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KUALA LUMPUR, 17 March 2016 – Get away and jump into a colourful wellness holiday! Club Med invites you to a special health retreat in Club Med Bintan Island from 20th May 2016 to 12th June 2016 called Body & Soul.

This health and wellness retreat is designed to boost wellbeing and overall fitness through a series of activities themed by 4 different colours and their corresponding health benefits.



Club Med recognises people’s desire in getting away from the city and their hectic schedules. In response, Club Med has organised this wellness retreat for guests of all ages to get rejuvenated, energised, balanced and revitalized from inside out. Body & Soul allows you to enjoy a relaxing yet active holiday by harmoniously mixing health, well-being and lifestyle by combining nutrition, sports, and relaxation classes in the nature.

4 Colours in 4 Days

Club Med’s Body & Soul features a four-day-long wellness programmess themed around 4 colours: Yellow [Rejuvenation], Red [Energy], Green [Balance] and Purple [Revitalisation].



Guests can enjoy a wide range of well-balanced fitness programs designed by our international wellness expects. From active sports to relaxing and Zen activities, you will definitely find one that suits you. Club Med also promotes family fun and togetherness through wellness programmes dedicated for families.

Diversified Lessons by International Wellness Experts

Meet world-renowned wellness experts at the top of their respective fields at Body & Soul. Lisa Westlake is a highly-awarded physiotherapist and fitness instructor from Australia with over 20 years of experience. Also from Australia, Lynley Gladdis, a fitness instructor, arts dance trainer and remedial massage professional, is an expert in relaxation & mind-body fitness programs.


Joseph Boulous, a dance instructor, choreographer and popular Australian dance fitness instructor, brings unique and fun dance fitness lessons with a different theme each day. You can also expect engaging Pilates lessons from Kimberly Cheong, a Singaporean Pilates instructor who also masters strength and conditioning, including movement expressions.

Helen Vanderburg, a fitness and yoga instructor with over 30 years of experience and a former World Champion synchronised swimmer, brings you a mixture of yoga, dance and conditioning exercises. Lastly, we have Renae Chan who is skilled in reiki, numerology and tarot, together with Paul Chan, a certified feng shui master with qualifications in aura colour consultation, numerology and crystal healing. Be empowered with their advice on achieving a happier and prosperous life.

Health Eating by Colours

Enhance your wellness holiday with healthy colour-coded eating. Delicious food choices in the four respective colours are offered in the main restaurant. Be sure to refresh your body with some detoxing fresh juices in the main restaurant.

Exclusive Spa Promotion

Take advantage of our exclusive Body & Soul Spa Treatment package at $98 USD. Indulge in premium spa treatments and rejuvenate yourself after a day of wellness classes.

Red Day [Energy]:

  • Inner Respite,90 min Care for deeper layers of muscle tissues
  • Marine Salt Glow, 30 min +Asmara Lifestyle Roll-on Oil

Yellow Day [Rejuvenation]:

  • Huna Huna,90 min Hawaiian massage
  • Marine Detox, 30 min +Asmara Lifestyle Roll-on Oil

Purple Day [Revitalization]:

  • Shatsu Focus,90 min
  • Body Calm, 30 min +Asmara Lifestyle Roll-on Oil

Green Day [Balance]:

  • Asmara Traditional,90 min
  • Rawatan Halia, 30 min +Asmara Lifestyle Roll-on Oil


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