not s spoiler, so Marvel fans who have not watched Avengers: Endgame need not worry. The following are the list of real locations of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies that you can visit, in case you are an obsessive fan…

1. Old Royal Navy College, London (Thor: The Dark World)


The breathtaking fight between Thor and Malekith took place in several planets including our humble home, Earth. The God of Thunder fought the Dark Elves on the grounds of Old Royal Navy College (ORNC), London, a famous tourism spot that garnered 1.2 million travellers annually. ORNC offers free entry to these three attractions: the Painted Hall, the Visitor Centre and the Chapel. The Painted Hall just reopened last March after an extensive two-year conservation works. Now, the paintings look more vibrant than ever!  The Visitor Centre takes the stage, as it allows travellers to try on jousting armour in the exhibition. Travellers should pick up the audio guides at the Visitor Centre, and learn about the colourful history of artifacts on show at the old Chapel and Old Palace.


2. Busan, South Korea (Black Panther) 

Although Black Panther takes place in a fictional country, Wakanda, its filming location is very much real. The high-speed car chase scene took place in Busan, South Korea. If you look closely, the scene includes Busan’s main tourist spots such as Gwangalli beach and Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Travellers looking for live music or relaxing local vibe must visit Gwangalli beach, which overlooks the spectacular view of the illuminated Gwangandaegyo Bridge at night. Plenty of cafés and restaurants line up the beach so travellers can appreciate the scenery without getting their feet covered in sand. If the relaxing vibe does not charm you, we are sure the live shows from talented musicians will, as every block on the beach is filled with them.


7 Places Marvel Fans Should Visit

Busan Port Festival at Gwangan Bridge. Photo Source:

3. Monte Carlo, Monaco (Iron Man 2)

We were as surprised as Pepper and Happy when Ivan Vanko sliced Tony Stark’s racing car in half. The production crew managed to shoot the part when Robert Downey Junior gracing the tracks of the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, though the remaining scene that includes the fight sequence was shot in studio. If you happen to visit Monte Carlo in May, be sure to catch the Formula One race to witness how experienced racing drivers navigate the tight turns along Monte Carlo’s streets-turned-racetrack. In addition to the annual races, travellers can wander around Les Jardin Saint-Martin. Jardin means ‘garden’ in French, home to the loveliest flowers with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and Monaco’s coastline. The garden is the best place for anyone seeking shade while listening to birds chirping.

4. Iguazu Falls (Black Panther) 

Another film location of the movie that broke the box office is Iguazu Falls, considered as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and chosen as the setting for Warrior Falls (where the coronation of the King of Wakanda takes place). Though the waterfalls straddle on the border between Argentina and Brazil, it is better for travellers to visit on the Argentina’s side since most of the cascades are situated here. However, travellers who wish to experience both sides of the falls should spend three days: one day in Brazil and two days in Argentina. Whichever side you choose to explore, bring extra clothes with you and plastic cases to protect your devices. To get the full experience of the waterfalls, take the boat ride directly underneath the cascades and The Devil’s Throat (the highest and deepest part of the waterfalls).

7 Places Marvel Fans Should Visit

Photo Source : Facebook Iguazú Argentina

5. Kathmandu, Nepal (Dr. Strange) 

The film about an arrogant surgeon turned Master of the Mystic Arts took place in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dr. Strange’s filmmakers choose Kathmandu to remain true to the Supreme Sorcerer’s Buddhist roots and Nepal is the perfect place for it. This dimension- and building-bending movie featured temples like Pashupatinath and Patan Durbar Square. The ancient temple of Pashupatinath was constructed in the 5th century, dedicated for Mahadeva. Travellers can see religious rituals like the cremation ceremony, where bodies of deceased Hindus are cremated along the banks and ashes scattered in the holy river. Patan Durbar Square, on the other hand, is a UNESCO world heritage site. The small square is filled with beautiful architecture like Golden Temple, Krishna Mandir and Ashoka Stupa.

7 Places Marvel Fans Should Visit

Pashupatinath temple. Photo Source:

6. Edinburg, Scotland (Avengers: Infinity War)

The Marvel movie that turned most of our favourite superheroes into dust was filmed in Edinburgh, Scotland. Scarlet Witch and Vision were enjoying a low-key life when they were attacked by Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive. The fight for the Mind Stone began with the Royal Mile and St Giles’ Cathedral as the backdrop. Despite the entire scene being shot at night, you can still see the beauty of Edinburgh. St Giles’ Cathedral for example, which is known as the Mother Church of The World, is famous for its grand architecture and spectacular stained glass windows. Entry to the cathedral is free so travellers can roam the 900-year old edifices as they please. To add pleasure to your visit in Edinburgh, drop by at the Royal Mile, a shopping street full of beautiful historical buildings.

7 Places Marvel Fans Should Visit

St Giles’ Cathedral. Photo Source:

7. Public Square, Cleveland (The Avengers) 

Loki’s last action before his untimely demise to save Thor is one of the most heroic acts and makes fans ache even more! Our charming villain may be dead but his epic speech about human subjugation is still fresh on our minds. The MCU made us believed that the scene was shot in Stuttgart, Germany, when in fact it, the adoptive son of Odin delivered his speech in Public Square, considered the heart of Cleveland in USA, where many activities and events are held. During summer, the square turns into a lovely park for picnic amidst greenery. Watch how the public space is redone and turned into a Winter Wonderland complete with ice rink and Christmas lights adorning nearby buildings and trees by the end of the calender year!



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