By Shahida Sakeri on September 28, 2016


Bags, holdalls, backpacks, knapsacks, cases – these items that become our luggage are so essential during travel that they could make or break our travel experience! Luggage serves the purpose of keeping our belongings organised without having to rearrange them over and over throughout the journey. Below, are just some types of luggage that you night just help to make your travelling easier:


Luggage – Trunki Jurni


Travelling can be a tiring affair, especially with the lack of seats and resting areas at airports, train or bus stations. So why not invest in one smart luggage, Trunki Jurni, for your own future comfort? It is a carry-on case with a pop-out pod that functions as a seat. The cases come in three colours: magma red, cobalt blue and fusion pink, each retailing at RM599.


Reusable bag – IKEA GLÖDANDE

It’s a known fact that plastic bags are a huge threat to the environment, but sadly many people still remain oblivious of the situation during travel. Take action by keeping a reusable bag ready in your luggage for those unplanned trips to the shops or to store snacks during journey. These IKEA GLÖDANDE reusable bags, designed by Walter Van Beirendonck, are easy to fold and come in a wide variety of stylish shapes and prints. They are also suitable for machine wash. Retails at RM39.90 each.




Camera bag – Tom-tom Insert by Gin & Jacqie

While Tom-tom insert won’t replace your carry-it-all camera bag, but it’s the perfect solution for light trips and shoots where only your camera and a lens are needed. The bag organiser is fully padded and comes with Velcro dividers for you to play around with space, and each divider can act as a cushion/protector for your precious equipment. Retails at RM96.60 each.


Tablet Case – LinkedinLove Hand Woven Straw Tablet IPAD Bag

This chic bag is hand-embroidered using high quality and eco-friendly straws, making it ideal to not only protect your iPad against water, dust and shock, but also as a fashion statement when you travel. Retails at RM148.90 each.



Carry-on bag – Alpinepac Transit Bag

Long airport layovers can be both tiring and cumbersome. That is why you’ll need to keep your necessary personal belongings such as toiletries, a set of fresh clothes and entertainment materials close to you to survive those long hours. Try Alpinepac transit bag that bears a suitcase-like construction with enough room for your laptop, clothes, important document and even those last minute bits of shopping. Retails at RM85.00 each.




Toiletries bag – Mango Man Men’s Canvas Cosmetic Bag

Pack your favourite essential products in this toiletries bag without a fuss as the pouch is fitted with a medley of inner pockets to keep your belongings organised. Retails at RM119 each.




Anti-theft bag – Pacsafe Metrosafe LS150 Anti-theft Sling Backpack

Storing travel documents and money safely while still making them accessible during travel is not difficult at all with this bag, which has fabric embedded with eXomesh® slashguards, a lightweight and flexible, stainless steel wire mesh that protects your gear from a quick slash-and-run theft. The bag’s smart zipper security provides multiple layers of protection to help protect against pickpockets. The RFID safe blocking pocket also helps prevent data from your e-passport, credit cards and key cards fall into the wrong hands. Retails at RM574.98 each.


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