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At one point when you get comfortable with your special significant other, do you ever find your relationship becomes stale when the spark is fading? Even though the lifespan of a butterfly is not that long, do you wish to have butterflies in your stomach again? Find the missing old romance with your loved one by trying these seven experiences!

  1. Breakfast like a King at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

Stop arguing about where to eat and spoil your partner with over 60 varieties of pastries and cakes to choose! With its neo-classical décor, this café offers premium breads, pastries and cakes that help ignite the spark in your relationship. The breads are baked in a specially imported stone oven that nurtures the natural yeast to rise! Now, this is something that you can’t see every day at any ordinary bakery.

Just because Paris is too far away for you and your partner to savour a croissant together under the Eiffel tower, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy having a date at a French-style bakery! What matters most is being together side by side.


  1. Build Terrariums at Ohsum Mossum

Let’s be real, there’s something about terrariums that make them so appealing. It’s like bringing nature indoors. Some say that the best way to experience terrariums is to make them yourself, but to experience it with your significant other is a different story! Located in Petaling Jaya, Ohsum Mossum is the perfect place that holds classes where you and your soulmate can create your very own terrarium. You can also give it a personal touch when building the terrarium, helping you to strengthen your relationship.

  1. Sign up for art class at The Craft Crowd

Sometimes, signing up for a class all by yourself can get pretty boring, so why not do it together with your loved one? After all, inspirations do come from the person you love most. Located in Bangsar, The Craft Crowd always host a series of workshops where different classes are held every month ranging from modern calligraphy, embroidery pendant, weaving tapestry, soap-making and more. Don’t let your weekends go to waste and start unleashing your creativity! Who knows it might turn into a lifelong hobby enjoyed by you and your partner.

  1. Find treasures at the Flea Market

Shopping can be fun in many ways, even when you’re looking for vintage items. Situated at Armcorp mall, this is one of the longest-running flea market in Petaling Jaya. Available only on weekends, it sounds nice to just stroll around the mall while diving into a pile of vinyl records, old magazines, household products and more. Furthermore, the likelihood of having this kind of interest might give you the feel that your relationship can endure longer.

Amcorp mall

Photo © Amcorp mall Facebook


  1. Dine amidst nature at Subak

Let’s say you want to bring your spouse to a candlelight dinner like you used to, but find it too mainstream? How about dining amidst nature? Located in Kuala Lumpur, Subak is a restaurant with rainforest as backdrop, promising every couple an unforgettable experience. Not only it is built on the fringes of the pristine Bukit Lanjan vegetation, the restaurant also has flowing water from a fresh water spring! Best to come here at night, you and your spouse can definitely experience the serenity that helps to rekindle the times when both of you first met.

  1. Go for a picnic at Taman Saujana Hijau

Coming up with an inexpensive date that is not wearisome can be tough. Therefore, going for a picnic is never a bad idea! Located in Putrajaya, this recreational park is a green reserve with pine trees and beautiful flowers that makes a great picnic spot. Known best for its stunning landscape, it is a popular location for convocation and wedding photo shoots. For girls, this is your chance to impress your man with a nice home-cooked meal that you can bring to the picnic, reminding him that you’re definitely a wife material!

Taman Saujana Hijau

Photo ©

  1. Scream together at Hauntu

If you’re a big fan of scary movies, you and your partner should visit Hauntu, which is not your typical haunted house but fused with live theatre performance, role-playing and storytelling that comes together to provide a smashing experience that has never been offered before in Kuala Lumpur. Instead of using cheap backdrops or puppets, Hauntu features twisted mazes and real actors that leave you utterly thrilled. Now this is the time to see which one of you is the real scaredy-cat in the relationship!


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