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The Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s most prestigious hotel companies operating hotels in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo and other locations, is proud to announce that our Keio Plaza Hotel Tama has become the first hotel in the world to open theme guest rooms based upon “My Melody” and “Little Twin Stars” (Kiki and Lala) who have been adored by fans around the world since their creation in 1975. At the same time, four existing “Hello Kitty” themed rooms have also been renovated with various upgrades to increase the enjoyment of guests.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

My Melody Room , Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

The My Melody Rooms are created in the image of the innocent, cheerful and loving nature of the character playing hide and seek in a forest. A heartwarming three dimensional wall relief depicting My Melody wearing a red hood made by her grandmother and playing on a swing made by her father is set against a backdrop of the room interior representing a lush green forest. Also, rooms are facilitated with tables patterned after wood blocks and room chairs after wild forest mushrooms to accentuate the forest image. The bathroom recreates the bright image of clear blue skies with a rainbow spanning the wall and bathtub. Curtain tassels, cushions, chests and the walls are decorated with flower patterns to make guests feel as if they are part of a scene from My Melody playing with her friends in a forest.


Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

The Little Twin Stars Room, Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

The Little Twin Stars Rooms are created with various images of Kiki and Lala playing in an amusement park atop of clouds in a lofty star studded sky. Also, younger brother Kiki, who is highly curious and a bit hasty, and older sister Lala, who is easily scared and a little bit of a crybaby, are depicted riding a unicorn on their way to an amusement park in another scene. In addition, the bed headboard is decorated with clouds, and the cushions, curtain tassels and tables are patterned in the shape of stars. The overall room is colored pink to give the room a fantastical sense, and to portray the image of Kiki and Lala surrounded by clouds and stars playing in an amusement part.

The ceilings and walls of the newly added “My Melody” and “Little Twin Stars” themed rooms are designed to provide “coordinated spaces” that show various scenes of these characters reflecting the environments in which they are portrayed, with simple floorings designed to focus the guests’ attentions upon the ceilings and walls. Also, scenes of both characters are reflected in the night lamp and floor stand room lighting, and the framed illustrations adorning the rooms. Our Hotel has also paid detailed attention to the various room amenities and including original Sanrio character mascot dolls, slippers and other goods. Also, we provide guests with tote bags, toothbrushes and other commemorative goods for them to use in their rooms or take home with them as memories of their stays with us.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

Hello Kitty Room, Keio Plaza Hotel Tama

As part of the upgrades of Hello Kitty Rooms, large cushions decorated with the Hello Kitty motif of red ribbons and foot throws portraying Hello Kitty playing in an amusement park are placed on guest beds. Also, a floor stand room lights that displays an illustration showing Hello Kitty riding a pony that also lights up to accentuate the cuteness of Hello Kitty Rooms has been added.


This year marks both the 45th anniversary since “Hello Kitty” first made her appearance, and the 5th anniversary since the birth of the Keio Plaza Hotel Tama “Hello Kitty” themed rooms. Therefore, our Hotel makes special efforts to broaden the awareness and appeal of the newly added “My Melody” and “Little Twin Stars” amongst guests unfamiliar with our Hello Kitty Rooms, and to welcome repeat guests from both Japan and overseas back to the rooms with special new decorations and fun surprises.

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Room Type Room Numbers Square Meters Occupancy Room Price
My Melody Room 2 26.3 Single JPY59,400
Little Twin Stars Room 2 26.3 Double JPY59,400
Hello Kitty Room 4 26.3 Triple JPY65,340


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