By Adam Aldine on July 26, 2011


All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a must-try activity and you are expected to have an ecstatic moment while riding the four-wheeled motorbike. The sound of the revving engine alone was enough to pump up the adrenaline in my body. I was so looking forward to doing this activity even though this was not my first time. This extreme sport offers a sense of adventure to those who wish to try it. We were lucky to be given the opportunity to try this activity in a different setting that took us to a whole new level of extreme.


ATV Adventure Park is located in Kampung Kemensah, just 4.7 kilometres away from the National Zoo. It is a perfect setting for a challenging ride where the visitors ride the ATV within the untouched reserved forest. Nature lovers will be thrilled to have the privilege to whiz around the forest while enjoying pristine tropical surroundings.


Mr Mas Faizil Khan, the owner of the park came up with five different packages to accommodate the levels of ability and endurance of his visitors. These packages vary in terms of the track, whereby each track offers a different level of challenge while journeying through the forest. Activities provided in this park are leisurely and in the form of off-road rides to Hulu Kelang Dam, Bukit Tabur, Bukit Lalang and the 7-tier Waterfall, including overnight camping in Hulu Kelang Forest and even organises Family Day and other nature activities as requested by visitors. Each visitor will be provided with a guide.

When all participants arrived, Mr Mas summoned us to gather around him. After briefing and demonstration on how to operate the vehicle, we were then allowed to test-drive on the base training track. In the beginning, it was quite hard for some of us to operate the bike. But, after a few rounds, we were ready to hit the real track.

We departed around 10:30 a.m. from the park. The beginning track was already tough. We had to ascend a challengingly high and bumpy hill. We had to learn to control our bikes the best we can. One of us almost fell off the hill due to loss of control, but the guide’s quick action saved him.

We continued our journey further into the forest more cautiously and focussed. As we got deeper, I started breathing in fresh air and enjoying the invigorating view. My photographer did not waste the opportunity to capture the memorable moment with his camera. Along the journey, the song of nature entertained us. The further we got into the forest, the harder the track became, which in turn driven us to explore further.


After a long adventurous journey, it was time for us to stop for a break. The spot was a wide clearing, suitable for carrying out activities and even camping. From there, I could hear the sounds of water splashing. When I asked the guide where the sound came from, he quickly pointed to the splendid seven-tier clean and refreshing waterfall nearby, which beckoned us to take a dip in it. Our exhaustion quickly washed away by the streaming water. Apart from camping, visitors may also try fishing since several freshwater fish can be found here.

After freshening up, I took the opportunity to talk to the guide about the forest and the activities. According to him, he has been involved in extreme sports for more than 15 years. The park does not only provide extreme activities to visitors but also collaborate with the Forestry Department to preserve and to take care of the forest. The park also plays its role in helping the authority to put a stop to illegal logging as it also functions as habitat to numerous wild animals. Monkeys, wild boar, various species of birds and tapirs are common sightings around here. These animals usually come out in the morning and late evening to look for food.

Package D is said to be the best package offered by the park. Visitors will embark on a journey of 7 kilometres. Along the journey, visitors will visit enchanting places like Tabur Hill and Kelang Dam. The last trip into the forest departs at 5:30 p.m., taking visitors to witness the view of Kuala Lumpur at night from the peak of Tabur Hill. This is indeed a very special package that will keep visitors coming back for more.

After a long and refreshing break, it’s time to head back to the park. We took the same earlier track, minus the panic attack. At this point of time, we were able to ride the bike with ease as we are now more comfortable handling it. As soon as we arrived, lunch was already served. Local food never tasted better than this, especially when we were surrounded by nature. The ambience really helped to enhance our appetite.

After cleaning ourselves, I approached the owner to discuss the whole idea of the park. According to him, the reason it’s set up is entirely due to his love of ATV. For that, he devoted all his savings and went to Taiwan to find the best bikes for the park. In the beginning, the park started very slowly but now, after four years, Mr Mas can be proud of this park, which is awarded as one of The Best ATV Parks in the world by the American Rider ATV Club of America.

The Australian Embassy also recognises this park as one of the must-visit places in Selangor. This ATV Park is not only visited by local visitors but also by foreign tourists who are hungry for adventure. I also had the opportunity to speak to the representative of Tourism Malaysia who organised this interesting programme. Ms Rozita explained that this programme is to highlight the other side of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, which is usually known only for its development and urban sophistication. This programme further extends the options available for tourists when visiting KL and Selangor, whose options would not only be limited to city tours.

After a brief interview with both of them, we then took group photos and get ready to head back home. The experience was indeed refreshing and totally memorable, just as how Mr Mas put it: “an unforgettable experience, guaranteed”.


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