The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) will present a spectacular pyromusical at the Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebreations 2019 to usher in the New Year above Victoria Harbour on 31 December. The HKTB will provide satellite live feed of the pyromusical for media organizations worldwide to broadcast the event live and celebrate the New Year with audience around the globe.

The 10-minute pyromusical will take the stage against the Hong Kong’s iconic skyline once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. The featured landmark Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre will display the numerals “2019” and deliver New Year blessings to the global audience in various languages on its façade. The celebration of light and music culminates as the “Celestial Kaleidoscope” dazzles Hong Kong with brilliant flashes of technicolor hues. Its morphing patterns and varying colours further enrich the visual and musical feast and step up the celebratory ambience. The grand finale of the 10-minute fireworks splendour will feature 45 different patterns of pyrotechnics and fireworks in one minute, projecting patterns such as smiley face and heart to fill the hearts of the audience with hope and joy for another bright year ahead.

Hong Kong will usher in New Year with fireworks extravaganza. The numerals “2019” will be displayed on the

Hong Kong will usher in New Year with fireworks extravaganza. The numerals “2019” will be displayed on the

Adorned by the exquisite fireworks by an award-winning maker in Italy, the extravaganza of vibrant fireworks, pyrotechnics and beam lighting effects illuminates the Victoria Harbour across multiple levels, from sea, land to rooftops of skyscrapers. The fireworks display and lighting effects are gracefully choreographed as perfect partners in synchrony with the festive soundtrack, highlighted by a tint of traditional Chinese music. From 11:00pm on New Year’s Eve, the public are also welcome to make wish on the pyrotechnic shooting stars launched from rooftops of high-rising buildings at the Victoria Harbour.

For more information about the Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations 2019, please visit the HKTB’s website:

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