Incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Discovering Humanity’s Treasures

If you make it your mission to play a round of golf everywhere you go, you’ll be delighted to learn that some UNESCO World Heritage sites have golf courses on site.

Photo by Haley Truong on Unsplash

If you make it your mission to play a round of golf everywhere you go, you’ll be delighted to learn that some UNESCO World Heritage sites have golf courses on site.

There are currently 1,157 UNESCO World Heritage sites across the world. Even if you’re a travel enthusiast, it’s hard to visit them all! They’re places of cultural and historical significance, but they’re also places of great beauty. 

If you make it your mission to play a round of golf everywhere you go, you’ll be delighted to learn that some UNESCO World Heritage sites have golf courses on site. These spots offer a unique opportunity to combine a love of golf with history and culture… So if you’re looking for the perfect way to mix your two passions, these destinations are it! 

Our Favorite World Heritage Sites (with golf!) 

For a unique travel experience that also includes amazing golf, these are the UNESCO World Heritage sites we recommend visiting. 


Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks 

The Canadian Rockies are a splendid display of natural beauty. But that’s not all they are—they’re also a geographical treasure, featuring numerous fossil sites and hundreds of striking examples of geological processes. Think canyons created by erosion and unique ice fields. 

This combination of spectacular beauty and geological significance is what landed this area its World Heritage site status. The mountain range is made up of 7 different parks: Banff, Jasper, Kootenay, Yoho, Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine, and Hamber. 

There are many ways to visit this site, but if you’re a golfing fanatic, you can have two amazing experiences for the price of one. Banff Springs Golf Course is located in the Canadian Rockies, and it offers some of the most spectacular views in the golfing world. The golf is pretty good too! 

landscape photography of snowy mountains
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Frontiers of the Roman Empire 

This unique site runs through the United Kingdom and Germany. It’s the remnants of a wall built by the Romans under the instruction of Emperor Hadrian, for the purpose of “separating the Romans from the barbarians”. It dates back to around AD 122, and took an army of soldiers 6 years to build around 80 miles of the stone wall. 

The original section is known as Hadrian’s wall. Later on, the wall was extended, adding a section known as the Antonine Wall. Both sections are part of this interesting site, and even more interestingly, both run through a golf course! 

Hadrian’s Wall makes an appearance on Haltwhistle Golf Course, located in Brampton, United Kingdom. You’ll encounter the Antonine Wall at the Douglas Park Golf Club in Glasgow. If you’re in the area, you may as well play both—they’re about 2 hours away from each other by car. 

Par Force Hunting Landscape 

This World Heritage site is a confusing one, because it’s located in North Zealand, Denmark. It’s often mistaken to be in New Zealand, but don’t make this mistake! While NZ has its own charm, this particular area is well worth the visit for the cultural experience and the golf. 

Just to the northeast of Copenhagen you’ll find two hunting forests—Store Dyrehave and Gribskov—and a hunting park, Jægersborg Hegn/Jægersborg Dyrehave. In the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, Danish kings and their entourages would practice hound hunting in these landscapes, and while it consists mainly of open space today, there are some remnants of the old hunting lanes, stone fence posts, and even an old hunting lodge. 

Plus, it has a golf course! The Royal Copenhagen Golf Club is the oldest golf club in Scandinavia, having been established in 1898 and revamped in 1928. It’s a lovely round, and you might even be visited by some red deer while you’re playing. 

green mountain across body of water
Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Ha Long Bay 

Around 1,600 islands make up this beautiful seascape. Many of them are not inhabited due to their rather wild nature, which makes them rough, raw, and stunning. It’s also an area of great biological interest, due to its limestone formation. 

It’s well worth a visit, and it’s also one of the most affordable vacations. Aside from its natural beauty, Ha Long Bay is also home to a number of golf resorts, complete with excellent gameplay and lovely views. Some of their courses are open to the public, while others require a report stay to play. 

We particularly like the FLC Ha Long Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort. The golf is good, but the real draw is the view. You’ll look right out over the bay, so get some photos… But don’t let the view distract you from your swing

The Dolomites 

Similar to the Canadian Rockies, the Dolomites is a mountain range. It’s located in the Italian Alps and consists of 18 peaks, covering close to 142,000 hectares. The area is known for its sheer cliffs and valleys, but it’s not just the visual beauty that it gets attention for. 

Frequent natural occurrences like avalanches and landslides have given rise to unique formulations like rock walls and steeple-like pinnacles. Plus, you’ll find karst systems, glacial landforms, and Mesozoic carbonate platform systems, complete with fossil records. 

As for golf, Hotel Mirabell offers mountain golf at its finest. Located right in the Dolomites mountain range, it’s suited to both beginners and pros, with enough beauty to distract you if you’re not careful! However, the course is only open between April and November—snow keeps it shut in between. 

a grassy field with buildings and mountains in the background with Dolomites in the background
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Travel, unique cultural and natural experiences, and golf don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can visit beautiful places and have fascinating experiences, while getting your golfing fix at the same time… And these UNESCO World Heritage sites are the perfect places to do so. 

Don’t forget to take your camera, because although the beauty of these sites is unforgettable, you’re going to want to capture it to look back on later. But take note that you’re going to have to concentrate hard on the golf… The scenery at all of these golf courses is spectacular. 

Whether you’re a traveler who likes to golf or a golfer who wants to travel, we highly recommend these locations. You won’t soon forget them… And you can tick some of the world’s most interesting courses off your golfing bucket list! 

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