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Hotel Okura Co., Ltd. announced today that its new flagship hotel The Okura Tokyo is to start accepting reservations for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions with immediate effect. Scheduled to open on September 12, 2019, and comprising two main buildings, The Okura Tokyo will reprise the former Hotel Okura Tokyo’s famed traditional Japanese beauty as well as its cherished simplicity and elegance. The Okura Heritage Wing will offer “traditional luxury” while the neighbouring The Okura Prestige Tower will feature “contemporary luxury”.

The Okura Tokyo will offer 20 banquet rooms, all in The Okura Prestige Tower, ranging in size from large event and reception spaces to smaller rooms ideal for intimate parties. The Heian Room—one of the largest ballrooms and event spaces of any hotel in Tokyo—will re-establish The Okura Tokyo as a premier venue for prestigious international conferences.

The Heian Room will be reborn on the first floor of The Okura Prestige Tower. The original Heian Room was a large, elegant Japanese-style facility with an illustrious history as a glamorous reception room hosting royalty and heads of state. It was also the venue for prestigious international conferences such as the International Monetary Fund General Assembly.


The Heian Room will span 2,000 square meters and will be able to accommodate up to 2,000 guests for standing-style events. There will be the option to combine it with the adjacent foyer and other banquet halls to create a flexible 3,000 sq m function area. This can be sectioned into multiple spaces to accommodate a variety of needs. Its Heian era features will include white wooden panels, large reproductions from the Kokin Wakashu poetry anthology preface (on display in the neighbouring Okura Museum of Art), Heian era door designs and Shosoin pattern carpeting. The beauty of ancient Japan will be captured on a grand scale in an elegant and practical way.

The second floor of The Okura Prestige Tower will contain the “Orchard” banquet hall—the hotel’s second-largest—as well as several meeting and function rooms, all featuring European garden themes. Around half of The Okura Tokyo site will be covered with a variety of lush gardens and greenery, views of which guests will be able to enjoy from the lobby throughout the seasons.

On the 41st floor of The Okura Prestige Tower, a comprehensive range of meeting and function rooms will take full advantage of their top floor locations to provide breath-taking views across Tokyo. They will include L’Étoile, adorned with galaxy-motif chandeliers, the modern-classic design-inspired La Lune, and Le Soleil, featuring a variety of wood textures, all based on urban and celestial themes.

The Okura Tokyo is in one of Tokyo’s main business areas, surrounded by government offices and embassies and offering easy access to shopping areas such as

The Okura Tokyo will be a top-end luxury hotel with a tasteful, classically Japanese atmosphere. The beloved Yamazato Japanese restaurant will make its awaited return, as will the renowned Chosho – a tea ceremony room, making the reborn hotel the perfect choice for special gatherings in elegant Japanese settings.



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