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Tourism Selangor Participates in ZIKRA 2019 Programme Organised by Lembaga Zakat Selangor with a Sponsorship of an Interactive Section at Budimas Children’s Library, Kg Orang Asli Bukit Bangkong as Part of Its CSR Initiatives.

Tourism Selangor, with a vision to execute successful Corporate Service Responsibility (CSR) Programmes from time to time, became one of the participating sponsors for the “Ziarah Korporat & Media bersama ke ASNAF (ZIKRA)” 2019 Programme organised by Lembaga Zakat Selangor on September 24 th , 2019.


The CSR Programme which was well-participated by the Media was carried out in the district of Sepang, Selangor; which one of the pit-stops includes the Orang Asli Bukit Bangkong Village that holds the Budimas Children’s Library. This library is built in a container with a modified interior deco that is quite a fit for a children’s library- to be of use for the Orang Asli children of Bukit Bangkong. This library is open on Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm, and on every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Tourism Selangor carried out a CSR initiative, “Learning Made Fun Project by Tourism Selangor” to enhance the Budimas Children’s Library by dedicating a space in the library for the all-new Interactive Section- an attempt to provide an enriched learning experience to the Orang Asli children of Bukit Bangkong and the vicinity.

The Interactive Section is well-equipped with over 30 block games, card games, board games, and sport-oriented games with different psychomotor features and playing experience. The games include chess, a variety of card games including flash cards, mind-challenging games such as Sahibba, and games that entice the children’s interest in entrepreneurship such as Jutaria, Monopoly and Sempoa.

The section also boasts a systematic storage system as there are ample compartments and storage boxes to store each one of the games. This ensures the tidiness of the space, as well as to train the children of the discipline in using public amenities, including complementary board and card games.


With the introduction of the Interactive Section, Tourism Selangor holds a vision to provide a safe and comfortable area for the children, hence new colourful table-and-chair sets and carpets are placed to further entice the children to spend their free time utilising the space. On top of that, two boxes of books and reading materials were also added to the new PPAS Reading Section for a much broader reading choice for the Orang Asli children of Bukit Bangkong and the vicinity.

What’s more compelling, the children get the upper-hand in learning more on the tourism industry especially with regards to the Selangor State as the space also places several copies of travel guides, travel directories and infographic materials- exposing them to a variety of tourism operator products in Selangor, especially with the approaching Visit Sepang 2020 Campaign that focuses on their home-district.

The soft-launching of the Interactive Section was officiated by the Acting General Manager of Tourism Selangor, Encik Mohammad Zaim bin Mohammad Nashir, alongside other staff of the Tourism Board. The ceremony was witnessed by a line-up of representatives from participating Corporate Companies, the media, and the zakat payers who were involved in the ZIKRA 2019 Programme in Sepang, Selangor.

Encik Mohammad Zaim in a statement shared, “With the addition of the Interactive Section to the Budimas Children’s Library Bukit Bangkong, it is our hope to see the children spending more quality time in the space and going through interactive and fun learning sessions with their friends. These activities will in a way foster the mental development of these children, which is a positive attribute that we expect to see in the young generation that we place our high hopes on”.


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