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With overtourism and pollution leading to the recent closure of popular beaches in Maya Bay and Boracay, travellers are increasingly conscious about their impact on the local environment. Here’s how you can still enjoy your beach holiday in style — and by that we mean in sustainable and eco-friendly fashion!

Kuala Lumpur  – Summer is here, and excitement is in the air. The anticipation of salt in your hair, the sand between your toes, and your skin bathed in the warm sunshine — and one cannot get enough of only the sound of the waves crashing against the shore when you visit a beach. Today, travellers desire the tranquillity that a beach holiday brings, and seek out the most pristine yet quaint beaches for that mindful getaway.

At a time when travel comprises more than 10% of the global economy, Airbnb is helping travellers discover new destinations and neighborhoods off the typical tourist path.By driving travel to lesser-known places, it encourages environmentally-friendly travel habits, empowers new local communities and helps rejuvenate overcrowded destinations that have become environmentally unsustainable.

This summer, discover a new idyllic beach known only by locals. Explore their neighbourhoods, experience their unique culture and wake up to the sunrise from your private kitchen. Here are some beaches around Asia Pacific that you can enjoy (and help keep clean) with Airbnb.


Nai Harn Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Luxurious 6 Bedroom Nai Harn Villa

This villa is nestled in a lush rainforest and a quick stroll away from Nai Harn’s pristine crescent-shaped beach. Gather your family and friends in this French-Colonial styled modern villa and spend the weekend in complete luxury and privacy.

Nami By the Sea

It’s not every holiday that you get to stay in a shipping container by the coastline of the South China Sea. Edina, the Airbnb host, creatively converted two shipping containers in the middle of nowhere. With sustainability at the top of her mind, she used recycled wood for the entrance and replaced the metal walls to glass so guests can wake up to the clear blue waters. Located near traditional local Terengganu villages, you will get to interact with friendly locals.


Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

Batan Sabo Cottage

Look forward to the crimson sunsets from the comforts of your private balcony. Here, the hosts are dedicated to “chill vibes” and serving up “true, rustic cabin hospitality”. Expect delicious Balinese cuisine under their mango tree and you are just steps away from swimming with the manta rays at Crystal Bay

Pingtung, Taiwan

森五七行館(Hengchun Township House)

Located just 15 minutes away from White Sand Bay, Senge, the Airbnb host, built this host for the love of nature and eco-photography. The home is thoughtfully design, allowing natural light to stream in allowing visitors to spend the afternoon in the modern space. The accurately named beach boats clear blue waters dotted with lush green coconut trees. In fact, a scene of Life of PI was shot at the very beach.

 Motobu-chō, Okinawa, Japan

芝生の庭の向こうは美しい白い砂浜、改装し一新した人気コテージ。(Kariyushi Home)

Expect nothing but the waves and relaxed vibes. This ocean-front home is located in Motobu town, a stone’s throw away to Minna-jima, a crescent shaped island popular amongst locals for snorkeling and a day out in the sun. Expect secluded and white sandy beaches for miles on end.

Koggala, Sri Lanka

Villa Serendipity

Villa Serendipity is a stylish 5 bedroom villa on the most serene setting of Koggala Lake. Enjoy spectacular views of colourful sunsets whilst dipping in the 20 metre infinity pool and spoil yourself with delicious local cuisine whipped up be a personal chef. You are a short walk away from the beach where you might just be able to spot a whale beyond the breaking waves.


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