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Located on one end of the hotel, overlooking the city of Putrajaya and facing the infinity swimming pool, the spa lobby is calmly lit with earthy colours of brown and black, including a touch of Malay Javanese element. List of treatments here are designed to target guests’ specific ailments or weariness. Here, Gaya Travel team had the opportunity to try out the Malay Traditional Massage, one of the spa’s popular offerings, which relaxes and alleviates muscle tense.

Before going into the treatment room, guests are first brought to the waiting lounge to relax and have their feet cleaned. The waiting lounge was modestly decorated with wooden blinds over the glass window and very comfy settee sets. After settling down at the lounge, I was then brought to the individual treatment room called ‘Prana’. The spa provides two types of rooms for its guests: one for couples and the other for individuals.Asmah, who has been working as a therapist for over ten years and well trained, began the treatment by shaking the guest’s body parts to loosen up the joints so that the guest’s muscles would not be too stiff during massage. She started off from the legs then proceeded to the neck and arms.


For this kind of massage, guests can request for the therapist to give more focus on the parts that they prefer. At our request, Asmah concentrated on the upper and lower back by releasing the nodes of tangled muscles with her deft fingers. It is common for guests to ask her to concentrate on the said areas because most guests (us included) sit too long in front of the computer as well as sit behind the wheels for long hours on end. Asmah applied strong pressure to the deeper muscle layers to enhance blood circulation, easing tensions and making the body feels lighter.

 After the massage, guests are asked to lie down for at least 15 minutes to allow the blood to run through the veins and let the muscles return to its natural state after being strongly kneaded. Guest can then make way to the steam room to further facilitate blood flow and rest their muscles. There is also a Jacuzzi that guests can use to further unwind.Putrajaya Shangri-La Health Club and Spa is indeed a hive for people seeking holistic treatment while being pampered. A trip to this facility is a must for all guests, at least once, during their stay at Putrajaya Shangri-La.


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