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After the successfully fulfilling and scrumptious Eat Travel Write 1.0 until 3.0 programmes, Selangor Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) collaborates with Gaya Travel Magazine team again to uncover Selangor’s hidden gems and worthy places to dine in the fourth culinary adventure called Eat.Travel.Write (ETW) 4.0. This time around, the programme brought 30 local and international journalists and social media influencers to Banting, Morib and Sijangkang. All of them had a blast in experiencing the various food and attractions during this four-day and three-night programme, making them head over heels towards Selangor.


Sri Cheeding Boh Tea Farm


Being one of the four tea plantations owned by the leading local tea producer BOH (www.boh., Bukit Cheeding serves as the centre where the tea leaves from all BOH plantations are sent to be packed. Bukit Cheeding also carves a name for itself because it is the only lowland tea garden in the world, grown under oil palm trees to protect the tea leaves from direct sunlight. These leaves are harvested every 20 days, rendering tea-picking as laborious and requires 30 workers just to care for the garden alone, and another 60 employees to run the factory. BOH Plantation in Bukit Cheeding is not open to the public; however, parties interested in organising an educational visit to the plant can make arrangements with the Kuala Langat District Council ( my).

Sri Cheeding Boh Tea Farm, Banting

2.907324, 101.566419





Beautifully designed Istana Bandar in Jugra

Not far from Beggar’s Chicken restaurant, the ETW 4.0 participants visited the Royal Mausoleum of Sultan Abdul Samad, the fourth Sultan of Selangor who ruled from 1857 until 1898. There is a sign here that clearly specifies the late Sultan’s resting place, which is located on Jugra HHHHill. Before Klang, Jugra was the royal seat of Selangor. Travellers should be aware of monkeys when walking around the area. Due to the diverse backgrounds and beliefs, we weren’t surprised to find that a few visitors were praying silently with prayer beads in hand. About 15 minutes away from Jugra Hill, travellers can admire the resplendent architecture of Istana Bandar and Sultan Alauddin Royal Mosque, both built by Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah (the fifth Sultan of Selangor) in the early 1900s.

Jugra Hill at beyond, Banting

2.835358, 101.417069


Ros Kerepek


Crispy crackers specially made by Ros Kerepek

This is a house that is filled with kerepek (Malay snack that is thinly sliced and fried, similar to chips), owned by Ros Kerepek, who has been in business for many years. As the name suggests, this kerepek house offer a wide variety of local crackers and chips. I noticed the products that are fresh and they are affordably priced. You can get a packet of 250 g of dhall chips costs only RM2.60 or 500g salted yam for RM3.50. Customers were streaming in continuously while we were there making our selections. It’s not difficult to find this place as there are sufficient signs to guide you there.

Ros Kerepek, Kg Sg Lang, Banting | Selangor

2.793452, 101.501267

Endah Village


Media representatives posing in front of a traditional Malay house

This village is full of traditional houses reassembled by the villagers that are now worth millions compared to the price when it was first purchased. Beautifully and artfully crafted, these traditional houses are such a pleasure to look at due to their amazing details and neat finishing. One cooking documentary was underway during the ETW 4.0 participants’ visit to these houses, so we left quickly after taking great shots of the houses so as not to disturb the filming.

Endah Village, Banting | Selangor

2.711670, 101.474562


Kelanang Beach


An ETW 4.0 participant capturing wefie with companions at Kelanang Beach

Peaceful and tranquil with of much nature still intact, Kelanang beach in Banting is lined with large pockets of mangrove trees that interrupt the stretches of the shoreline. The beach has sandy white sand but is not suitable for swimming. A small and narrow road that leads through the coastal forest winds along the beach, with partial stone embankments on the side to protect against erosion. Hidden away in dense vegetation, Kelanang beach receives less visitors, so it has limited public facilities yet more secluded and feel untouched. Even if travellers do not intend to stop here for long, it is a good idea to drop by to quickly enjoy the peace and quiet.

Kelanang Beach, Banting | Selangor

2.789805, 101.411303


Mozid Go-Kart Racing

Due to his passion towards go-kart, Yazid Mohd Jamil built a RM100,000 500-metre go-kart circuit and spends most of his time enhancing it and encouraging youths to join in this motorsport. The players can be divided into amateur, moderate and expert categories. Mozid Go-Kart Racing’s effort in attracting youths to try go-kart even if they have zero knowledge on it is laudable because it keeps the youths occupied and not indulging in wasteful activities. The circuit fee is charged by the minute or hour for those who want to show off their skills in go-kart racing.

Mozid Racing Go-Kart Sijangkang, | Selangor

2.951941, 101.429967


Paya Bakau Recreational Park


The 400-metre wooden trail at Paya Bakau Recrational Park

It was a pleasant surprise to know that such a park exists in an area covered by traditional houses and jetties. This recreational park has playground, stingless bee honey hive, campsites, barbeque area, adventure track and jetties for boats. On top of that, in the effort to curb local youths from loitering and wasting time, the community here constructed a 400-metre long wooden trail that requires 30 minutes of trekking to cover it. The trail was manually built using the wood sourced within the area. On both left and right sides of the trail, public can enjoy the serendipity of the mangrove trees and small crabs clinging onto the trees. This park is only open to the public since 2015 and has been attracting visitors who come to admire the natural surroundings. During the ETW 4.0 participants’ visit to the park, they participated in the preparation of traditional food such as namely lemper (sticky rice with beef stuffed inside), caramelised beef and bolos chicken. Apparently the locals like to throw in a lot of ginger in their cooking and it tastes super minty.

Paya Bakau Recreational Park, Telok Panglima Garang | Selangor

2.940351, 101.421797


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