By Shafira Natasya on November 16, 2018


As the holiday season approaches, all parents alike will be on the search for places to bring their families around to ensure that the breaks are well-spent. Why not consider Perak, a state that boasts numerous family-friendly attractions? From natural wonders to huge fun theme park, Perak can be the ideal place for you to create memories with your families!

1. Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

If you love animals, then this is the place for you. Get close with over a thousand animals of different species including mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. These residents are kept in exhibits designed to resemble their natural habitat with streams, lakes and abundance of flora. At night, the zoo offers a night safari ride that gives visitors a chance to see nocturnal animals in action!

2. Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished, ruined mansion that look mysteriously beautiful by the Raya River (Sungai Raya) in Batu Gajah. The history and stories of this place is written all over the walls for visitors to read, but prepare for the chill as we heard numerous horror stories about the castle that will make someone’s hair stand on end. Nevertheless, the gorgeous architectural elements and the view from the lookout point will still leave you in awe.


Kellies Castle Ipoh

Kellies Castle

3. Sahom Valley Agro & Eco Resort 

Staying true to its tagline “where nature inspires”, this is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts to be nestled in a peaceful environment surrounded by mountains, rivers and chirping birds. Sahom Valley offers a wide range of activities such as river rafting and paintball game to make visitor’s stay a memorable and fun one.

Sahom Valley

Sahom Valley

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4. Gunung Lang Recreational Park

Take a short ferry ride to the recreational park on a small island that comes with a mini zoo, a bird park, and a children’s playground. Have a picnic to admire the beautiful scenery, or you can jog along the easy path while breathing in the fresh air – no matter what activity you decide to do, this park makes an ideal place for family bonding.


5. Lenggong Archeology Museum

This is a museum worth visiting for its vast artefact collections, including the famous Perak Man skeleton that is reputed to be around 11,000 years old. Besides Perak Man, there are stone tools collections and drawings of the Paleolithic people. Lenggong Valley is considered as one of Peninsular Malaysia’s most valuable archaeological sites and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Lenggong Archeology Museum

Lenggong Archeology Museum

6. Mangrove Swamp, Kuala Sepetang

It’s the largest mangrove forest in Peninsular Malaysia, where it exhibits rich and diverse species of flora and fauna, perfect for nature lovers to experience as they cruise along the quiet river. Plan an educational trip here and let the children learn more about the endangered bird species, river dolphins, and of course the importance of mangrove system.

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7. Lost World of Tambun

This is the perfect place to get lost (in a good way) with your family because Lost World of Tambun is an all-in-one adventure park that contains a water park, amusement park, a petting zoo, tiger valley, and even hot springs and spa. After the sun sets, the place is transformed into a magical Night Park with a flaming percussion show that will leave you in awe!


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