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By the time you read this issue, 2019 is fast becoming a distant memory. In its place, many anticipate that 2020 will be an exciting year since it will be the time when #VisitMalaysia2020 #VM2020 is in full swing, Tokyo holds the Olympic Games from 24 July until 9 August and Paralympic Games from 25 August until 6 September, and Dubai hosts the World Expo from 20 October until 10 April 2021. And on top of the mentioned events, Malaysia hosts the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) series of meetings throughout the year, culminated in November 2020 when the APEC heads of state deliver a consensus declaration. Oh and are you aware that in 2020, Kuala Lumpur assumes the role as UNESCO World Book Capital too? Seems like 2020 is a busy year, which should be welcomed by many, despite the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead, because all these events help to foster dialogue, interaction, and healthy competition to spur hope, determination, ingenuity, trust and understanding. And travellers are recommended to take advantage of the year by visiting the host countries of the stated events (including the rest of the world, of course) so that 2020 also becomes a year that is meaningful and pleasant to us all.

In line with Visit Malaysia 2020, in this issue, we are recommending you to follow a trip to Perak with the riders of big bikes (page 50); unearth some more hidden gems of Kuala Lumpur (page 70); discover spots that are still under tourists’ radar between Kota Belud and Kudat in Sabah (page 92); take a relaxing spin around Putrajaya (page 100); escape to Tioman island that has never lost its charms (page 106); enjoy the ethnic and traditional beats in Selangor (page 110); go glamping while surrounded by lush greenery in Pahang (page 117); and get acquainted with Shah Alam, Selangor’s vibrant but often-overlooked capital (page 124).


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Those who seek for ideas to travel outside Malaysia are also in for a treat. Be sure to read up about our team’s experience in Gaziantep, the culinary capital of Turkey, during GastroAntep International Culinary Capital (page 36); Ho Chi Minh City and Hue in Vietnam (page 46); Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Edfu, Aswan, and Abu Simbel in Egypt (page 56); Yogyakarta in Indonesia (page 66); Japan’s New Golden Route that takes travellers to spots that dot along the Sea of Japan coast (page 74); the attractions in Dubai (page 82); and the journey from Lake Toba to Medan in North Sumatra, Indonesia (page 96).

It is our hope that all of you find the contents within this issue enriching. Stay safe wherever you are heading to. And may 2020 bring great tidings and prosperity to us all…

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Gaya Travel Magazine Issue 14.4

Cover Illustration by Mohd Nor Adli Ahmad Jaffar

Page 14. Editorial Jottings

Page 8. Qatar Airways Touches Down for the First Time in Langkawi, Malaysia
Page 18. The Philosophy Behind Terengganu Woodcarvings
Page 40. CTM 2019 Signals Cambodia has Arrived as an International Tourism Destination
Page 44. Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

Page 23. Taipei, An Up-and-Coming Muslim-Friendly Destination

Page 32. Tastefully Ti Chen

Page 36. Gastro-Orgasmic Gaziantep
Page 46. Xin Chao, Vietnam!
Page 50. Revving Up Perak via Eat.Travel.Ride
Page 56. Enchanting Egypt / Exploring the country with Cleopatra Travel & Tours
Page 66. Yogyakarta, Gracefully Manoeuvring into Modernity
Page 70. Kuala Lumpur for All
Page 74. Maxing Out the New Golden Route with Hokuriku Arch Pass
Page 82. Deliciously Glocal Dubai
Page 88. Sabah, Here I Come!
Page 96. Adventuring North Sumatra
Page 100. Administratively Beautiful Putrajaya
Page 106. Tioman, I’m in Love!
Page 110. RENTAK SELANGOR 4 – Discovering Selangor’s Rythm and Soul
Page 117. Pahang: An Extraordinarily Unforgettable Adventure
Page 124. Exploring Vibrant Shah Alam

Page 126. Family-friendly Furama


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