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Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Putrajaya 2011

Putrajaya has always been the business destination for almost all tourists who come here since this is the country’s centre of administration.However, little that people know, Putrajaya is not all about government offices, it has so much to discover whereby the tourists will get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, splendid gardens and park, wonderful architecture and bundles of other attractions and landmarks that will surely take your breath away

Putrajaya has always been the business destination for almost all tourists who come here since this is the country’s centre of administration.However, little that people know, Putrajaya is not all about government offices, it has so much to discover whereby the tourists will get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, splendid gardens and park, wonderful architecture and bundles of other attractions and landmarks that will surely take your breath away

Putrajaya has always been the business destination for almost all tourists who come here since this is the country’s centre of administration.However, little that people know, Putrajaya is not all about government offices, it has so much to discover whereby the tourists will get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, splendid gardens and park, wonderful architecture and bundles of other attractions and landmarks that will surely take your breath away.Gaya Travel Magazine, in collaboration with Perbadanan Putrajaya, organised the Kembara Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia Putrajaya programme in December 2011 to share with the world what Putrajaya has to offer.


Loosely translated as Agriculture Heritage Park, this park is the house for more than 180 crops that some of them are very rare to be found anywhere. There are fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, rubber trees, cocoa, palm oil and hundreds species of flowers planted all over this elevated land in Precinct 16, Putrajaya.kelapa (coconut bowling). Other activities include paddy planting and harvesting, even plant-grafting demonstration. Other than that, visitors could also get the chance to taste the fresh fruit that they themselves pluck at a nominal fee. Tropical fruits such as jackfruit, rambutan, duku, longan and others are well taken care of by the park’s staff members.


The KCC1M Putrajaya participants had a wonderful time gaining experience and knowledge about the trees and plants in this park and the techniques that can be used in growing the plants on our own. The knowledgeable staff at this park will keep visitors occupied with necssary information on agriculture.There are several activities that can be carried out at this park which among those activities are rubber tapping and processing demonstration, traditional games such as kukur kelapa (grating coconut), lastik biji getah (rubber seeds catapult) and boling.


Taman Cabaran or Challenge Park is where all the adrenaline junkies head to for that much needed rush. Located is Precinct 5,Challenge Park is divided into two sections: one is for wall-climbing, while the other is for skating and cycling. The walls designated for climbing are situated indoors while the cycling and skating circuit is located outdoors. Challenge Park is supervised by trained instructors who provide guidance and demonstrations to the visitors on the proper ways of handling equipment when carrying out the activities. The equipment and gears are available for rent at a modest fee. This park offers different levels of difficulties, suitable for beginners all the way to professionals.


Putrajaya Lake covers 650 hectares,equivalent to one fifth of Putrajaya’s grounds,thus makes up the city’s identity. The lake itself is an attraction in its own right. One of the offerings that visitors do not want to miss is Putrajaya Cruise Tasik. The Cruise Tasik service offers the experience of admiring Putrajaya’s spectacular night scene from a cruise.The cruise begins from the Putrajaya Mosque,passing by Putrajaya’s landmarks such as Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque,Pullman Lakeside Putrajaya, Seri Wawasan Bridge and the Palace of Justice. The cruise then will turn back to the dock located at Taman Seri Empangan.The cruising takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, allowing passengers to enjoy the view while savouring dinner served on board. The dining experience on this cruise makes for an unforgettable memory.


Located on top of a hill at in Precinct 5, Putrajaya, Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) is probably one of the most iconic structures in Putrajaya that is visible from afar. The combination of the ‘Wau’ and ‘Pending Perak’ shape of this structure portrays unity of races in Malaysia. Measuring 135,000 square metres, this structure stands at nine storeys high, housing functional spaces suitabe for various types of events such as meetings, conferences and wedding receptions.

PICC’s grand exterior and surroundings are matched with equally smart interior. From the lobby and every corner of PICC, visitors will be able to admire Putrajaya’s urban scenery.This is definitely one of many spots in Putrajaya that visitors should come to take in Putrajaya’s sophistication and beauty.


From afar, the Millennium Monument looks like a tall pencil standing by the Putrajaya Lake. However, at night, the top of the monument is captivatingly illuminated. Millennium Monument intends to commemorate the nation’s achievements from as early as pre-independence until today. The monument also expresses hope on what Malaysia should become by the year 2020, which is inline with Vision 2020 that was mooted by Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.From aerial view, the lower part of the Millennium Monument is formed in the shape of the golden hibiscus, which is Malaysia’s national flower. Visitors will also be able to enjoy a splendid view of Tuanku Zainal Zainal Abidin Mosque and Seri Wawasan Bridge especially at night when both are beautifully lit up.


Located in the south east of Putrajaya, Putrajaya Equestrian Park is a world class equestrian park for horse riding aficionados to come and put their skills to the test. Set on a 70-acre land with the view of Putrajaya reservoir’s lush greenery, the park offers a conducive place to ride horses. The park is not only meant for experienced riders but also welcomes the public to take up horse-riding lessons.The Putrajaya Equestrian Park has hosted a number of events such as Premier Cup and Malaysian Open Polo tournament, thus atttracting horse enthusiasts in droves.


Seri Perdana was never before opened to public until recently. What is known as the official residence of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, this residential complex comprises a collection of several separate buildings. Out of those buildings, only two are open to the public namely Protocol Block and Banquet Block. Both buildings have witnessed the presence of dignitaries and delegates from all over the world and their gifts are put on display for visitors to see.

Seri Perdana is built on a 42.5-acre slightly elevated land designed to suit Putrajaya’s positioning as a garden city. Its landscape is filled with various types of plants and flowers, including fountains, as an attempt to fuse Islamic, Malay and European elements.


Museum of Nature is basically a place where artefacts and fossils that have been collected years ago are gathered and put on display. Some of these fossils were discovered as early as 1901 from excavation activities done by English scientists and researchers who were on duty in Malaysia before independence. Most of the flora and fauna specimens exhibited in this museum are all extinct and used by local scientists and researchers for study purpose. The effort by the Museums Department to set up the Museum of Nature is a brilliant since it educates the public about the flora and fauna that have all extinct due to evolution and climate change, making the members of the public realise how we all too may go extinct if mankind is not careful.


Botanical Garden is an incubator for plant taxonomy where all plants are well-protected and cultivated for conservation as well as visitors’ enjoyment. Covering 230 acres of land, the Botanical Garden is newer compared to the other botanical gardens in Penang or Singapore that have aged over 100 years old. The advanced technology used in this garden promotes faster plant growth.

Putrajaya Botanical Garden boasts several sections such as the Canna Walk, Fern Garden, Floral Steps, African Collection, Tropical America Collection, Hibiscus Walk, Bougainvillea Tunnel, Pandanus Walk, Orchid Path, Palm Hill, Vine Garden and Heliconia Trail.Another attraction that visitors should not miss is the Moroccan Pavilion where the collection of inspiring Moroccan architectural designs that are intricately detailed.Visitors to the garden have the option of walking or cycling around the garden. There is also a buggy ride service on hand that takes visitors to all parts of the garden. Apart from visiting the plants and sight-seeing, Putrajaya Botanical Garden is also perfect for picnic or a small gathering of family and friends


This is one of many parks in Putrajaya that can be enjoyed by all walks of life. Comprising Wetland Park Putrajaya and Lake Recreational Centre as its two components, the park functions as a centre for recreational activities, while at the same time also serving as a water filtration centre. As the park matured, it has now developed into a bountiful wetland that attracts various types of wildlife.Located slightly isolated from the city, the park is perfect for the public to come and cherish nature at its best.Part of the facilities available in the Wetland Park are bicycles, buggies, water sport equipment and kayaking. The park also offers camping facilities and suitable for organising

The scenery at Wetland Park activities like the exciting treasure hunt, which the participants of KCC1M Putrajaya had the chance to experience.The KCC1M Putrajaya had lots of fun deciphering codes and riddles during the hunt by combing the grounds of the park, including crossing the chest-deep lake. The hunt concluded with the hearty picnic lunch by the lake.Other facilities worth mentioning here are the Lookout Tower, Nature Interpretive Centre and Flamingo Pond that further enrich the park.Other than serving as a recreational park, Wetland Park is also the subject of ecological studies due to its biological diversity.


Putrajaya Shangri-La is relatively 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city centre and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The property offers a chic stay for travellers to Putrajaya.Located right in the heart of Malaysia’s administrative centre, it is a business hotel that luxuriously houses envoys, delegates and business people that are here on business yet wanting to be in a more comfortable and relaxed environment. The lobby is presented with simple lighting, shining marble floor, unpretentious furniture and songket motive perforated on metal sheet as the ceiling that welcomes the guests to this property.

Putrajaya Shangri-La has 118 rooms that are equipped with wi-fi and broadband internet access, a 24-hour gym, infinity swimming pool, sauna and steam room with Jacuzzi, butler service and business centre. Other amenities include an electronic safe, coffee and tea, minibar, personalised voicemail and a cable television that comes with a list of international channels such as CNN, Discovery, ESPN and NHK, apart from local ones.

Apart from meeting business travellers’ needs, Putrajaya Shangri-La also accommodates meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE). The Putra Perdana Grand Room, located at the ground floor, is able to accommodate up to 150 persons at a time and can be broken into two separate spaces. The Grand Room is built for convenience of its guests as it is in close proximity to the lavatories and Muslim prayer rooms. There are also four function rooms that can accommodate up to 20 persons each, equipped with LCD projector, adjustable screen, meeting table and chairs and coffee machine.

A stay at Putrajaya Shangri-La is not complete without savouring its culinary offerings. The hotel offers two outlets: Azur, for fine dining, and Palm Hill Café, for all day dining. Both restaurants serve local and international cuisines to cater to the guests’ appetite.


Fronting the Putrajaya Lake, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside offers a premier hotel experience for discerning business travellers. Split into four wings each with a unique ethnic theme, Bunga Tanjung for Malay, Jasmine for Indian, Lotus for Chinese and Rafflesia for Borneo, the hotel features 283rooms in a range of accommodation options.Minutes from the Kuala Lumpur city centre, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside offers the best in technology and conferencing services and boasts 22 meeting rooms, a large ballroom and open air amphitheatre, plus a day spa, water sports and delicious eateries namely, B’s, The Village, China Bar & Lounge and the Deli @ Pullman. Also being located just 5 minutes drive awa from the grand Putrajaya International Convention Centre, this hotel becomes the preferred hotel among delegates that come for conferences and meetings due to its proximity.

Guests at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel will also get the chance to enjoy fun water activities at the adjacent Maritime Centre that offers facilities for water polo, swimming, kayaking and rowing.

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