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7 Craft Centres in Selangor for You to Hone Your Crafting Skills

Get in touch with your creative side by joining these craft workshops.

Get in touch with your creative side by joining these craft workshops.


Though we have less than four months left to 2022, but it is still not too late for you to try out new hobbies. As such, Tourism Selangor shares seven locations around Selangor that can help to unleash your hidden talents. Go ahead express yourself through these art and crafts!

1. Sewing World Gallery, Subang Jaya

Sewing World Gallery
Credit: Sewingworld_ on Instagram

Established in 1989, this establishment carries out countless sewing workshops to ensure that the tradition and art of sewing is passed down to the next generation. Located in One City, Subang Jaya, Sewing World Gallery is also a platform for skilled artists to sell their art pieces. It also holds the Tunku Azizah Handmade Market beginning from 2010 as a medium for its students to sell their art pieces at various places ranging from night markets to bazaars and even shopping malls. Sewing World Gallery has won various awards since 2009, offering handicraft workshops and selling handmade products online through their official website.

For more information, log on to: or contact +6 03 5022 3023


2. The Artsy Craftsy, Shah Alam

Artsy Craftsy
Credit: theartsycraftsy on Instagram

The Artsy and Craftsy is an art organisation located in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam that started its operating in 2008. This is the place where you can explore your artistic talents by undergoing The Artsy and Craftsy classes such as canvas- and tote-bag painting, dry clay art, doodle art-painting and more inside a nicely decorated and inspiring studio!

For more information, log on to:

3. Clay Expression, Subang Jaya

Clay Expression
Credit: clayexpression_my on Instagram

As the name suggests, Clay Expression in Subang Jaya is a clay art atelier that churns out beautiful potteries and ceramics. On the side, it runs clay art classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. If you prefer a more focused learning, Clay Expression offers private group lessons with a minimum of 6 participants for a one-hour session.

For more information, log on to: or contact +6 018 299 9054

4. Sew Fabby, Shah Alam

Sew Fabby
Credit: sewfabby on Instagram

The owner of Sew Fabby, Mrs Azzah, started sewing since young under her mother’s guidance. She later converted this hobby into a business in 2008 by sewing tote-bags for acquaintances and close friends. After receiving overwhelming response, Mrs Azzah started taking sewing orders on her Facebook page. In 2012, Sew Fabby conducted its first sewing workshop at Art 2 Publika. Today, this enterprise actively sells sewing products including plushie figurines, embroidered towels, embroidered pencil cases, customised key chains and more.


For more information, contact +6 016 395 9386

5. Fabu Cafe, Subang

Fabu Cafe
Credit: Fabucafe on Facebook

Fabu Cafe in Bandar Sunway is founded by a community of technology and craft enthusiasts who are passionate about authentic creations, hence it functions as a community space equipped with digital fabrication tools such as lasers, three-dimensional printers and digital embroidery machines for users and artists to gain the best art-making experience. Befitting its business, Fabu Cafe attracts customers through its unique fares, among them printed pancakes, which are produced according to the shapes and designs determined by its customers. This café runs not-to-be-missed art workshops as well.

For more information, log on to: or contact +6 03 5611 7355

6. Laman Kraftani Kuala Langat

Laman Kraf Tani
Credit: farisjaafar on Instagram

Mrs Esiah began her pressed flower art at Laman Kraftani Kuala Langat in 1999. Since then, the unique art has penetrated local and international markets. The flowers used in Mrs Esiah’s artworks were all plucked from the compound of her house that is full of lush green flowers and fruit trees. Mrs Esiah even participated in many art exhibitions sponsored by various federal government agencies. Travellers can stop by at Laman Kraftani in Kampung Sungai Lang Tengah, Kuala Langat, to learn unique techniques in pressed flower art.

For more information, contact +6 03 3181 7052

7. Ramadas Pottery, Kuala Selangor

Ramadas Pottery
Credit: Adibrawi on WordPress

Ramadas Pottery in Kuala Selangor is a unique hidden gem in Kuala Selangor, owned by the Ramadas family since 1976. Mr. Ramadas who was born in 1951 was awarded with the Pottery Master Craftsman Award in 2012 due to his unmatched skills and achievements in the art of pottery craft. Pottery products from Ramadas Pottery include pots, incense burners, clay pots, home decorations and more. You can visit Ramadas Pottery to learn how to create pottery goods using natural clay by hand, aided by special machines for precise pottery formation.

For more information, contact +6 012 6671373

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