The breathtaking morning view at the top of Wang Kelian View Point

The breathtaking morning view at the top of Wang Kelian View Point


8 Interesting Things to See & Do in Perlis!

Here is a list of things to do in Perlis for you to plan ahead for a safe holiday trip!

Here is a list of things to do in Perlis for you to plan ahead for a safe holiday trip!

Located on the Malaysia-Thailand border, Perlis has a certain charm and unrivalled beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. Recently, Tourism Malaysia collaborated with Gaya Travel Magazine in organising a media familiarisation trip to Perlis from the 19th until the 22nd of March 2021. Read on to find out about what we discovered during the trip, about all the places that you would definitely enjoy going to!

1. Kangar Street Art 2.0

Some of the murals displayed at the Kangar Street Art 2.0

With murals acting as the medium to attract visitors, Kangar Street Art 2.0 showcases 25 different mural paintings on the walls and street floor itself featuring both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) artworks that run along the theme of heritage and nostalgia.

2. Wang Kelian View Point

The breathtaking morning view at the top of Wang Kelian View Point

Located along the northwestern part of the Thailand-Malaysia border at an altitude of 304 metres above sea level, Wang Kelian View Point is one of Perlis’ well-known attractions. As early as 6:30 a.m., visitors are able to see beautiful sunrise and the carpet cloud phenomenon while enjoying the cool breezy atmosphere.


3. Wang Burma Cave Tour

One of the paths in Wang Burma Cave that travellers can explore, led by a tour guide

Wang Burma Cave is among the 30 caves that exist within the Perlis State Park, which happens to be Malaysia’s first state park. Throughout the cave tour, visitors will discover an abundance of rock formations such as stalactites and stalagmites naturally formed in the cave, aside from bats, spiders, cave crickets, and even hedgehogs, if you are lucky!

Contact: +6 04 945 7898
Operation Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (daily)

4. Tasik Melati Recreational Park

Pavilions and floating footbridges around Melati Lake Recreational Park

Tasik Melati (Melati Lake) Recreational Park is a peaceful and mesmerising park that is definitely a place for travellers to destress. On top of that, the Chinese architectural features of the pavilions and floating footbridges around Melati Lake enhance the landscape, making it one of the best place to take pictures and post it on your Instagram feed!

5. Perlis Snake & Reptile Farm

Perlis Snake & Reptile Farm in Perlis does not only exhibit various species of snakes but also serves as a learning centre and tourist attraction. Other than the petting zoo where visitors are able to get up close with tamed snakes, travellers can also observe other animals like crocodile, deer, and ostrich too. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take pictures with the rows of beautiful sunflower plants planted near the farm as well!

Entrance fee:
Adults (13 years old & above): MYR6
Children (5-12 years old): MYR3
Children (below 4 years old): Free


6. Kampung Seberang Ramai

Colorful houses that can be seen at Kampung Seberang Ramai

One of the latest tourist attractions in Perlis is the colorful fisherman village called Seberang Ramai in Kuala Perlis that has been given a new lease of life as an initiative to make it an example and raise public awareness towards practising 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) to the local community. Other than mural artworks and decorations that grace the village’s nook and cranny, travellers can also admire the iconic Tuanku Syed Putra Bridge.

7. Al Hussain Mosque (Floating Mosque)

Al Hussain Floating Mosque

The mosque structure extends and overlooks the Straits of Malacca, hence its nickname, with a 50-metre bridge connecting the main prayer hall from the entrance. What is unique about this mosque is that its walls are not painted but decorated using marble, pebble, quartz, and granite.

8. Ladang Harum Manis Kubang Gajah

Harum Manis mangoes that are wrapped in paper bag at Kubang Gajah Harum Manis Farm

Harum Manis mangoes have a better aroma and fragrance – meaning it is much sweeter – than normal mangoes. At Kubang Gajah Harum Manis Farm, travellers are able to witness Harum Manis trees in abundance and even pluck the mangoes when in season.

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