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What you should do when you have a broken heart? Here at Gaya Travel, we recommend that you pack your bags, grab your passport and just fly away! It might seem like it, but vacations are not just about honeymoons, engagement trips or romantic getaways. If you want to grieve, do it in style! Explore the world with your newfound independence or drag your friends along to these amazing retreats!

Pompeii, the ruined city

Everyone thinks it’s the end of the world when they broke up. But hey, how about you really go to the end of the world? Just like your ex, the Romans left behind plenty of indelible marks, for instance, Pompeii, one of the cities obliterated by the catastrophic explosion of Mount Vesuvius. To truly experience Pompeii’s history, travelers should visit the Antiquarium of Pompeii, replete with fabled artifacts stored in utmost care. On the first floor, you can witness the tragic aftermath of the volcanic eruption; plaster casts made from almost perfect molds of the bodies of those who were caught in the sudden destruction. Your own tragic break up will surely be forgotten upon seeing the final moments of the victims as they tried to escape.


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7 Places You Should Go to Mend Your Broken Heart

Photo Credit: Facebook Pompeii – Parco Archeologico

Thailand, the spa capital of the world

The worst thing about break up is missing your ex’s touch, smell and laughter. If you find yourself reaching for your phone trying to contact your ex, we recommend that you book a one-way ticket to the spa capital of the world, Thailand. Slowly but surely, you will forget the touch of your ex’s calloused fingers as the masseuse lulls you into a restful trance. After what you went through, you deserve to be pampered! For that reason, Health Land Spa is one of the most popular chain spas in Bangkok. Its Thai Massage allows you to regain balance and cast-off negative energy in the body. Bring along your friends to enjoy this richly rewarding treat!


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7 Places You Should Go to Mend Your Broken Heart

Photo Credit: Health Land Spa

Phuket, release your pent-up energy through Muay Thai

We all know anger and frustration comes hand in hand with breakups. Channel that pent up energy towards the punching bags by learning Muay Thai! One such place for you to do so is at Sinbi Muay Thai, one of the top five Muay Thai Camps in Phuket. The camp accommodations are similar to most hotels; you can choose a single bedroom, twin bedroom, VIP bedroom or even a penthouse. Training fees are included in the prices of the rooms. Do not worry if you do not have any experience in martial arts because every trainer here is very supportive and uplifting. If it helps, slap a picture of your ex on the punching bags to get your nerve going. After a few sessions, you will come back healthier and leaner with a newly found fighting spirit.


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7 Places You Should Go to Mend Your Broken Heart

Photo Credit: Sinbi Muay Thai

Komodo National Park Solo Cruise

What better way to forget your ex than meeting new people, talk to strangers and who knows, you might even find a new match! Being on the same boat for a couple of days can really bring people together. There are many cruises in Komodo National Park that allows you to experience this. Your ex’s eyes might be blue but they can’t be bluer than the water here, where hundreds of underwater species, corals and fishes swim peacefully. But if you are not into socializing or diving, you can instead stroll along the beach, enjoy the landscape of Komodo National Park and witness the Komodo dragons!


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7 Places You Should Go to Mend Your Broken Heart

Photo Credit – Facebook Komodo National Park

Take a Perfume Scented Stroll at Grasse

If you’re trying to forget how your ex smells like, then you should go to the capital of perfume, Grasse. The town is famous for its perfume industry, home to established perfumeries such as Galimard, Molinard and Fragonard. Fragonard Perfumery provides a free guided tour for travelers to learn more about perfume-making and its history. The 30-minute tour ends with a visit at its gift shop filled with fragrances. So, throw away the perfume your ex bought for you and get a new one here! A trip to Grasse is not complete without a stroll at the nearby gardens packed with many flowers like rose centifolia, jasmine, tuberose, lavender, geranium, juniper, orange blossom, all used for making perfumes.


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Photo Credit: Fargonard Parfumeur

Get Your Heart Pumping at Oludeniz, Turkey

Your ex is not the only thing that can make you heart beating fast. Extreme sports like paragliding will surely get your heart pounding quicker than your ex. Oludeniz is named as top 10 paragliding spots in the world and home to the famous Blue Lagoon. Book a Standard Tandem Flight with Reaction Paragliding if you do not have any experience. You can ask the pilot to fly you over the lagoon, spin you 360 degrees or glide steadily. The flight usually takes 40 minutes, offering breathtaking scenery of the mountains and sea.


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7 Places You Should Go to Mend Your Broken Heart

Photo Credit: Reaction Paragliding

Mourn at Museum of Broken Relationship, Croatia

What better way to mourn your lost love than mourning together with countless others who share similar tragedy at the Museum of Broken Relationship, Croatia. This beautiful 18th century cathedral is home to collection of objects that owners do not want to keep anymore, but too valuable to dispose of. Grab some tissues along when being in the Confession Room, where travelers share their lost relationships or read other visitors’ lost love stories. After taking in the emotional displays, gather yourself at the museum’s cozy and colorful summer vibe café. The museum even won the EMYA Kenneth Hudson Award as the most innovative and daring museum project in Europe in 2010.


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7 Places You Should Go to Mend Your Broken Heart

Photo Credit: Museum of Broken Relationship and Mare Milin

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