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  • More than half of Malaysians are influenced by social media and TV shows when preparing their bucket lists

  • Tokyo, Paris and London are the most popular bucket list destinations for Malaysians

  • Living festive: A quarter of Malaysians want to experience Rio Carnival and Coachella at least once

KUALA LUMPUR – Social media obsessed Malaysians look for their bucket list inspiration from Instagram photos and Facebook posts, with many wanting to go to festivals such as the Rio Carnival and Coachella at least once in their lifetimes, according to the latest research report* from™.

“Bucket list has become a growing trend in Malaysia, in tandem with the prominent role played by social media in influencing the travelling habits of consumers worldwide. While conventional tourist activities like visiting landmarks are still popular amongst Malaysian travellers, adventurous activities, such as shark diving and mountain climbing have also become popular” said Jessica Chuang, Regional Director for Greater China, Southeast Asia & India for the brand.

Bucket List Cities – Dream Destinations

Accroding to th report, 26 percent of Malaysians surveyed shared that they received their bucket list inspiration from films and TV shows, while 30 percent got theirs from social media. Five percent received their bucket list ideas from books, while only two percent referred to travel guidebooks.


Tokyo, which holds the distinction as the city with the most Michelin stars, attracts Malaysian food hunters for its fine dining establishments, Instagrammable quirky cafes and Tsukiji fish market, the biggest seafood market in the world.

City-hopping – 10 most popular bucket list destinations for Malaysian travellers

Ranking Destination
1 Tokyo
2 Paris
3 London
4 Dubai
5 New York
6 Sydney
7 Las Vegas
8 Bali
9 Rome
10 Venice

Also popular amongst Malaysian bucket list fans are Paris, London and New York, the world’s fashion capitals. While London has always been a popular destination for Malaysian travellers, New York holds a special place for the fans of pop culture and TV series, from the opulence of Upper East Side depicted on Gossip Girl to the grittiness of the Meatpacking District shown on Jessica Jones. New York’s Times Square is also the eighth most Instagrammed spot in the world, underlining the city’s social media appeal.

Living Festive – Concerts and Carnivals

While iconic landmarks such as the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower still draw fascinations, about a quarter of the Malaysians surveyed want something more experiential for their bucket list adventure.

The Rio Carnival, which draws over two million visitors daily during the festive season, tops the list of bucket list activities for Malaysians. Coachella, one of the world’s most iconic music festivals, has become popular in Malaysia over the recent years, with the inclusion of big names such as Beyonce, Sia and Lady Gaga.

Carnivals and landmarks – Five most popular bucket list activities for Malaysians

Ranking Activity Percentage
1 Attend Rio Carnival 14
2 Go to Coachella 9
3 Visit the Great Wall of China 6
4 Touch Niagara Falls 6
5 Go up the Eiffel tower 6

Malaysian bucket list activities also include some relatively more adventurous activities, which include taking a selfie at the top of the mountain (four percent), dive for pearls (four percent), and even shark diving (three percent).


66 percent of the Malaysians surveyed dream of going on a trip with their favourite celebrities. Actress Neelofa tops the list (11 percent), followed closely by Malaysia’s sweetheart Siti Nurhaliza (11 percent) and global singing sensation Yuna (10 percent).

Opulent dreams

When it comes to their bucket list hotels, Malaysians want glamour and opulence. Burj al-Arab Jumeirah Dubai, the world’s only 7-star hotel, tops the list. Dubbed the most luxurious hotel in the world, Burj al-Arab also provides optional services that include helicopter trips and chauffeur-drive Rolls-Royce.

Dream hotels – Five most popular bucket list hotels for Malaysian travellers

Ranking Hotel
1 Burj al-Arab Jumeirah, Dubai
2 The Ritz, Paris
3 Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
4 The Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills
5 The Savoy, London

“As Malaysians travel the world to fulfil their bucket list wishes, is excited to continue to provide the best value to enhance their travel experience. With 25 million genuine guest reviews, also has the insight and information needed to help Malaysian travellers to plan for their perfect bucket list vacations,” added Jessica.


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