By Gaya Travel on May 29, 2012


If you think you need to go to China all the way to experience the pure Chinese spa treatment, think again because you can get more than just the treatment if you make your way to Kaki Kaki Reflexology Centre. Located within the lively Grand Sentosa Plaza, Kaki Kaki Reflexology spa offers the experience similar to the anthentic Chinese spa where public bath, sauna, steam room, massage therapy and various other treatments are provided for guests’ pleasure.

The spa covers two storeys to ensure that the division of spaces for treatments are appropriately allocated. The owner of the spa collaborated with some investors from China who have experience in Chinese spas. The detailing and the decor of the spa promote guests’ comfort. The motives of the ancient Chinese epics are embellished on the spa’s walls and ceilings, while dim lighting creates an inviting and relaxing. Since it was the first time Gaya Travel tried the China spa treatment, we were a bit lost and confounded the spa’s large size; luckily there were staff everywhere who offered help to any guest who are in need.


The first thing we noticed after we changed into spa attire is the large Jacuzzi, which we quickly got in – both male and the female jacuzzis are separated. Then, guests could choose whether to proceed into the sauna and steam room or to opt for the massage treatment.Should guests decide to go for massage, they are sure to be amazed by the numerous therapies offered by Kaki Kaki Reflexology such as Chinese reflexology, full-body massage and Chinese Traditional massage, among others. After selecting the full-body massage, we were brought to one of many treatment rooms that are equipped with plasma TV, DVD player, cable TV and of course treatment chair, all set according to guests’ own comfort.

The full body treatment starts from the upper back, where the therapist targeted the knots in my muscles and gently untangling them by applying medium pressure. The therapist then worked up towards my neck and head. As the therapist continued to untangles the knots in my muscles, it also released gas within my system that has long been trapped, causing me to continuously burp and feel relieved. The therapist used hands, thumbs, fingers and elbow for different parts of the back in order to target the muscles and degrees of
muscle tension. We felt fresh and rejuvenated after an hour of full body pampering.

We then helped ourselves to a light dinner from the complimentary buffet spread offered to all guests. Kaki Kaki Reflexology Centre is definitely an experience of going to spa like no other. The true Chinese spa treatment is adapted here by bringing in the therapists from China to retain the authenticity of the treatment and experience. Every time guests feel like experiencing a relaxing Chinese spa treatment, then all they need to do is to make way to Grand Sentosa Plaza – no need to go.


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  1. peter says:

    This place is malaysia, not China, human right should be there. Why the shop can operate 24hours?

  2. peter says:

    Rumour that the masseurs there don’t have enough rest because they work from 11am to next day 3am, 17 hours of working, can they produce good massage? Why they have this type of treatment? Are they been treated as human? If so, as their boss, please consider their welfare. Or the government/authority there should seriously check on it. I know Malaysia also have human right. Now a day, we are not slave and master world.


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