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We have all been through at least one bad breakup. For the girls, your man leaves home like a ghost and never returned; while men lose the comfort of a home that is now, no longer inviting.  Nothing makes sense anymore, and everything hurts.

Travelling during such time might seem like a wild idea, but it helps. It takes off the negative, consuming thoughts out of your head and replaces it with happier ones. Here are seven places you can go to cure that lovesickness:

1. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort makes an ethereal visit every year

Imagine staring into the skies, filled brilliantly with auroras that lit up the snowy dunes softly in a rainbow of colours. Of course, your mind would slip back into thinking about the lost battles and fresh scars, but in a foreign land, you are forced to think more about yourself. Instinct kicks in and unknowingly, you are left amazed and at awe of the view from the glass igloo. Sleep comfortably under the beauty of the Northern lights and wake up to a new day.

2. Volunteering in Madagascar

Madagascar Volunteer

Volunteering in Madagascar promises you a one-of-a-kind experience being surrounded by lush flora and fauna. Photo © Int VolunteerHQ FB

Volunteering can be a great help to fend off the feeling of longing and defeat. It gives you purpose and gratification. Located in Madagascar, you can volunteer according to your interests and skills. With International Volunteer HQ, the base is situated in Nosy Komba, reachable only by boat or foot. During your off days, take time to explore parts of the island such as Nosy Be, where you are presented with a galore of water sports, or Antananarivo and get familiar with the lemurs at Lemur Park. Volunteering abroad allows you to disconnect, contribute and travel to places that are far from home.


“It is so hard to leave—until you leave. And then it is the easiest goddamned thing in the world” – John Green, Paper Towns

3. Verona, Italy

Casa di Giulietta, Verona

It was known that touching Juliet’s statue will bring luck in romance. Photo © Tourism Verona

Home to the Shakespearean love story, Romeo and Juliet, Verona makes an ironic vacation spot for the heartbroken. Still, the charm of the city is undeniable and sadly, underrated. Stroll along the historic city centre Centro Storico, and lounge at one of the cafes at Piazza Bra as you stare at the crowd and let your thoughts float away. Then, of course, visit the Dal Cappello (also known as Home of Juliet) and stand on the famous balcony. Then head over to Juliet’s statue – legend has it that touching her would bring good luck and romance. Restore your faith in love by allowing the romantic atmosphere envelops you with hope and reverence.

4. Zagreb, Croatia

If twisted humour is more of your taste, then head over to the Museum of Brokenships (, which is also known as the museum of broken relationships. Have a wicked laugh at other people’s quirky and often, painfully, relatable quel dommage, and get over it! Push the days behind you, and take a stroll into this vibrant city lush with historical extravagances such as the iconic Zagreb Cathedral and the Jelacic statue on Jelacic Square. Then re-energise with a cup of coffee at Cvjetni Square and watch over the stream of people going about their lives. Sometimes, a bit of foreign air can really do good for the soul.

5. Kundasang, Sabah

Mount Kinabalu

Achieve new heights in your life, literally, by climbing Mount Kinabalu. Photo © Sabah FB

You don’t have to go far to detach yourself from the stress and familiarity of home, instead take the quickest flight to Kundasang, Sabah. Take a few days off to explore this local gem, and do something unexpected like climbing Mount Kinabalu. This kind of activity can give you a sense of self-achievement, and strengthen your psyche, making you emotionally stronger. You can also take it slow by visiting the New Zealand-esque dairy farm or go for a dip at Poring Hot Springs and unwind from all of the pent-up stress. Then stargaze into the milky way and get lost in the beauty of the universe. Then slowly, you would find yourself forgetting about the pain and start appreciating the way you persevered.

“Everybody has to leave, everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons.” ― Donald Miller, Through Painted Deserts: Light, God, and Beauty on the Open Road

6. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Thinking of a distraction? Try getting lost in the festivity of Rio De Janeiro’s Carnival, the time when the city struts with glamour and glitter to the tune of loud, loud samba music. Although it is a bit on the risky side of travelling, this yearly carnival should not be missed, especially when you need to escape from the caging ritual of work, home, and weep. The carnival starts on the first day of March and ends on 9 March, with 24/7 blocos (blocks) of street parties, samba parades, and of course the iconic Sambodromo that goes on until dawn. Be ready to get drenched in sweat and smooches as the locals and participants are known to be eager to share their love.

7. Swallowtail Butler Cafe, Japan

Swallowtail, Japan

Be wined and dined by fine men dressed in tuxedos as you forget about your ex. Photo © Swallowtail Twitter

This restaurant could also be the remedy to a broken heart, especially for girls who would rather be treated like a princess, rather than as an ex-girlfriend. Concept restaurants such as Swallowtail puts you in a simulation where you are treated like a princess with five to six butlers, who serve, brew and even, read your faux, royal schedule of the day. These butlers also speak conversational English, so it will be easy to live up to the fantasy and truly be treated like a royalty.


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